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The Boohbah are usually good-natured creatures... until the Pigapocolypse struck. Now they are seeking food and water to cure them. If they don't find these, they become their evil form, TELETUBBIES!

The gang

Dipsy: Green male with a line.

Laa Laa: Yellow female with a squiggle(?).

Tinky Winky: Purple male with a triangle(Illuminati?).

Po: Red female with a circle.

Teletubby Minions

  • Tiddlytubbies: The Teletubbies' babies.
  • Noo-Noo: Their vacuum cleaner thingy.
  • Teletubby Land Bunnies: Oversized, fat bunnies.
  • The Magical Events: Thingies that scare little kids, sort of like clowns.
  • Evil Gorilla: What do you expect?
  • Alt 2.0: DOES NOT COMPUTE.


They were kind and peaceful, until a Pig Nuke struck them all. They all became evil and without food or water (which, is scarce in the Stoopiverse) they can never become normal again. Tinky Winky gained the power to eat massive amounts of dog kibble. All the others just became evil and started reproducing.

How they reproduce

They eat Tubbi Hunni which makes a pod grow in their stomachs (male or female) and then the Tubbies poop out the pods which contain Boobah, microscopic beings who turn into Tiddlytubbies at the desired age, and then when they reach adulthood the main Tubbies die and the others take over.




  • Did you know that JustineCarl5 owns a teaspoon that has Teletubbies printed on it?!