The Cat Assoc. is the official company of naming new cat species. The company is also known for other cat involved work including The Cat Paper and The Cat Care Center.


  • 1980: Cathy Assoc begins to form the new assoc.
  • 1981: The Cat Assoc. is formed in Amicera.
  • 1981: The Ruby Cat is named.
  • 1981: The Cat Assoc. logo is made.
  • 1982: The Opal Cat is named.
  • 1983: The Sherbet Cat is named.
  • 1985: The Stripey Cat is named.
  • 1986: Fella Madella creates their official slogan.
  • 1987: The Ebony Cat is named.
  • 1988: The Iris Cat is named.
  • 1990: The Mega Splotch Cat is named.
  • 1991: The Tuxgrey Cat is named.
  • 1991: The Cat Assoc. celebrates 10 years.
  • 1992: The pay per species is raised from $50 to $75.
  • 1994: The Broccoli Cat is named.
  • 1994: The Cat Assoc. staff is featured on television.
  • 1995: Sub-breed of the Mega Splotch Cat is noted.
  • 1995: The Black Splotch Cat is named.
  • 1996: The Sherbet Cat is renamed as the Rainbowish Cat.
  • 2000: The pay per species is raised to $125.
  • 2002: The Tortoise Splotch Cat is named.
  • 2003: The Coon Cat is named.
  • 2003: The Pinkie Cat is named.
  • 2005: The Magical Enchantment Cat is named.
  • 2006: The "25 Lives" documentary is released.
  • 2006: The pay per species is raised to $200.
  • 2007: Major breed of the Opal Cat is noted.
  • 2007: The Little Feral Cat is named.
  • 2008: The Magical Enchantment Cat is renamed as the Magical Enchant Cat.
  • 2008: The Splotches Cat is named.
  • 2009: Sub-breed of the Iris Cat is noted.
  • 2009: The pay per species is raised to $300.
  • 2009: The Double Cat is named.
  • 2010: Sub-breed of the Tortoise Splotch Cat is noted.
  • 2010: The Splotched Body Cat is named.
  • 2011: The Froot Cat is named.
  • 2011: Sub-breed of the Ruby Cat is noted.
  • 2011: The Petey Type Cat is named.
  • 2012: The other major breed of the Opal Cat is noted.
  • 2012: The Grumpy Cat is named.
  • 2013: Major breed of the Magical Enchantment Cat is noted.
  • 2013: The Belgium Blue Cat is named.
  • 2013: Split between the Tuxgrey Cat breeds.
  • 2013: The Snowgrey Cat is named.
  • 2014: Sub-breed of the Stripey and Froot Cats is noted.
  • 2015: The Foxing Cat is named.
  • 2016: Female Petey Type Cats are called Jessies.
  • 2016: The Mitten Cat is named.


The "Assoc." in their name is not an abbreviation, but merely their legitimate name.

How They Declare New Species

Fella Madella, a worker at The Cat Assoc., said that "if it looks different, it's different. [Simple enough, at least I'm paid a few hundred for every new species.]" The second half of the quote was stated when the company gained a raise to $300 per species.


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