The Death of Fourteen Princesses is the NEVER TO BE FINISHED sequel to The Death of Seven Dwarfs by Snow White. The author of this book is obviously not Snow White as she dies in the book, but it is rumored to be Mickey Mouse who died mid-writing of the first chapter.

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Princesses

These are the happenings 60 years after they became who everyone knew them to be; the princesses of Disney. By this time, it is 1997. Most of the fourteen had beautifully romantic and long lives, but sadly, all must come to an end. At this point, the women all were queens of Disneyland and Disneyworld, except for Anna as she was the sister of Queen Elsa. Anna eventually became a queen too, but they were all known as princesses when they gained fame. Because of this, they still were referred to by the public as princesses instead of queens. Tragedy had struck loved ones throughout their lives, though they all kept their regal duties and orders intact. Shockingly, the husbands of all the married princesses had passed away, and Disneyworld became a queendom. Here are the happenings and happenstances of the Disney Princesses in age order by eldest to youngest.

Elsa was 21 years of age as a newly crowned queen and now she is 81. She first lived in Arendelle which is part of Disneyland. Throughout several of her years, she remained single until age 27 when she married the reformed Hans. They had no children, however, as Hans died when he fell from a mountain two years later. After her husband's sudden death, Elsa moved to a snow castle which she made in Glaiceste (in Disneyworld) as a promotion in the queendom. She stayed here for the next several years, but she moved back to Arendelle for a few months because of personal issues. When she returned to Glaiceste (also spelled as Glacieste), Olaf, her Snowman, finally died after 35 years as Elsa's snow powers began to wane. For the next five and a half years, Elsa's snow powers greatly decreased, and she finally lost them when she turned 62. Once more, she moved, and she now came to Nuresohme which is also in Disneyworld. Here, she lived 19 more peaceful years before the decrease in princess population.

Cinderella, now 79, did not have the happily ever after that she planned when she was 19. Within two years, all of her mice died, which caused the family cats to be nicer to her. However, the cats too died at an unknown time. When Cinderella was 45, her stepmother died, and her husband's father, the king, died a year later. Cinderella's stepsisters, Drizella and Anastasia, were shocked when their mother died. Because of this, Cinderella moved from the castle to a small town called Tremania in Disneyworld. However, she moved back to her castle in Disneyworld when the king died. After this, she lost all contact with her stepsisters, and they presumably both died before Cinderella was 75. However, Cinderella's husband died when she was 74 which caused her to move to Nuresohme as the other princesses did.

Unlike Cinderella, Tiana had a happier life, but the start of her happily ever after was rather rough. Tiana, now 79 like Cinderella, was 19 when she rose to fame. By the time Tiana was 32, both of her parents-in-law had passed away, and she now is the queen of Orlenea which is in Disneyland. Tiana's mom soon died from an unidentified illness afterwards. Finally, Tiana's friend Charlotte was married to Prince Ralphie when Tiana was 38. Soon after, Charlotte and Ralphie moved away to Bofuelle in Disneyland, and Tiana and Naveen moved to Fransea in Disneyworld. When Tiana was 41, Prince Naveen died, but no one else who Tiana knew well died after. Tiana moved to Nuresohme when she was 67.

Pocahontas, who was 18 as a new princess, is now 78. When she was only 19, her father died from an arrow to the stomach, which made Pocahontas and John Rolfe king and queen of Natvinda, Disneyworld. Of course, her former love interest John Smith is now not part of her life, but he presumably died when Pocahontas was in her late 50s. Pocahontas and John Rolfe lived in Natvinda for 40 more years until John Rolfe died when Pocahontas was 59. Afterwards, Pocahontas moved to Wenidcoulra, Disneyworld where she lived until she was 67. At that age, she moved to Nuresohme and lived there for three years, but she came back to Natvinda for three more years. At 73, she finally came back to Nuresohme as all the others did.

Anna, like Pocahontas, is also 78 now. When she was 20 years old, she married Kristoff, but their relationship would last only five years. Tragically, Kristoff died when Sven pulled him and Anna down a very steep cliff. Anna landed in the snow, Kristoff died after hitting his head on a rock, and Sven fell even lower into an icy river. Sven likely drowned, being unable to swim. As Elsa was the queen, Anna was unable to rule, but Elsa soon moved from Arendelle to Glaiceste. Now, Anna became the queen of Arendelle until she was 54. At 54, Anna moved from Arendelle to Frenize, Disneyworld as a promotion in the queendom. She lived there until age 70 when she moved to Nuresohme.