Strawberry Cream is Deshna Lilyberry's ex-boyfriend, is Kate's husband and is Connie Confetti

What is he?


Sprinkle Lily Cake and his story

Once upon a time, there was a Num named Strawberry Cream. He lived with his uncle. Everyone in his family died (because humans ate them) except his uncle. So they lived perfectly in peace, until a nasty kid invaded their lovely home.

Meanwhile, there was a girl with so many names, but she was called Lee the most. Lee was a happy girl; always looking on the positive side, bright, energetic and musical. Her classmates think she doesnt fit in, but she thinks she does fit in. She never knew things like Nums existed, except when she heard a faint old sound coming from the west.

Meanwhile, the boy kept chasing Strawberry and his uncle, until his uncle couldn't breathe. He got eaten by the kid while Strawberry hid behind the toaster. He never knew the human house he lives in was the house of Lee.

Lee noticed her best friend's brother eating all the cupcakes. She told him to stop, but instead he ate some candy hidden. Strawberry breathed deeply but unfortunately Lee heard his breath. She found him behind the toaster, and Strawberry got worried. She told him not to worry and placed him in her bag and took him with her the next day of school.

Three years later, he broke up with Lee because "he thought he was in a relationship". He wrote a letter to her explaining that he will move in a new town and he will never come back so he forced to break up with her, which made Lee confused. Then he met Kate the day after they broke up, and a month later, they were married. They did have a kid, and she was half-Shoppie, half-Num. She was Connie Confetti.