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Short Stories by TheSnuggleKinz were frequently made two years ago. These were initially meant to be the full "books", but they clearly are just the synopsises. Let TheSnuggleKinz know which ones you want to be turned into a full short story. Warning: these stories are all cringy, and the authors are all fakeish. These stories have been minorly revised.

Magic Fire by Marcy Trapp

Alex Marcello, the mind-reading-biologist-doctor at the age of 18 finds a portal to a new land called Yehtengortiff, and he discovers magical beings called the “whannigans”. He befriends one named Pritina, who is the most powerful of all the female whannigans. They eventually are engaged, but at their wedding, the fire of humans and whannigans sends them to Huberdite the Sarton Prink and traps them in Lebedon. Then, someone screams.

Hawk's Wild 8: Mystery; Dirtland by Nika Monson

Hawk Wild and his cousin, Dorothy Plitch, have found themselves in a deep hole in Hawk’s grandfather’s garden.  They searched through the tunnels and met Batdny Bat-dger. She told them it was an ancient civilization, or at least ancient to her.  She said to them that 68 years ago, her great-great grandfather, Marshan Bat-dger, came searching for new residence, but fell down the same hole while gnomes captured him. Hawk Wild and Dorothy Plitch then go on a mission to find Marshan and save the Bat-dger kingdom.  

Happy Stoury by Alicia Garghe

Stoury Leggende is a normal girl with a normal life. The only thing that isn’t normal is her name...and her school. She goes to the school by the name of Stoury Meadows School Districts. When she first came to the school, she was surprised that she shared its name. All the kids would laugh at her because she supposedly “was school.” She never got sad about the bullying, just extremely angry. One day, she got so mad at the kids, mainly Claudia Smith and Ellie Martin, that she grew almost two feet taller than she truly is. She then sunk down in quicksand, and she was so scared because she had no idea what was going on. Then she wondered, maybe she is going on, maybe her feelings affect the school! Now maybe she could always be happy instead of mad all the time! But there is still a problem...she is school.

Camouflage Dreams by Annabeth Tapases

19 year old Annabeth Rosalie Carter was sitting at a picnic bench, lonely. Then, a 23 year old man named Arthur Redfield came by and introduced himself.  Soon, they became very close friends and five months later started dating.  Arthur had previously told Annabeth that he worked for the U.S. Military, and soon after they had their ninth date, he had to go to Vietnam for the Vietnam War.  Arthur and Annabeth stayed in touch and wrote notes to each other almost every day.  But one day, Annabeth did not get a note from him. She thought that the mail was just slow that day but she didn’t get another note all week. Then, Arthur’s mother, Lucy, sent a note to her that Arthur was shot in the leg and would not return home soon. That saddened Annabeth, but three months later they kept writing to each other. After four more months, he stopped writing once again. Annabeth immediately called Arthur’s parents and they said he was killed.

Truthful Philosophies by Ollinda Marie

Norman Overking II was ruling over Neitland in 1762 BC, and present day Maya Rubinsun read about him in her history books. One day, she was so enthralled in his writings of time travel, that she was sucked into his book. She then popped up in that time period and walked up to his castle. Maya first met Norman's guard, Officer Lan Vegan and then his son, Prince Lorvise Overprince. Both were so happy that she got to meet them, but only because she was a fan. Then, Maya met Norman Overking himself! He let her into his secret unopened closet, where she now lives today.

Uncovered Ancient by Louis Alcott

Dana Rose Checkiffer is a archaeologist who swore into the research project dubbed “Nisi quia nouus imperator MMXIV,” which is Latin. She was very into the serpentium, though not quite sure of their being, but odd dialects from ancient Egypt prove they are very worthy. Sensible people would think of her crazy for liking the sort, though she didn’t mind, because she was going to prove that she is now Queen Rose. That is, when she uncovered the land of the Egyptian creatures dubbed “Wanijjyns”. Then she would meet the Wanijjyn King Thesophy Junoesyth.

