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The Death of Seven Dwarfs: Seven Dwarfs Now Rest in Peace

Chapter 1: Doc's Death

From the famous movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, here is the fate of each of these little creatures. The Dwarfs, while being very small humans, truly are a different species as declared by Snow White. Her grandfather, Grumpy "Grampy" Dwarf, had married a human, although a different species. This was described by Disney as a "beauty and beast scenario". Strange it was that only Grumpy ever married before the movie's premiere, and only one other dwarf married at all. Several wonder the whereabouts of Grumpy's wife, but after having a daughter, Snow White's mother, she soon passed away. This is the same for that daughter, Snow White's mother, dying soon after Snow White's birth. Grumpy moved back in with the other dwarfs after his wife died, which is why the seven elderly brothers lived in the same house. Dopey, however, was not elderly as he was not 65+ yet, he was only 52! In this book, you'll find that he was the most different of all seven dwarfs.

Dwarfs, partly related to trolls are basically small humans with different genetic traits. They are generally marked by short height and long white beards, however, 'tis not the case for Dopey, the youngest. Also excluding Dopey, were they plump creatures with large, round noses. Dwarfs have an average life expectancy the same as humans, thus making them quite similar. Female Dwarfs have not been seen, but it is unlikely that they have ever existed. Only seven, those who once belonged to Snow White, hadst ever been known, hence their rarity. The seven are all brothers, but their parents were never found nor photographed. The eldest, Sneezy, hadst said that their mother was "a fair lady, tall and gentle, similar to that of Snow White herself. Father, however, was never seen by any of us, yet he was always there." Of course, the dwarfs' parents were one set of Snow White's great-grandparents, precisely her maternal grandfather's parents.

The dwarfs, in order to their ages, were Sneezy, Grumpy, Doc, Sleepy, Happy, Bashful, and Dopey. They each had quite particular and notable personalities, and were supposedly named by their mother. Except for Dopey, however, who was named by the dwarfs as their mother presumably passed away soon after his birth. As for the father, he likely died around the same time. A large age gap between Bashful and Dopey has made several wonder if Dopey is truly their brother, or if he even is a true dwarf. However, all seven of their birth certificates read "the son of Marija Jean Ellis Dwarf and Simon Eli Dwarf." It was not so unusual for a person to have seven children of the same gender as no female dwarfs have ever existed.

All of the seven dwarfs grew up in the same house that their parents once lived in. By the time Dopey was born, all the other dwarfs besides Bashful were adults. They had general lives that the humans would have, assuming both their parents were human. In their later lives in mid 1900s, they were featured in a movie, even though they didn't know it. As seen in the movie, the dwarfs once worked in a mine. Once they found that they were in the film, they stopped working in the mines to avoid paparazzi. Soon after the movie, the dwarfs started to "fade from the world" as described by Disney.

The first one of the dwarfs to die was that of their leader, Doc. While being the third oldest, he was placed as a leader due to his talents. The scenes of the movie were shot only a month before his death, as much of his story was off screen. He and Grumpy had never known Snow White too well, as their relationships in the movie were similar to their relationships at the end of their lives. Doc did not have any known medical issues until the very end of his life, contrary to some of his brothers.

Throughout his life, had he not lived up to his name's most meaning, he was destined to become a doctor. The other siblings of his seemed to have personalities based from their names, but he seemed left out his whole life. He never truly wanted to be a doctor, though, but he felt it was his destiny. He didn't just become a doctor, however, he was actually forced. The Evil Queen did not wish to pay for her subjects to have medical care, so she made Doc be a doctor, nurse, therapist and pathologist. Doc's experience was slight, but he seemed to be a natural. For all his hard work, though, the Evil Queen didst not pay him any but one penny. Being an average citizen, he did not like being unpaid, but he dealt with it for those hard months.

