These Awards Should-Be.

Should-Be Awards of All Modernish Time

Award Nominees Winner
Cringiest Song Award Gangnam Style, I like OJ, Like a Bird, PPAP, Istanbul, It's Everyday Bro, & Let it Go It's Everyday Bro
Cringiest Outfit Award PikoTaro's outfit, Dolores Umbridge's outfits PikoTaro's outfit
Stupidest Speech Award "My Dad" by Tiffany Trump, "We Need To Build A Wall" by Donald Trump, "Blowing Up The White House" by Madonna. Blowing Up The White House by Madonna
Dumbest Viral Trend Award Planking, Dabbing, & Twerking Twerking
Awkwardest Thing Seen on TV Lady Gaga Jumps Off Stage, Maddie Forgets Her Solo, AGT Shooting Fail Lady Gaga Jumps Off Stage
Cringiest Lip-Syncing Award Mariah Carey, Jacob Sartorius, Baby Ariel Mariah Carey
Worst Movie Award Frozen Frozen
Cringiest Impersonator Award Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid
Dumbest Tweet Award All of Donald Trump's tweets All of Donald Trump's tweets
Stupidest YouTube Video Award PPAP, Sweatshirt music video, We Are Number One But..., Istanbul music video, & It's Everyday Bro music video It's Everyday Bro music video
Dumbest Person Award *GRAND PRIZE* Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, PikoTaro, Dolores Umbridge, Jacob Sartorius, Simply Nailogical, Jake Paul Jake Paul

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