Island Peiare by Shortling Tincy

Peiare Schmidt was living on skirtwell island with his girlfriend, Tincy. They had been together for years, but then, they broke up. Soon after, they got back together and they literally were married then and there. On a sunny July day, Peiare went kayaking and was never seen afterwards. Twenty years later, Tincy met a man at her local ice cream parlour, and he looked familiar. She thought that he looked like Peiare, but she wasn’t sure. She was going to ask him what his name was, but then, the fire alarm went off and, she never saw him afterwards.

No One Like Me by Rosianne Dutcherkir

Juni's mother, Marcina, sent the mail to Robbi. Marcina sent it because Juni liked Robbi. However, Robbi sent a note directly to Juni saying, "Hi Miz Juni. Listen, so I know you love my music, but no one like me. So if you the only one who like me than you be in big trouble. Sorry Juni, sincere Robbi." Juni was saddened by this, and she was about to have a stroke. She decided not to, though, because she was going to be the best Robbi Larkin fan ever. Then someone screamed.

Being Berry by Mary Weather Bloems

Atchika, the girl who was recently adopted by the Rubitses, was sitting in school.  She eventually befriended a group of girls who called themselves the "Berry Buds."  She wanted to be part of their group, but Katie Hunterson, the leader of the Berry Buds, said no.  She eventually unfriended Katie (on snapchat), but still stayed friends with Pamelia, Jaxy, Ruby, and Lola, the other Berry Buds.  Then, Katie being mad that they stayed friends with Atchika, she unfriended them (on snapchat and twitter).  She got so mad at them that she dug a big hole in Atchika's backyard, (since she lives right next to her). Inside the hole, Katie found a book called "Truest Spellbound Words."  She found a spell in it that she found very interesting. She read it out loud, "Pickle Pickle, have you sickled, Make my ex friend turn to look Fluterifickle!  She didn't know it at that time, but Fluterifickle meant "Berry." Right after she said that, she heard something. Weird.

Bookworm Addie by Sim Lasson

Miss Addie Springfield is a school teacher at Plymouth Lake Elementary School. Her students call her "Bookworm Addie" due to her always reading books to the class instead of actually teaching them vocabulary and grammar. Because of this, Principal Jada King fired her. Ms. Addie was sad, but she realized what she was doing was foolish. She went and apologized to Plymouth Lake, and started a book club during lunch break. But on the first day of the club, she did not arrive. A student named Farah Jonas decided to ask the principal why that was. Jada King had no idea. But Addie knew that she was still at the school, teaching her English class, invisible.

Hidden Love by Anisha Maris

Mariananassa Oquer was sitting in her bedroom watching her nineteen-year-old friend Quardo Smich playing chess with his girlfriend, Niquara Licquor.  The Smiches were family friends of the Oquers, and Mariananassa (who goes by Maris) had been friends with Quardo (who goes by Quae) since she was three-years-old. Quae also became friends with Niquara, and they eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend. This made Maris mad; especially since they all lived in the same apartment, and she always had to put up with Niquara.  When Niquara (who goes by Nikky) left Maris’s room (after she lost at chess), Maris confessed to Quae her feelings for him, and she ended it with “I hope your little friend will not get mad.” Then Quae said “I never liked you, you liked me,” and left the room. Then Maris got extremely mad at him and sought a plan. The next time Nikky visited with Quae, she cast a spell on her to banish her to Austria working in a dome. She also cast a spell on Quae to make him “love who wants him to love her more than the other her.” So when this ended, she saw neither of them. Maris was happy to see Nikky gone, but where was Quae? She then saw a large hole lying in front of her, “What have I done!”

The Great Recollection by Sandy Sadmire-Pi

Bored. That’s how Ze Taime Bebe-Francy felt on a lazy Saturday morning. Ze liked to describe days as how she felt. No, stupid, not having a “bad day,” but a bad Saturday. You got that? Okay, but if you don’t, you’re finna have a real trouble tryna read this book. So, Ze was having a lazy Saturday, and she just felt dunderling. Dunderling means sad, lonely, depressed, and blue all at the same time. You got that? If you don’t, you probably are finna have some real trouble reading this book. So Ze felt very very dunderling. She had no idea why, but she remembered something. Her best friend Nika, her childhood, her old life! What she would be doing right now, seven years ago. But that... that is all gone.

