Shoppie REPELLENT is the repellent that repels Shoppies along with other things shown in the wee list below. Due to the many controversies regarding the Shoppies, TheSnuggleKinz has created a very useful repellent to keep these monsters from invading the Stoopiverse. This is TSKA's seventh repellent, and the 38th repellent in total.


  • Shoppies
  • Shoppies' Shopkins
  • Toytubers


  • 3-5 Shoppies
  • 1 Cup of Additional Shoppie Hair
  • 1 Shoppie Box
  • 1 Gallon of Shopkins
  • 1 Pint of Water
  • 7 Easter Eggs
  • 1 Standard Butter Knife
  • 6 Shoppie Brushes
  • 2 Pieces of Shredded Paper*

*not two full sheets which are shredded, two small pieces from one shredded piece of paper.


  • 3 Blenders
  • 3 Mixing Bowls
  • 1 Extra Large Mixing Bowl
  • 3 Wooden Spoons
  • 5 Empty Milk Containers


  1. Take one of your blenders and add in each Shoppie one at a time, alternating Shoppie and water.
  2. Pour this blend into the first mixing bowl. You do not need to stir this mix.
  3. Take the second blender and add three of the Easter eggs along with the Shoppie box. Blend well.
  4. Once you're done blending, add three more Easter eggs and two pieces of shredded paper and blend.
  5. Pour this blend into the second mixing bowl, and stir it until it is consistently smooth.
  6. Take your third blender and add in the last Easter egg along with two Shoppie brushes. Blend well.
  7. After blending, blend once again with two more Shoppie brushes.
  8. Add the final two Shoppie brushes, and blend it.
  9. After this, add the butter knife and Shoppie hair. Blend well.
  10. Pour this all into the third bowl, and mix it until it is consistently smooth.
  11. Now, pour everything into the large mixing bowl. Mix it with the last spoon until it's perfect.
  12. Pour this along with a gallon of Shopkins into five milk containers, and you have Shoppie REPELLENT!

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