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Strawberry Shortcake has had many "friends" over her lifetime, but let's analyze them and see if they truly are nice enough. Many of them seem nice, until they show their true colors. A certain few however are undoubtedly evil. In the 2003-2009 series of Strawberry Shortcake, questionable friends are frequent. If you read the previous sentence, you can guess that this page is only about the 2003 series. If you guessed that, you are correct. Sorry to the three existing Berry Bitty Adventures fans! At the end of each section, we will conclude with either NOT STRAWBERRY'S FRIEND or otherwise.

As a hint for whether they are her friends or not, just keep in mind that Strawberry Shortcake cannot keep her show on air because of... reasons.

Angel Cake

Screenshot 2017-01-20 at 5.51.21 PM

You'd think a girl called "Angel" would act like an angel, but this is not the case. She looks very exasperated, but the reasons for it are endless. In this particular episode, she is bullying Orange Blossom because she is singing. Isn't singing supposed to be peaceful? You have to admit, Orange Blossom can't sing, but Angel Cake seriously has a problem with it. This is definitely not the only episode where she has a anti-angel attitude, but you can already tell that she is NOT STRAWBERRY'S FRIEND!

Crepe Suzette

Screenshot 2017-01-22 at 1.49.16 PM

This is the stereotypical French girl, Crepe Suzette. She suffers from a squeaky accent and having to always wear a beret to look French. Strawberry Shortcake, being such a risk-taker, sent an invitation to France. Who got the invitation? Crepe Suzette obviously. Since all of the people around Crepe Suzette look like normal non-food themed human beings, she had to get the invitation! It's relevant to the plot. In this certain episode, Crepe throws her dog on the ground. The dog runs away and Crepe blames Strawberry Shortcake's dog. Because of Crepe's attitude, she is NOT STRAWBERRY'S FRIEND!

Frosty Puff


Frosty Puff, though stereotypical, has a very cold personality. As seen from the video above, she moved a penguin to a warm place so that it can die from the heat. She also intends to have a pink cat eat her penguin, but the cat (which is Strawberry's) is too terrified to do so. Frosty the Sn... Puff is a very uncommon character in the series with few lines of dialogue; it can only be assumed that she died. Because she doesn't care about the health of her pet nor Strawberry's pet's life, she is NOT STRAWBERRY'S FRIEND!

Peppermint Fizz


This toothpaste themed girl is Peppermint Fizz. Her pet is an iguana known for talking like he's dying. Peppermint is the most villainous human character in the show, implying that Sour Grape Face and the Purple Pie Man are not humans. Peppermint loves to ruin everyone's fun and Strawberry Shortcake likes to make her apologize. Because Peppermint nearly ruined Strawberry's show by snorting instead of playing a trumpet, she is NOT STRAWBERRY'S FRIEND!

Plum Puddin'

Screenshot 2017-01-18 at 6.19.27 AM

Now, this girl's clearly got some attitude. What is she up to? Well, if you find the episode on youtube, you will see that she is leaving horse camp. Um, Plum, you're being selfish! Plus, you even call your self a disaster which is quite fitting. It's unbelievable how many tantrums she has in that single episode, and that was the only time she had a major appearance! Thus, she is NOT STRAWBERRY'S FRIEND!

Rainbow Sherbet

Screenshot 2017-01-22 at 1.32.06 PM

This Rainbow Kate predecessor, "Rainbow Sherbet," is a very questionable one of Strawberry's "friends." As you can see, she is scowling because of something... but of course, let's see what is happening in the episode. She is not sharing with Blueberry Muffin because she totally found that sand dollar herself. Blueberry insists that Strawberry found it, but Rainbow Sherbet is too selfish to give her credit. Rainbow Sherbet (or Sherbert as Strawberry ALWAYS calls her) considers anything she picks up hers, so she is NOT STRAWBERRY'S FRIEND!

Raspberry Torte


Oh just look at this picture, she's clearly mad. Yet Strawberry somehow acknowledges her as her "friend". As you can tell, she's about to burst at somebody. Now let's look at the context of the episode. Strawberry has to teach Raspberry Torte to have good manners by having a party with only bad manners. Like, woah, she had to go that far? This Raspberry must be some kind of evil, so she is NOT STRAWBERRY'S FRIEND!

Tea Blossom

Screenshot 2017-01-18 at 6.24.28 AM

Another disturbing character, but Strawberry partly promoted her angry personality. Tea Blossom was sent a butterfly message from Strawberry, and like a really careless young kid (which she is), she went all the way from China to Strawberry's house! She lied to Strawberry about something as stupid as liking ice cream just so she could be her "friend". Now, you're probably wondering why she's wet (that is strawberry water). Strawberry brought her on a dangerous boat trip, which finally caused Tea Blossom to have common sense and go home. However, she acted very rude, so she is NOT STRAWBERRY'S FRIEND!

Strawberry Shortcake


YUP, this is Strawberry Shortcake herself. Just look at how seemingly evil she looks! Who cares if she's just "thinking" or plotting a "big idea", this looks like she's up to something. There are too many instances of her being evil like this to count, so we might as well go to our final statement. Strawberry makes evil plots, so she is NOT STRAWBERRY'S FRIEND!