Spice Girls was a group of singers that died. By died, I mean that the group died. However, the Spice Girls themselves will probably die within the next 50 years. After all, they are so last millennium. A really old trend-just like them-is having nicknames. However, this is probably just because one of the Melanies wanted more attention instead of being "one of the Melanies."


Melania J. B.

Mel Brown is the spice girl called "Terrifying Spice." She is currently 41, but she looks older since she is, of course, terrifying. Mel now works as a judge for bad singers, dancers, and comedians from the states of U.S.

Mel Jayne C.

Melania Chisholm is the spice girl called "Tennis Spice." She should, however, be called the unknown spice since she is well, unknown. Being a 43 year old (two years older than Mel Brown), she wanted to be better than Melania Brown, but utterly failed. Instead of being a judge for the famous America's GT, she was a judge for Asia's GT. She could have made a website with the other spices (besides Vicky), but she knew she was too awkward for them.

Emmie L. Bunton

Emily Bunton is the spice girl called "Barbie Spice." Her name is supposedly Baby Spice, but due to her Barbie colored eyes and hair, she must be Barbie Spice. After all, she really isn't a baby, she's 41! She once was a BGT guest judge, but she went no further since she thinks she's a baby. As of right now, her career is going nowhere.

Geri E. H. Halliwell

Geri Halliwell is the spice girl called "Spice Spice." She is the second of 3 Spices to become a host of AGT. Instead of America's GT however, she took over a whole (obscure) continent's talent show, Australia's GT. She is the eldest spice at 44; making her Granny Spice.

Vicky C. B. Adams

Vicky Beckham is the spice girl called "Stuck-up Spice." She, along with Mel C., were too lame to help with the Spice Girls website which supposedly was a big thing. She is one of two spice girls who was not an AGT host, but unlike Emmie, she didn't even guest! This is probably because she's too stuck-up for it, though. After 2012, nothing much has been happening with her, so she is now just a wannabe.

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