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Right Angle is the middle sibling of the Angle Family. He is 90 years old but for some reason, will never age again. His older sibling is Obtuse Angle and his younger sibling is Acute Angle. He is the smartest one out of his siblings. He has a club and plays the Violin.

Why is he smart?

Because he is the RIGHT ANGLE!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!


He has a spam just like Acute Angle. It goes like this:



His siblings are Obtuse and Acute Angle. Right Angle is the middle sibling. He gets beaten by Obtuse Angle for no absolute reason. His parents remain a mystery. He prefers Acute over Obtuse because he loves playing dolls with her.


He is the smartest out of all his siblings. He is neutral but it is unknown if he has an evil side. Well, he isn't EVIL at all so you can just call him passive.

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