School is a mandatory activity, controversial necessity, and a graded assignment. This is why WatermelonSunshine takes so many hiatuses. It is also known as "SchEWl".

What it stands for

School Goals Version: Studying is important for school if you want to be cool like the people who have jobs and make money. Obviously, you'll be smart once you get your degree from learning!

Conclusion: School stands for Studying, Cool, Have, Obviously, Once, and Learning.

Average Reality Version: Stress is what you get if you go to school, and you begin to cry. Heated, over heated, over and over, the time will not fly! Out the door you wish, but you're trapped in your own prison, so leave the school and come back again the next day,

Conclusion: School stands for Stress, Cry, Heated, Over, Out, and Leave.

The Frequently and Non-Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I like school?

A: Maybe, it depends on your age, gender, weight, height, favorite color, favorite word, and favorite general thing.

Q: Should I go to school?

A: It depends on your age and stupidity.

Q: Why do I have to go to school?

A: So you can earn money eventually, and then die with money for your kids, if you like kids. Well, if you go to school, you should probably be a kid.

Q: What if I'm in school but I'm not a kid?

A: If you don't know why, clearly you were too stupid as a kid, and you were held way back.

Q: Then what is college?

A: College is part of school, and you should finish it while you are under 18.

Q: How can I do finish college before I am an adult?

A: You can't, that's one reason that humans die, duh.

Q: So, am I stupid then?

A: Yes, of course! Everyone has an amount of stupidity ranging from about 0-100%. If you are an all A's student, your stupidity percentage is 97-100% dumb.

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