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Simply Nailogical is an EEEEEVVVVVVIIIIIILLLLL YouTube channel hosted by a woman named Cristine.

Content of the Channel

It contains 90% dumb things that Cristine does and 10% nail tutorials.


  • Cristine is the founder of the holosexual tribe.
  • Cristine never bleeps the bad words she says and her middle finger. (Except for f***; which she bleeps.)
  • Cristine has two cats.
  • She invented the 100 layers challenge.
  • She has an X rated section of her channel.
  • She just recently broke her middle nail and she is mourning so badly over it. This is what made Lava stamp think she is so stupid. (She never heard of her until now)
  • The word holosexual is a term for her fan base.

People Who Think She's Dumb

People (and Encantados) Who've Never Heard of Her