Time passed, and the foolish Evil Queen died as shown in the movie. Since none of the Evil Queen's subjects were still servants, they could take over Doc's job. Around the time Snow White left for her newly-wed husband's castle, Doc did not have any patients left. So, he retired that day and went back to ordinary life. However, he did not have a job or money, so he was left to do nothing for the rest of his life. Soon, he came down with an undefined illness which seemed to be caused by his recent inactivity. Snow White left her castle for a couple weeks to take care of him, but she could not find a doctor to identify his condition. With no cure for it, he began to lose his hearing and eyesight. Snow White finally found a decent hospital for him to go to before he died. Still, and even to this day, none of the nurses or doctors could understand Doc's condition nor a cure for it. On a fateful Monday morning, he stopped breathing and passed away. He was 78 years of age.

Chapter 2: Grumpy's Death

The dwarf family mourned the loss of Doc after his shocking death. Snow White decided to stay with the dwarfs for another week to help them cope with their situation. They had to have a new leader, so they let Sneezy, the eldest, take the place of Doc. Soon, Snow White had to leave the dwarfs to resume her normal duties. The six dwarfs still had not adjusted with their new way of life, but they all assumed that it was normal to feel unusual.

Grumpy, the second eldest of the dwarfs had suddenly gained a fear of many things. He became extremely worried for the other dwarfs, petrified at the thought of losing another one of his brothers. Along with this, he became scared of Snow White. She would come to visit once a week to see how things were going with the dwarfs. However, when she came in through the door, Grumpy would worry that an intruder or even worse had come into the house. Grumpy eventually confined himself to his bedroom so that he would not feel worried. When Sneezy brought him food at mealtimes, however, Grumpy would sometimes shriek just from hearing the door move.

Three weeks after Doc passed away, Grumpy felt strange. He always had a larger nose than the other dwarfs, but it just seemed too big. When Snow White came in to visit him, she too noticed it was larger. Grumpy worriedly interrogated her on what it could be, so she brought him to the hospital. This hospital was the same as the one that Doc had passed away in. The doctors examined his nose, and they concluded that he had a tumor. They sent him home for one day, and the next day they would do tests on it to see if it is cancerous. Snow White brought Grumpy to the hospital once again, and the doctors declared that it indeed was cancerous. He was then given treatments to try and make it a bit better until they can attempt to remove the tumor.

Snow White brought the bad news to Grumpy's five living siblings. They began to fret, but Sneezy decided that they should all see him in the hospital. When they came to visit him, he was having treatments done, so they would have to wait until they were finished. When the doctors were done with Grumpy's treatments, he felt very weak. The doctors scheduled his surgery in three days, but the dwarfs worried that it may be too long a wait. The doctors were not able to do it any earlier, so the dwarfs and Snow White returned home with Grumpy. The next day, Snow White had to leave them dwarfs' home once again, but she promised to come back and visit them the day after.

True to her word, Snow White came back to the dwarfs the day before Grumpy's surgery. When Snow White opened the door, Grumpy was so startled that he fell from his bed. He was still extremely weak, and his bones had become fragile. Snow White and the other five dwarfs rushed him to the hospital, in hopes that he was okay. While Grumpy was in the hospital, the doctors found how severely injured he was, and that for his surgery the next day, he would have to stay there overnight. Snow White and the dwarfs stayed at the hospital for an hour longer, but they found that Grumpy was quickly getting worse. The doctors examined him again, and they found major damage to his skull. In a few minutes, Grumpy passed away in front of Snow White and his five brothers. With Grumpy being Snow White's grandfather, it was as hard for her to deal with as for the other dwarfs.

His surgery was canceled, obviously, and that date was instead used for his funeral. The day that Grumpy died was his birthday, so it was difficult to find how old he really was the moment he died. It was around 11:00 A.M. when he died, so most of the dwarfs expected that he was technically still 78. Sneezy, however, remembered his mother telling him that Grumpy was born early in the morning, right after 1:00 A.M. Therefore, when Grumpy died, he had just turned 79.

Chapter 3: Happy's Death

For the next four years, three of the five remaining dwarfs lived their normal lives. Sneezy stayed at his rank of being the dwarfs' leader, and Snow White still made her weekly visits to their house. Oh, of course the dwarfs and Snow White were sad after Grumpy's death for a little while, but most of them were able to deal with the situation efficiently. The years passed quickly, and soon all the dwarfs but Dopey were in their seventies and eighties.

