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TehSunSnuggUgLololKidz is TheSnuggleKinz's cringy/cringey/crengeigh/kringi/cringi/cringee spamming poser group.They are reportedly a group of 100 kidz from Unitinachiadfrihiaustrirenglsouhiamiaba (everywhereish). Not much is known about the group except for their given "bios" from the TehSunSnuggUgLololKidz website which doesn't exist. They reportedly caused Snuki II and 2 Shushi to become TSK's official stage names. Some of them may be affiliated with HiSun's minions, however, this is currently unconfirmed and highly rumorsome. When the NewJerseyorkmexicohampshire newspaper press asked if they are real humans, all 100 of the infamous squad stated in unison "that would be cannibalism" because of an unknown and cringeworthy series of possible events.


  1. Tuehs Shish Sunshi: The TehSunSnuggUgLololKidz Boss, founded the posing group.
  2. Snuki Ugg: The daughter of Sir Tuehs Shish Sunshi.
  3. Lola Awl: The other daughter of Sir Tuehs Shish Sunshi.
  4. Olki Bean Dezzer: The young son of Tuehs Shish Sunshi.
  5. Sasha Cache: A notorious woman (kid) from gallery stories.
  6. Cringe-Sun Kring: The cringe family's real counterpart; also a big contributor to Sun REPELLENT.
  7. Penny Pine: PikoTaro's first daughter.
  8. Appella Pine: The second daughter of PikoTaro.
  9. Lorry Sic: The sic owner of Lorry the-scandalously-possibly-deceased-but-not-dead alive mouse.
  10. Ima Albatross: Lorry's big sister, a half human half albatross mix.
  11. Firstius Humanus Rubysius: A descendant of First Ruby Cat's owner; a far cousin of Old McDonald.
  12. Disney Walter: The infamous creator of disney princesses.
  13. Snow-Hite Sevendwarf: The daughter of Disney Walter.
  14. Dora Thexplorer: Dora's real self.
  15. Emma Leah Eliza Beth Reed: An actress in disguise.
  16. Punny Shushi: A creator of PunSpam!
  17. Spam Shushi: Punny's brother, another PunSpam! creator.
  18. Theresa Naut Rite: A 13 year old girl who is in a serious relationship.
  19. Affa Knight: The heroinette of Heroic Master Affa.
  20. Tammy Country: A singer who is infamous for creating Checked off List.
  21. Star Beri Berrytalk: The girl who created Strawberry Shortcake.
  22. Shart Caek Berrytalk: Star's brother who does nothing.
  23. Kiki Grande: A famous gallery stories character/real human. She is known for impersonating Mariah.
  24. Cei Llou: A bratty spoilt childish person.
  25. Tough Roughman: A person who thinks he's macho, likely Snow White's Prince.
  26. Doctor Dwarfson: One of seven supposed-dead-but-different dwarfishes.
  27. Sneez Wheez Dwarfcoff: One of seven supposed-dead-but-different dwarfishes.
  28. Sleep DwarfTire: One of seven supposed-dead-but-different dwarfishes.
  29. Bashy Dwarfly: One of seven supposed-dead-but-different dwarfishes.
  30. Grampy Dwarfgrumps: One of seven supposed-dead-but-different dwarfishes.
  31. Dope Dwarfquirk: One of seven supposed-dead-but-different dwarfishes.
  32. Happys Dwarfjoy: One of seven supposed-dead-but-different dwarfishes, a possible Happy.
  33. Mileya Hantana Cysra: Level Three member of the Happys.
  34. Joy Emotion: Level One member of the Happys
  35. Feral Will: Level Two member of the Happys.
  36. Lisa Kimwest: A gallery stories woman, also a human bean.
  37. Sharon Everilil Stooparel: One of Disney Walter's daughters.
  38. Michelle Latin-Dwarf: Dora Thexplorer's cousinette. She is the step-sister of Snow White.
  39. Hirr Ambie: The owner of Harambe.
  40. Zinnie Bah Zinc: A teletubby wanna bee.
  41. Jeri Stilts: A casual mouse's owner/motherish.
  42. Iggz Anime: An anime superstar.
  43. Mouse McDonalds: Walter's young brother.
  44. Jackie Sar Musicly: The Stoopiverse daughter of Jacob.
  45. Ari Beb Musicly: Jackie's twin sister.
  46. Ari Mermay Hipster: A close cousin of the Musicly.s; a daughter of Walter.