Swishy Fish by Kadence Laworght

Maritia and Marina are two mermaid sisters! They love to swim in the big ocean! One day, Maritia found a baby clown fish.

“The fish is so cute!” Marina said when Maritia showed it to her.

“De hecho, es hermoso!” Maritia, her Spanish sister said.

“What should we name him?” Marina said.

“Tiene que ser un nombre muy lindo.” Maritia said.  

“How about… Swishy!” Marina said.

“Eso es perfecto!” Maritia replied. So they named the fish Swishy and lived swimmely ever after.

Truly Mean 'Ings by Katty Hong

Chey Mein and May Fun were the bullies at the school of performing martial artistic studies. Clar’i Denmark and Hildga “Hida” Zachpoli were the targets. Chey and May didn’t think they were being bullies; they thought they were stating the honest truth, but there are some things they said which didn’t sound nice. Things like “Oh my, Hida, your dress makes you look so more mature, I bet you are too old for 8th grade, are you held back? Hahaha!” They also said things like, “What fun it is being better students, prettier students, fancier students, and richer students! You’re goin' down, Clar’i!”. Francesca Homini, the school’s super secret detective agent was listening into these things. She consulted with Chey and May, but they said it was Hida’s old cassette tape with fake talking coming from it. Francesca asked the teacher, Miz Jesika Jane Juniper Fun about these occurrences, and Miz Jesika said “May, my sweet daughter, and her friend Chey were just trying to keep the money out of Clar’i and Hida’s reach.” “What? What money? Why would it have to be hidden from Clar’i and Hida?” “It is very it’s uh investments for our family! Oh and I left it in the….” then Miz Jesika fainted.

Heroic Master Affa by Martin Luther King Einstein

Affa the knight was the only female knight in Arendelle. She felt strange being the only one, but she was determined to fulfill what she wanted to do. Ever since she and her sister Genie got tipsy at 100 Acre Woods, she wanted to be a knight. She had no idea why, but she had to. She just somehow knew she had to. Once her time came, at the War of Troy, she was ready to fight, do right, and of course, be a knight. She and her horse set off for battle, she knew that she could defeat the enemies, but she was not armed. She realized this, and headed back to the camp, but she was too late. What does too late mean? Is Affa okay? Is this the end of Affa? Is her horse okay? Find out all of this and more in Heroic Master Affa.

Just Plain Table by Sidney Mavins

Jordan Namix, or as her mom called her “Table” (because of her crawling under the kitchen table so often when she was young), was sitting on her bed waiting for her dad to come home. Her family had just moved, and her dad got a new job as a professional lumberjack.  The next day she would start school, but this year it would be different. She wouldn’t see her best friends Claire and Michelle, she wouldn’t pass by the halls and wave to her teachers, she wouldn’t even use her same old locker.  Then her dad came home, but since he worked until 8:00, Table fell asleep. The next morning she awoke around 6:30 and soon she left for the school bus. She realized that most of the seats were taken so she sat next to a girl named Tammy.  

“Hi, is anyone sitting here?” Table asked.

“No girly!” Tammy said, “so what’s your name?”

“Umm, my name’s Jordan, but my nickname is Table,” she said.  

“Table?!” Tammy exclaimed, “just plain, TABLE? I have a cool nickname, and so do all my besties! Right girls?”

“Totallaaay!” said approximately ½ of the amount of people on the bus. Then Table felt sad, and lonely. She had made no friends, but rather, enemies. What will happen next to Table? Find out in Just Plain Table.

