Strike is Priscilla Sanderson's first studio recorded album released in January 2015. Unlike most albums, hers is in two sections, the first fourteen country pop songs, and the last six Christian songs.


For some reason, The alias "Prissy" is only shown on the cover, and Priscilla Sanderson is likely her official stage name for this album. Regarding all 20 of her songs, there has been minor criticism that they sound "like Taylor Swift ate a frog". Sanderson is not Taylor Swift, but since she is not vegan, the possibility of her eating a frog is, well, possible.

While the back of the album states that the first disc includes country songs, they are all pop songs. In an interview with Jeremy Fallen, she stated that "well, Taylor Swift became...a big hit starting from country music, so I feel like I should try it that way by advertising it as a country album." Many of her fans began to roast her twitter account, @priscillasanderson, after this occurrence. However, she took back this statement saying that it was "taken wildly out of context."

As for her four singles, they each distinctly sound like a popular singer or band.

  • In "Strike," Priscilla Sanderson sounds a lot like Rachel Platten.
  • In "Hidden View," Priscilla Sanderson sounds like countless screamers.
  • In "Coming," she sounds again like Tori Kelly.
  • In "If You'll Be Mine," she sounds like Adele during the chorus.


  1. "Strike"; released on July 15, 2015.
  2. "Hidden View"; released on September 29, 2015.
  3. "Coming"; released on June 7, 2016.
  4. "If You'll Be Mine"; released on December 28, 2016.


Song Title Featuring Chorus
Disc One 4 Times
Strike Dona Elle I strike the drum

I strike for love

I strike to bring

Everything I sing, Oh! Everything I sing!

Coming (What This Is) I am not sure of what this is, but I'm coming.

With my arms reaching out, I'm running!

And when I'm there, I'll be right there for something

I'm coming.

Love In a Taxi Love, in a Taxi, driving me home.

For nothing ever is better than to go.

Oh love, oh la la love, la la la love.

Love, in a Taxi, driving me home.

Not Leaving You One day, I'll realize.

That I'm not what I've tried.

But whatever you say I know.

I'm not letting you go.

One day, you'll be mine.

Some day that I'll find.

But this I say is true,

I'm not leaving you.

Hidden View (Sources) From

"Hidden Love"

It's just a hidden view

That has separated us two

It was a hidden love

It just brings us down, not up

Can't you see it yet?

Whatever is holding you back

Can't you feel it yet?

There are some kind of sources between us!

If You'll Be Mine (We'll Be Lovers) Leonard Dean We'll be lovers

We'll be lovers

But only if you'll be mine

But only if you can find

That we'll be lovers

We'll be lovers

If you'll be mine, we'll be lovers

Every Next Tomorrow I will come to the same place to meet you

I won't let anything defeat you

Just hold tight, hold on, hold love, and keep going

And every next tomorrow, we'll keep showing

That it ain't gonna be this easy

But we won't let it get too hard

We'll just say that we still always will keep going

And every next tomorrow, we'll keep showing

One Love (Perfect)
Important Trudy
No Strategies From "Heroic

Master Affa"

When I Found You
Certain About You
I Already Knew You (Before I Met You) Leonard Dean Before I met you

I was singing alone

Before I met you

I could not put on a show

Before I met you

I was missing something too

Before I met you

I know I already knew you

Roses On the Hills
Disc Two 1 Time
Beyond Today
Let it Be Forever
When The Day Comes 6S Sisters
Anything (Tell Me)
Why Am I Still Spinning