  47. Appilia Goldlimited: PikoTaro's sister, also known as Golden Apple Blossom.
  48. Pichi Tero Pic: PikoTaro's REAL name, and stoopiverse version.
  49. Pelausse Kin Garley-Karni: The owner of the only Peeling Pumpkin.
  50. Cominton Thi Spagen: One of the two brothers that will make you get blocked.
  51. Thihs Nugele-Kinslbloku Firadei: The younger brother of Cominton.
  52. Limi-Tad Bagel: A limited, just like Appilia.
  53. Avery Yarleah: The REAL writer/singer of the album.
  54. Bean Mastur Bakdozen: The possible creator of beans.
  55. Shoppie Kins-Ins: The culprit of Shopkinsins making.
  56. Shoa Pies: The culprit of Shoppiesins making.
  57. Repa Cali Lant: A person who loves to use and make REPELLENTS on Caillou.
  58. Johnny Don Trimp: A person who is a knock-off of the person who won bigly.
  59. Haleigh McClintock: A person who wants to be Trimp's sister after her outrages.
  60. John E. Yespapa: The papa, need I say more?
  61. Mom E. Yesmama: The character, Johnny Johnny, actually has a mama.
  62. Fi Shand-Chips: The ex-bff of the mascot.
  63. Peter Pencil: The mascot is truly a real member of TehSunSnuggUgLololKidz, shockingly/surprisingly.
  64. Po Fryland: Another friend of the mascot, Peter Pencil.
  65. Maya Lilpony: The Stoopiverse's very own Lauren Faust, just different.
  66. Connor Milkow: The person who likes cows, not a person, the person.
  67. Dog Ebrush: Doge the dog is legitimately a REAL DOG humanoid.
  68. Mimi Meme: Grandmother Mimi, the maker of all (one) memes.
  69. Lola Granny: The Filipino word for Grandmother is a human, yes!?
  70. Gemma Net: A Filipino network lady.
  71. Abe Cebean: Another network human, Gemma's husband.
  72. Anne Krimi: Yeah, she thinks she is scandalous...
  73. Ella Umbreldge: The REAL Rihanna who made Umbrelella.
  74. Oldie Mic Rophone: One of the McDonalds triplets.
  75. Ron Donald Mickeyson: The clown/mime McDonalds triplet.
  76. Donie Dunkwin: The sister of the McDonalds triplets, she does nothing but copy so yeah.
  77. Hatter Yello Jellow: The third McDonalds triplet.
  78. Sandy Sanderson: Who is really behind the wondrous album but Sandy herself?
  79. Priscilla Sanderson: Who is really..ah forget it, she made Strike so yeah.
  80. Gertrude Trudy Sanderson: A lesser known Sanderson sibling.
  81. Elle Kinga Sanderson: Another Sanderson sibling, made a song called McDonald's Rules.
  82. Unknownia Sanderson: An EXTREMELY Unknown Sanderson sister whose name is unknown.
  83. Ebononymous Sanderson: Another VERY anonymous Sanderson sibling.
  84. Flo Amelia F'oam: She created the notorious but aesthetic floam.
  85. Chester Et Oche: Chester Cheetah's real designerish; brother of Manny Prings Oche.
  86. Manny Prings Oche: Chester's brother whose disguise is the pringles man.
  87. Hunner Dio Pegs: The person who loves the number 100.
  88. Samantha Pegs: Hunner's brother who loves free samples way too so much.
  89. Peggy Page Turner Pegs: The other pegs sibling, loves pages of books.
  90. Cliff Miles Bigred: Emma Leah's brother of 20 years younger.
  91. Bera Neyan Dè Frens: She is the real person who made the show, "Barney."
  92. Bea Bop Frens: Not related to Bera, but the inspiration for "Baby Bop."
  93. Buster Jones BJ Frens: Bea Bop's brother who is awkward so he goes by his second middle name.
  94. Ralph Frens: BJ and Bea Bop's cousin who was the inspiration for "Riff."
  95. Pine Crush: She has a crush on Pichi Tero Pic even though she is married to him...weird.
  96. Tella Mianoarra Waticon: She is the voice actress in Tell Me What's Cookin'.
  97. Me Itstemta Shyn: She voices Gemma Stone in My Time To Shine.
  98. HuSin Lang-Chao Entateo: Made HuSin Entertainment because why not (HiSun hleped helped).
  99. Hai Sunmot Eres: Along with HiSun; made HiSun Motors.
  100. Setupetidiarala Lieva Tiellavesasion: Her name is too long, but she made Stupidity Live Television.