Robbie Rotten is the slyest, laziest being to ever exist.


Robbie Rotten (born Robert Rodden) is the main villain in Lazy Town. He is known for being lazy, rude, and mischievous. His opposite is Sportacus 10. Sportacus and him do NOT get along. Robbie's other opposite is Stephanie. She is the pink Mary Sue of LazyTown, and is way more real looking than all the town puppets. Robbie may hate her even more than Sportacus.

The town puppets used to be Robbie's minions until Stephanie came along. Stephanie taught the puppets one lesson they never would forget. That is "you suck if you aren't flexible and sporty!" The town puppets were so offended that they could not stand being bullied anymore. Not being able to go against Stephanie, they surrendered and became more fit. Now they pretend to hate Robbie because they don't want to get on Stephanie's evil side (or be killed).

In 2014, Robbie as a songwriter made a song about how Sportacus is not number one. For the music video, he lazily added himself into it 4 times with some unknown video editor. This song and music video came to be what we now know today as "We Are Number One". When the song went viral in 2016, Robbie gained himself some wealth and more fame.