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We're the Shoppies, we love to shop!
Shoppies are Shopkins dolls made for money. They are known for being supporters of consumerism, advocates of Ever After High[1], and lovers of advertisements.

Shoppies Landmarks

This year, the Shoppies are going to give themselves official landmarks because they are seriously stuck up. So far, ten of them have decided to make certain places "insertshoppiename-land". This map below shows those places.

Shoppies with Bios

  • Popette: "A girl who always likes to shop for some pop! Tickets please, for only $9.99!"
  • Jessicake: "Earning money is like cake when you buy some pie for only $9.99!"
  • Bubbleisha: "You don't have to be trouble to love bubble! Besides, gum is only $9.99!"
  • Peppa-Mint: "You scream, I shriek! We all scream for ice cream, it's only $9.99!"
  • Donatina: "Eating donuts is a hole lot of fun, and it's even better to buy one for only $19.99!"
  • Pam Cake: "Your pockets will be as flat as a pancake if you chose the healthy option of only $14.99!"
  • Rainbow Kate: "Who would want cake when you can have colorful cake for only $14.99!"
  • Sara Sushi: "If you're like Sara, you like Sushi! And what could be better than sushi for only $14.99!"
  • Pineapple Lily: "Prepare for the freeze when your smoothie spills on your knees for only $29.99!"
  • Popette: "Wanna stopcorn? Come to the cart and leave with no money for only $19.99!"
  • Jessicake: "It's a bird, it's a cake, it's superman, it's Jessicake! Now available in gold for only $39.99!"
  • Bubbleisha: "When you come to her place, you'll be tickled pink or spotted sweet! Only $44.99!"
  • Donatina: "Are we making soup? We totally can if you want to pay only $14.99!"
  • Peppa-Mint: "Tell me what's cookin', and I'll bake it! Pay some money, and... I'll bake it! Only $14.99!"
  • Jessicake: "Making cake is not easy, but with a name like Jessicake, it has to be good! Only $14.99!"
  • Bubbleisha: "Getting compliments is a piece of swallowed gum if you pay only $14.99!"
  • Gemma Stone: "Shine bright like a diamond! Maybe you'll find one for only $19.99!"
  • Kirstea: "The best part of waking up is tea in your cup! Try some teamazing goodies for only $14.99!"
  • Pirouetta: "Dancing on your toes is toe much fun! You can buy your own ballet slippers for only $14.99!"
  • Lippy Lulu: "Glossy and bossy, you can buy her and makeup for her bossiness. For only $19.99!"
  • Rosie Bloom: "Like a flower, she will never wilt! Oh wait...that's what flowers do...only $14.99!"
  • Rainbow Kate: "Fly high like a fairy, but if you eat too much cake, you'll be too fat to fly...only $14.99!"
  • Bridie: "Lightly clothed in white not nude, she doesn't even have a groom. Help find him for only $14.99!"
  • Tiara Sparkles: "Blonds with blue eyes are the only people worthy of being royalty! For only $14.99!"
  • Polli Polish: "What's a pill bug with nails called? A Pilly Polish! See? She's priceless and only $14.99!"

Longer Shoppie Cringe-bios (Mixed Versions)

  • Popette: Popette is a girl who likes to shop 'til she pops! She is an avid movie-goer who always pops into the front of the ticket booth! But don't mess with her ego--just kidding--she's corny! Make sure you get your Popette doll fast, her popcorn cart is always racing!
  • Jessicake: As delicious as a cake, but not to be eaten, Jessicake is the sweetest of the Shoppies! Easygoing as a pie or a cake, Jessicake will do anything you want! All you have to do to buy you're own Jessicake doll is hand over the bucks, it's easy as cake!
  • Bubbleisha: Bubbleisha is a bubbly Shoppie who is hard to swallow! She has two personalities, sweet, and chewed for too long! So what do chew think, wanna get some gum? As long as you have Bubbleisha, you're hair will be bubblegum-free!
  • Peppa-Mint: You scream, you're grandmother screams, Peppa-Mint wants ice cream! Once you meet the super special Peppa-Mint, you can stop screaming and enjoy your new Shoppie doll! You're grandmother will keep screaming, but she's just feeling as fresh as a peppermint!
  • Donatina: Donatina is a hole lot of fun, but you'll have to chase her, she wears roller skates! When you catch her, buy some mini donuts for the other Shoppies, there are four other Shoppies after all! Donut worry about stuffing your face, Donatina's cheeks are already chipmunk!
  • Pam Cake: Pam Cake is the best singer in the world! As flat as a pancake! When you get this Shoppie doll, she comes with her own hairbrush that she can use as a microphone! But make sure to brush her hair with it too. You don't want her hair to get too maple-syrup-sticky!
  • Rainbow Kate: The Shoppie Rainbow Kate is the most colorful Shoppie around! She loves to decorate her cakes with all the colors of the rainbow except orange, red, and green! Wanna know a secret? Her favorite color isn't part of the rainbow! What is her favorite color? Pink, of course!
  • Sara Sushi: You have so fun when you order new Sara Sushi doll. With rare form of "Sarah", you can brush her hair-a! She come with many toy for you to plays with Including Shopkin friends. This translate from Chinese so grammar bad, but Sushi is toy good.


  1. โ†‘ Tiara Sparkles is the Shoppie clone of Apple White from EAH (Which stands for Empty Apple House). Apple White is part of Empty Apple House because she turns apples into white nothing!

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