Crooked Stairways by Pattolda Junis

Arthur and Thomas looked at each other; they knew there was something fishy about this place. But what? Arthur walked into the old house, which was his great-great-grandmother’s over 80 years ago.  He saw a weird door handle hanging on the wall. He pulled it and it opened to a staircase. Then he called his brother Thomas to show him. Arthur walked down the staircase, but very carefully since it was so old.  Soon, they both got all the way down the stairs.  Then, the door which they entered through shut, but worst of all, they heard a laugh saying, “You found what has been lost to all ages, but remember, you are in the PAST!”

Telephone Priscilla by Danni Randall

Priscilla Montague was on her way to her new job at the telephone making company called Speksta. She was very excited since she always wanted to know how telephones worked. She had arrived at the company at 6:00 in the morning, and she was ready for training. Her coach telephone-er, Terry Chain, was not there yet, and it was already 6:50. She decided to open up the inside of the telephone, and she got a little scared because there was a blue light inside of the telephone. It just got bigger, and bigger. Maybe she was shrinking. Terry Chain finally came in, and when he saw her using the phone, he exclaimed, “No, stop! You don’t know what you’re doing.” Priscilla was scared, and she didn’t know what was going on! Suddenly, she exclaimed “I’m... I’m blind!, I can’t see! What is happening?!” Then. Priscilla. Nowhere to be seen. Unless, You open the telephone.

The Gossip Thief by Sim Lasson

Josie Lynn Kaisun was having a bad day. She spilled her bottle of water all over herself and a boy named Joshua on the bus, and she kept hearing people whisper when she came to class. No, not just people, but mean people; Kathleen, Erica and Irenna. They always made gossip about the kids in school, but mostly about Josie. It was like the time when she tripped over Lance’s foot in the cafeteria all over again. When Josie entered the classroom for her English class, those three girls were gone along with the teacher Addie. But outside, at the playground, through the window, she saw something. Ghostly.

Brooke "Ponds" by Lilianne Litosik

Brooke Pierce, of the White Meadows Schools, was thinking of what she should do for her school’s essay assignment.  It had to be about something relating to your family. It also had to be made in a certain notebook given to them and written with a number three pencil. The bell rang, and she went home to ask her mom about what she should do. Her mom, Serena Pierce was thinking of some old times at their yearly family festival. Brooke thought that was a great idea, and she went to write her assignment. However, her notebook was gone! She realized she left it in the schoolyard during recess! The day after she went to see if it was there, it wasn’t there, but it was in the White Meadow Pond, soaking wet. She was freaked out and embarrassed because of this. From then on, all the kids besides her BFF Tara Siirs called her “Ponds”...until one day when…to be continued.

Ribbon Cherry by Tathjuna Katulun Mahgsensen

Cheriny "Cheri" Lundershown was sitting at her desk. She was doing her math assignment of Pre-Additiono which is the basics of the basics.

Then she was passed a note from her Egyptian and Hebrew friend, Tali Hawavzwen. It said, "Houly Cherry My Friend. My Other Friend Ocho say that you be Ribbon Cherry And that you not Cheri but because you are cherry." Cheri was thinking about this. Tali had “zero english experience” when she moved to the Dighly School of Learning, so Cheri didn't understand her all the time. She kept wondering, "Ribbon Cherry, what does that mean?" Then before she knew it, the math bell rung.  

"טליה, אחת רע לך!" Cheri said to Tali in Hebrew. She was mad since she couldn't finish her math because of her purposefully distracting note. But then, Tali disappeared.  Then, Cheri noticed that Tali didn't disappear, but rather, herself.

"Where...." Cheri began as she saw a frightening lady walk up to her.  

"Welcome to Blaffemuelia, where I make money off of slaves from the street!" said the ominous woman.

"What do you mean?!" Cheri screamed.

"Cheri, dear, your new name is Ribbon Cherry, yes, Ribbon Cherry the slave!" Then Cheri noticed something familiar about the scary woman.

"Tali!" Cheri screamed.   


