The very old ShopkinsAddict person making a thumbs down sign


Picture thing made by the ShopkinsAddict


A bottle of her REPELLENT!

ShopkinsAddict is a user on this wiki and shopkins wiki! She is also on shopkins

fan wiki. She is obsessed with Shopkins, YouTube, and that's it. She has one pesky little brother. Her second profile picture was a crying doll with neon green hair. Her second newest profile picture is herself as a unicorn. Her newest self is her as a pink soda cat.


It says up there, silly!


Rude peoples, spammers (unless it is a BLOCK or LOL spammer), (she thinks it is cringe), other stuff.

Random facts

She has an Iphone 7

She has 30 SHOPPIES and 0 Lil' Shoppies (she does not want any Lil' Shoppies.)

She thinks the Lil' Shoppies (at least some of them) look like younger versions of the normal sized Shoppies.

She used to be married to Tooly from Tooly I Am King. She divorced him because he was being too annoying about having kids. She is now married to Cory Custard.

She has liked her OLD crush for more than AN ENTIRE YEAR AND A HALF OMG...

Click this sentence to meet her daughter. (This is not in real life. It is for stupidity purposes only.)


She has a friend who, sadly, shares a birthday with Donald Trump (June 14 aka flag day).

She knows many people who are victims of the Shoppies Controversy name curses, including HERSELF!!!!!

She makes a lot of typos.

She is a fan of The Loud House like HermioneGrangerfan1234.

Shoppies ShopkinsAddict has

  • Bubbleisha
  • Popette
  • Jessicake
  • Peppa Mint
  • Donatina
  • Sara Sushi
  • Rainbow Kate
  • Pam Cake
  • Popette with her playset
  • Pineapple Lily with her playset
  • Chef Clube Jessicake
  • Chef Club Peppa Mint
  • Chef Club Bubbleisha
  • Chef Club Donatina
  • Gemma Stone
  • Tippy Teapot and her playset
  • Lippy Lulu and her playset
  • Lucy Smoothie
  • Polli Polish
  • Join the Party Rainbow Kate
  • Join the Party Tiara Sparkles
  • Join the Party Rosie Bloom
  • Join the Party Bridie
  • World Vacation Spaghetti Sue
  • Zoe Zoom
  • Marsha Mello
  • Pippa Melon
  • World Vacation Jessicake
  • World Vacation Coralee
  • Word Vacation Macy Macaron
BEAUTIFUL (Cory Custard)

Her new husband (Cory Custard)

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