However, two of the dwarfs had a difficult time having Grumpy die so soon after Doc. Four years after Grumpy died, Bashful moved away to a house, a cottage, quite far from the other dwarfs. 'Twas deep into the forest, perhaps two hours away if driving to in an automobile. Bashful seemed even more shy to the other dwarfs after Grumpy and Doc passed away, perhaps trying to hide his sorrow. The house was somewhere past the forest by Snow White's castle, closer to the castle than the dwarfs' home. It was a typical but small house, noticeably smaller than the dwarfs' home, perhaps made of stone and wood. The house had not been occupied in years, being far into the forest away from any given roads. Known information about the cottage is slight, for there was no one but Bashful in that part of the forest. Some, however, suggest that due to its miniature size, it may have been the house that once belonged to the dwarfs' parents. Given that their parents were likely short, but not dwarfs, it very well could have been theirs.

Not only Bashful was having trouble, but so was Happy. Happy was always the most cheerful one of the dwarfs. However, he also can be the saddest at difficult times, such as the deaths of his brothers. Two family deaths in just a single month utterly shocked him with sadness. A few months after Grumpy and Doc passed away, Happy still had not gone back to normal. Disney had described him not just as the happiest of the dwarfs, but also the most emotionally struck. Happy felt as if his level three happiness had dropped all the way down to level 0.01 happiness.

Snow White started to worry about Happy, noticing his decline in happiness. She started to wonder if it was wrong to go back to being happy after her own Grampy died. The other dwarfs, besides Bashful, seemed able to live their lives as they once did before, but not Happy. One day, she asked what was wrong, and he burst into tears. For the next several weeks, he did the same thing every time. Snow White was getting super worried about him, and she didn't know what to do. As this happened four years before Bashful moved, he seemed to keep to himself, and Snow White did not notice that he was just as sad, too.

A few more weeks later, Snow White went into the dwarfs' home, but she could not find Happy anywhere. She then went to his bedroom and found him in absolute tears. Happy didn't even say a word to her. Snow White finally decided that she should bring Happy to the doctor's office to see if the doctor could figure anything out. Snow White waited outside of the door, hoping that the doctor could find out what's wrong with Happy. Soon, the doctor came out the door and told Snow White that Happy had depression. Snow White and Happy came home, and Snow White told the other dwarfs the sad news. Luckily, in a few months, Happy's grief was over, but he still had depression.

In a few years, Bashful had already moved to his cottage in the woods. Happy did not want him to leave, but he could not convince Bashful to stay. Happy started to feel lonely living with only three of his brothers, so for Easter, Happy decided to venture to Bashful's new house. Happy went into the forest, alone, but after an hour of walking, he felt lost. All the trees looked the same, he didn't know where he came from, and it was very dark in the forest although it was the morning. He closed his eyes in sadness and walked on. Not being able to see where he was going, however, he unexpectedly fell down a huge cliff, plummeting to his death. He was 74 years old.

Chapter 4: Bashful's Death

Sneezy, Sleepy, and Dopey had no idea what happened to Happy. They assumed that he was probably just staying with Bashful for a whole month, but Happy only said he'd be gone a week. The three brothers began to worry, so when Snow White visited them, they asked her if she could search for Happy in the woods. Snow White did not know her way around the forest, but she did her best to search for him. As Happy once did, she got lost in the woods soon after she went in. Unlike Happy, however, she was able to find her way out. She came back within two hours of her leaving, and she could not find Happy, nor could she find Bashful's home.

Meanwhile, Bashful had been waiting for Happy to arrive at his house. When Happy did not arrive on Easter day, Bashful expected that he would come the next day. Of course, Happy did not arrive at Bashful's house that day either. The day after that, Bashful went out into the woods to look for Happy himself. Bashful went all the way through the woods on the normal "path", but he could not find any signs of Happy. Once he was part way into the woods, he noticed a second route that may have been the way Happy went. Bashful walked on for about twenty minutes, and then he noticed a cliff down below. He walked around the cliff to a part of land similar to a ramp, expecting that Happy had, too. Once Bashful went down to the bottom, he noticed something near the edge of the cliff. He walked slowly towards it, but then, in horror, he noticed it was his brother's body. Not knowing what to do, he ran all the way back to his house.

