Stingy is an EVIL character from LazyTown. He is best known for creating the infamous "The Mine Song" which is about triagonal signs and claiming people's feelings. Don't fret, as this demon shroud can be repelled by using the Stingy REPELLENT.

The Mine Song

LazyTown - The Mine Song Music Video01:00

LazyTown - The Mine Song Music Video







Appearance and Personality

Stingy is a creepy puppet who never smiles, gives, or opens his eyes all the way. He wears a striped shirt with a yellow vest which is clearly to small for him (he must have gained some weight!) He also wears a belt (he is too fat to keep his pants in the right position) and yellow trousers. He also wears knee-ish high socks, and black buckle shoes.

Personal Life

Stingy lives with his father, Rich Money, and formerly with his late mother, Stingella. He and his girlfriend Trixie decided to call themselves the town puppets so that people will think of them naturally. He is at war with his former boss, Robbie Rotten. Ironically, Stingy is just as much of a creepo as Robert Rodden. On May 7, 2029, Stingy Money and Trixie Rude will be married. Their wedding has been prepared since April 27, 2007[1]. However, this is only speculation, as they were much too young to decide if they hated each other enough.

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