ShopkinsCute REPELLENT is a reformed REPELLENT that repels ShopkinsCute and her alter ego, SpiltMilk10.

What it repels

Made of

  • Gallons of DIY Slime
  • Cups of DIY Floam
  • Quarts of DIY Putty
  • Pints of SHOPKINSINS

What it does to repel

Formerly, it would make things get stuck in glue, but now, it simply is just glue to scare ShopkinsCute away from wikis.

How to Make It

  • Add glue to your blender
  • Add three blueberries
  • Add eight peeled apricots
  • Add five grapes
  • Add 1 snake plushy
  • Blend!
  • Put into a pink bottle, and spray away!