Typical Galaxy Slime

Slime is a DIY substance which hit its popularity peak in 2016. It can be squishy, crunchy, or just plain cringey!

Common Types of Slime

  • Floam Slime
  • Fluffy Slime
  • Galaxy Slime
  • Fishbowl Slime
  • Soft Serve Slime
  • Glitter Crunch Slime
  • Fruit Flakes Slime
  • Crystal Clear Slime
  • Butter Slime
  • Iceberg Slime
  • Jiggly Slime
  • Candle Slime
  • Cream Cheese Slime
  • Holo Slime
  • Slushee Slime
  • Cloud Slime
  • Sugar Slime
  • Clay Slime

Wikia-ers Who Love Slime

Famous Instagram Slime Accounts (100k+)


Typical Soft Serve Slime

Username Followers
@slimexswd 118k
@slimeglitterz 122k
@slime.newyork 123k
@slimeyswurls 123k
@slimeymelon 149k
@pkwonderland 159k
@bubblyslimey 163k
@vmoneyslimes 191k
@slimehalo 225k
@cali_slime 234k
@peachyslimebakery 307k
@theslimehive 349k
@slimeedaddy 354k
@anathemaslime 360k
@theslimeyshop 362k
@surfslimeco 366k
@slimetutorials101 381k
@waveslimes 428k
@raindropslime 431k
@audeezslimes 442k
@mintyslimey 454k
@galaxyofslimee 467k
@slime.jewel 476k
@honey.guts 511k
@slim3tutorials 552k
@slime_og 602k
@slimeycandy 623k
@slime.bun 652k
@craftyslimecreator 678k
@snoopslimes 702k
@slimeysugar 755k
@rad.slime 899k
@glitter.slimes 1.3m

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