Sic is a word used when there is something cringy in an article. It is commonly used when quoting someone.

It means something in Latin, apparently. Alternatively, it could be is an acronym for "Something is Cringy".

Reason for Use

Sic is used when there is something cringy in an article to show how cringy it is. It is usually shown in brackets because they're lonely.


"Santa Claws[sic] is a human bean[sic[wow 1]] who gives presents to children."
See what I mean? Sics can also be used in a reference list to show why they are cringy.
"My milkshake brings all the bosses[sic[1]] to the yeard[sic[2]]."

  1. The word "boys" is usually used.
  2. Usually spelled as "yard".
Now that you understand sics, you can make some sic[. 1] pages!


  1. "Sick" is the correct spelling.


  1. This isn't supposed to be in a reference list, but seriously CRINGE! Way after this page was made, Jacob Sartorious actually wrote "human bean"! THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

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