Shrimp chips


Shrimp Chips are a kind of chips. They are not cheetos or pringles. They look almost like shrimp, taste like shrimp, but smell like WatermelonSunshine's feet. (Okay, WatermelonSunshine lied. As she once said in the live chat, her feet smell like metal. But yeah, they smell bad.) Once you get past the smell, they actually taste pretty good. HiSun and JustineCarl5 really like them. They're basically their equivalent of Cheetos and Pringles. WatermelonSunshine thinks they're just okay.

People who have eaten shrimp chips

  • HiSun (LOVES THEM)
  • JustineCarl (also loves them)
  • WS (eh)
  • Johnny Johnny (he eats everything)
  • Caillou (whined about the smell)
  • Lynx (HiSun fed them to the lynxes)
  • Most Filipinos (yep)
  • Cat (ate one off of the ground)
  • Lava stamp (ALWAYS WANTS THEM)
  • Nina Noodles (Hates them)