Back at the dwarfs' home, the dwarfs eventually began to realize that Happy must have gotten lost and died somehow. Snow White reminded them that Happy could have just stayed for a month, but they had low expectations. The dwarfs also worried about Bashful, as he had not given them a phone call about Happy staying for a longer amount of time. In fact, he hadn't called them at all! Again, Snow White searched the forest, but she still could not find either of them.

For the next three weeks, Bashful was completely frightened. He started to wonder why he ever moved so far into the seemingly dangerous woods. He knew that his siblings should know what happened to Happy, but he didn't want them to feel as sad as they did when Doc and Grumpy died. Like his brother Dopey, who never tried to talk, Bashful felt as if he had become mute. After those few weeks, Bashful realized that his brothers were probably just as worried about him as they were for Happy. Bashful spent a whole day totally confused about what to do, but he finally made his decision.

The next day, Bashful set off to go back to his old home, the dwarfs' home. What would happen to his cottage was unknown to him, but he knew that the dwarfs would be relieved to see him again. There still was one problem, though. What would he say to his brothers when they ask what happened to Happy? As Bashful walked out of the woods, he stopped for a moment, and tried to talk. No words would come from his mouth. He really had become mute! While he felt surprised he couldn't talk, he wouldn't have to tell his brothers what happened to Happy. Still, that felt wrong to him, because his brothers would definitely want to know.

Soon, Bashful arrived at the dwarfs' home, and the dwarfs were overjoyed to see him. Much to his surprise, the dwarfs did not ask what happened to Happy. The dwarfs even expected that Bashful would be mute. For the next ten months, the four dwarfs lived as they once did, except for Bashful who could not talk. One night, however, Bashful overheard Sneezy and Sleepy talking about what could have made Bashful mute, and what happened to Happy. Dopey was there too, but he, of course, did no talking. This event happened for about six nights in a row, and Bashful really felt like he should tell them. Even though he couldn't talk, of course.

On the seventh day after the dwarfs' first "meeting", Sneezy felt it was time, and asked Bashful what really had happened, expecting he somehow still had a voice. Bashful immediately blurted out the story, and ran all the way to the woods out of sorrow. To Bashful's shock, there were two horrifically large bears waiting at the edge of the forest. The strong, monstrous bears threw Bashful all the way to the balcony at Snow White's castle. Bashful laid on the floor in terrible pain, and Snow White rushed upstairs. Bashful died in Snow White's arms, being largely wounded from the throw. He was 73, the youngest age that any of the dwarfs died at.

Later, Snow White informed the three living dwarfs what happened to Bashful, and they had his funeral soon after. Sneezy had been told by Bashful where Happy had died, so he went to the cliff, and he found Happy's body there. Happy's funeral was held two days after Bashful's. While their deaths were not nearly as close as Doc and Grumpy's, it felt just as bad given that they found out both deaths on the same day.

Chapter 5: Sleepy's Death

There were seven years between Bashful's death and Sleepy's death. At the start of the first year, the three living brothers were shell-shocked that Happy was gone for so long, and Bashful was now gone, too. Dopey, especially, was shocked as he was much younger than the others. The three dwarfs were not used to living in a small family, so Snow White came to stay with them for a month. This time, her prince came with her. The five stayed together in the dwarfs' small house until they could, once again, go back to normal. When Snow White and the prince left, the dwarfs still felt unusual, but they soon adjusted.

The second year after Bashful's passing came soon after. In the middle of that year, Sneezy developed a rare, unnamed illness. For some reason, peculiar diseases seemed to run in their family, given that Doc and presumably their father had unknown diseases. The doctors, over and over, thought that his condition was some common cold, or rather the flu, but to this day remains unidentified. Sneezy's destiny had finally come, not as he had hoped for, but what made sense. He now sneezed even more than he ever had before! Dopey began to worry for Sneezy's life, but the doctors reassured him that it was not a serious condition, at least not then.