Abbi And The... by Mardine Firghery

Ever since King Lae-aton Mardine became king over Temoni, the princesses had to start working instead of their royal duties. Princess Jaz-ami had to become a sheep-herder because she was supposedly attractive to animals. Princess Theina had to marry the evil Duke Milano just to become even more royal! The worst was for Princess Abbi. She had to go to all the city’s homes every week and ask for 800.0 which is the difference between 800 pounds and 800 dollars! That did not stop Abbi from doing her royal duties. In fact, she was going to war with King Lae-aton Mardine. It was King Lae-aton vs. Prince Pheyer London. Prince London is Abbi’s husband. But with King Lae-aton was evil Duke Milano; Princess Thiena was supporting him! Somehow, Prince London and his team of Rheulaur Knights were winning. But then, the shot to maybe even one’s death struck. The whole land of Temoni went dark, and the walls of Temoni castle caved in. No one knew exactly what happened...except for Princess Abbi, the ghost.

Tomadoe Staerz by John Stuart Cally

Tomadoe "Tomee" Rephiago was working on her paper airplane, in school.  Then, her best friend Abija Noma said to her teacher "Miss Cally can you please tell Tomee to stop playing with her paper?"  

"Yes, at once,"  Miss Juana Cally said. That made Tomee mad. She did NOT like it when Abija was supposedly "saving her from danger."  

"What do you have to say for your self, Miss Tomadoe?" said the teacher.  Then, Tomee said nothing. "Fine, very well.  Kiki Staerz, would you take Tomee to the Staerz?"  

The "Staerz"?!  "What is that?" she wondered, and then, she was teleported to a cage in a place called Guisimo.  "WHERE AM I?" Tomee screamed.  

"Guisimo," said a low, lame Botswanic voice.

"I know that, but where... and who are you?!"   

"You, my dear, are in Staerz, the alternate world of Staerz.  Forgive me, my name is Kiki Staerz."  

"But, but, but how did you..."  Tomee started as she realized the possible truth.  

Then Kiki started her story "In this lonely cage, Juana sent me here for slightly bad behavior twenty years ago. Actually, I don't know how long ago it was because there is no time in the cage of Guisimo.  She turned us into Staerz, which is the new species that I now live in.  My name was Kiki Ruthesel, but now, I am Kiki Staerz.  

"How do we get out?!" Tomee screamed.

Then Kiki said, "First, accept your name Tomadoe Staerz, but alas, there is no way out."

Checked Off List by Tammy the Country One

$5, just $5 left. $5 left until Tammy has all the money that she needs.

For what?

She doesn’t know. But her list tells her so. And she has to check it off.

Her lemonade stand is making her much money. But needs $4 or else she would look funny.

But why?

She doesn’t know. But her list tells her so. And she has to check it off.

Another customer at the stand. He wants some lemonade for his band.

How much will he pay?

She doesn’t know. But her list tells her so. And she has to check it off.  

$3 needed so she can get her stuff. But for her to get that money, she has to be tough.

Why does she have to be tough?

She doesn’t know. But her list tells her so. And she has to check it off.

This person wants it all, but she can’t have it all or else she’ll fall.

But why would she fall?

She doesn’t know. But her list tells her so. And she has to check it off.

She paid for half of it and now we're at two, and she is getting so close to what she needs to do.

But what does she need to do?

She doesn’t know. But her list tells her so. And she has to check it off.

Some random person just gave a buck, oh my, now were at one, and that doesn’t suck.

But what is going on?

She doesn’t know. But her list tells her so. And she has to check it off.

Can someone else please come? We only need one!

What is this money for?

She doesn’t know. But her list tells her so, and she has to check it off.

Here comes our last customer, and will he pay a dollar?

What will happen now?

She doesn’t know. But her list tells her so. And she has to check it off.

He payed a dollar, now we got the money! Now no matter what she won't look funny!

But what will she do with it?

She doesn’t know. But her list tells her so. And she has to check it off.

And now we are at the store, and she wants some more!

But more of what?

She doesn’t know. But her list tells her so. And she has to check it off.

She bought something at the store. And she left with it out the door.

