Ultra rare bottle of Shopkinsinsinsinsinsinsinsinsinsins REPELLENT

The Shopkinsinsinsinsinsinsinsins REPELLENT is a repellent that repels counterfeit things like Counterfeit Shopkinsinsinsinsinsinsinsinsins.

What It Repels

Says up there, silly!


Made from OliviaOil06's cringe,HermioneGrangerfan1234's Cheetos and Pringles, Hi$un's challenges, WatermelonSunshine's taste buds, ShopkinsAddict's happiness, TheSnuggleKinz's Shopkinsinsinsinsinsinsinsinsins, ShopkinsCute's anger, Dunce03's memes, and JustineCarl5's Sam Soy.


There have been rumors that the repellent was used to repel counterfeit bags, but they are still being produced!


  • This was JustineCarl5's very first Season Six Shopk- I mean, repellent.

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