Selfie also known as Me, Myself, and I's pictures, is a feature imprinted on every mainstream 2016 trash camera which is EEEEEEVVVVVIIIIILLLL!

What It Is

An EEEEVVVVIIILLL feature on cameras.

How To Do It

  1. Press the camera with two arrows button.
  2. Take a picture.
  3. Upload on any social media.
  4. Get ready to be humiliated!
  5. Done!


  • JustineCarl5 has some classmates who like to do this everyday.

People Who Love Taking Selfies

People Who Hate Taking Selfies


  • Selfie comes from the word "selfish".
  • Selfies can cause death in certain situations.
  • Selfies signify that you are a legit "teen" or an underaged teen.
  • Selfies are BAD.

Cure For Too Much Selfie:

For boys; 1 tablet a day

For girls; 5 tablets a day

For mainstream teens: +5 tablets to the amount of your gender.

For users on The 9 Circles of The H Place: +100 tablets to the amount of your gender.

For B612 users: +10 tablets to the amount of your gender.

For Cam Camera: 365 per day, 366 on leap years.

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