But what was it?

She doesn’t know. But her list tells her so. And now, she has checked it off.

But what did she get? To be continued.

Plane Jane and the Mission to Planet Jannot by Janet Plannot

Astronaut Dr. Jane Deborah Excibort was reading her daily book of “Star and Moon Studies.”  She was reading the 23rd page when she was called by a strange creature from the recently discovered planet, Jannot.  The planet of Jannot is five times larger than the Moon, so it has not been noticed until recently by Dr. Marco Gredman Jr.  The most recent study of it which she was learning was about the planet getting closer to earth every day since The Great Avales.  So when the creature called Jane, she raced to her rocket called Plane.  She then flew off and noticed how near the planet is.  The creature, now called a Suirpion, called her to “ese dui mnete!” which she assumed meant “stop!”  Then, she realized that the Suirpion from Jannot could communicate to humans.  She then taught it English for the next 5 minutes. Then, the Suirpion named Callit was able to fully speak English and said, “Plane Jane, you could save me from jannot emerge in earth!   Move jannot into sun!”  Jane was stunned. She didn’t think she could push a planet into the sun!  Then, she heard a voice saying, “ese dui mnete, ela dois credunemett elashok redholsk minoap.”  Jane called, What?  The voice translated, "Stop! jannot is emerging into earth; now!"

Surprise on the Bus Trail Road by Booklyn Daly

Dale Finesse and Arlin Tolwis have been pen-pals since 2007, and they met on a website called They met up every year starting in 2010, but once January 2018 came, everything changed. The Eslis-American war started, and Dale lost contact with Arlin since the Eslis people commanded no internet for anyone. Dale had to go to war as every 18-32 year old in America had to. Meanwhile, Arlin was in his home in China. All the Chinese and Japanese males over eighteen-years-old were forced to fight for the Eslis. Arlin went to war also. Arlin and his military team set off for the Trail Road of Military Buses.  

An hour after the bus set off for the war, an American group came with guns to attempt to kill all the people on the bus. One of the Americans was Dale. Dale shot seven of the people, and they were very severely wounded. Just before he shot the eighth person, he realized it was Arlin. Dale demanded stop of all this chaos, and he had his team agree to helping the people that were nearly murdered, but Arlin was going after the Americans.

This is What You Came For by Rihanna Mule

Riri of Dosmelomi had just recovered from her neck surgery after the Battle at Wohr.  She and her roommate turned warrior, Alabi, had been camping out in their tree hollow.  They then find themselves being carried away with a giant tornado.  Lighting struck Riri when she tried to move.  "Now I need another neck surgery!" said Riri as she fell to her knees, but it wasn't a tornado.  It was her arch nemisis; Sophar.  Sophar and his dairy men had come to rid Riri of her life, once and for all.  Pleading out the cry of her late grandmother, Riri cried "Lo que se hace es cruel, pero prolongará"! Sophar could not understand her language, but he kept fighting until the end.  Warrior Alabi fought for her life until she was good no more. Riri again pleaded her grandmother's final words, but they may be her last.  Sophar came for one thing, and it will be given if the mule falls away.

High Beneath the Ground by Hama Yonger

It was a summer day in Kenya, but normal not indeed. Low under the sand was the ruins of the 11th tribe of Ishmael, Lecodeckia, where the Lecodeckinians had lived. Explorer Karmen D'janaro had been looking for missing ancient memorabilia with his crew. All he found was a cola cola can. Yes, a freaking cola cola can. However, it's date said 1349, when the Lecodeckinians were in the area. Most explorers along with D'janaro thought it must have just been thrown into the ruins with that date written on it to make people confused, but explorer Kashim Lecodoriane did not agree. To prove that the cola cola can was not from 1349, and was just a trick, D'janaro drank from it. He then fell to the ground. Then suddenly, out of a lesser cave came a group of people running towards the explorers with weapons. Explorer Lecodoriane got out his knife, and the other explorers thought he was going to save them. But no—he was a Lecodeckinian.

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