The third year after Bashful died came, and Sneezy, in his eighties, gave up his position as the dwarfs' leader to Sleepy. The reason, plainly, is that Sneezy felt he was to old to make most decisions for their lives. Sleepy never quite understood why, perhaps because listening is hard for him being so tired, but his reason is as "simple as simple can be" as described by Disney. Dopey was doubtful about Sleepy being their new leader, but Sleepy began to be less tired as the months went by. The fourth and fifth years also came, and the dwarfs lived at peace. Nothing totally major happened in those two years, except for Dopey's new job. As peculiar as it sounds, Dopey became a waiter at a local restaurant, feeling that the dwarf family was now poor. Dopey worked six days a week, excluding Sunday, from 6:30 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. Sleepy and Sneezy were surprised that Dopey wanted to work for such a long shift. In fact, Dopey was at the restaurant every hour that it was open. Snow White changed her visiting day from Saturday to Sunday so that she would not miss Dopey.

During the sixth year after Bashful's death, Sleepy, too had lived to his destiny. He had gone back to being a very tired dwarf, and this time, Sneezy and Dopey both realized he could not be their leader. Sleepy himself soon realized that the position was not right for him. Still, not understanding Sneezy, offered Sneezy back his position as the dwarfs' leader. Sneezy again told him that he was too old, so Sleepy asked Dopey if he would like to be the leader. Surely enough, Dopey did, but he did not know how he could be their leader with his job as a waiter. Being unsure, Dopey called Snow White on the telephone to see if she had any ideas. Snow White told him that his brothers probably missed having him home all day, so she concluded that he should quit his job. After all, Snow White, being rich and famous had loads of money to share, so he wouldn't have to worry!

The last year, the year that Sleepy would die, came very soon. Sleepy had always been "something of a sleepwalker", as described by Disney. He would sometimes go for weeks at a time waking up in a different rooms. Dopey was now glad that he was the dwarfs' leader as Sleepy's sleepwalking seemed to be getting out of hand. If Sleepy hadst not handed his position over to Dopey, would they be asleep for the whole day! Dopey and Sneezy, however, realized that Sleepy's sleepwalking was definitely not a minor issue, so they brought him to the hospital, in hopes of finding a cure. At the hospital, the doctor diagnosed him with a peculiar syndrome of which only he had. Plainly, 'twas called Sleepy's Syndrome, and has yet to be found in any other animal, dwarf, troll or human.

Sleepy came to the doctor's office every week until they could figure out a cure for his condition, and if it is getting worse. Surely enough, Sleepy's condition began to change much for the worse. For three weeks, he woke up in a different place each night, and he never awoke in his bedroom. One night, he awakened in front of the door, and with Sneezy and Dopey worried, they immediately brought him to the hospital. The doctor still could not find the cause nor the cure for Sleepy's bizarre syndrome. In the doctor's words, "considering the length of time that he [Sleepy] has been waking in different places, each time approximately further from the house, it is expected that he will one day arise outside. For his own safety, he should stay at the hospital for a few weeks until his sleepwalking is finished."

Sneezy and Dopey tried to explain to the doctor that Sleepy always sleepwalks, not once would he not, and that this would probably not be a help to him. The doctor, however, disagreed with them. The two brothers and the doctor compromised that Sleepy should be strapped in bed for one night at the hospital, hopefully ensuring that he will not leave the bed. Sneezy and Dopey then came the next morning, and the doctor gave his results, "He [Sleepy] somehow unbuckled the straps while asleep. Alas, if I gave him the straps to bring home, the same would likely happen." Not knowing what to do, the doctor sent the three brothers home for a few weeks.

That very next night, as the doctor hadst predicted, Sleepy arose outside. It was a Saturday (Snow White had gone back to visiting on Saturdays), so Snow White tried to think of an idea. However, she could not find a way to keep Sleepy safe. For the next several nights, Sleepy awakened outside, sometimes walking as far as to Snow White's castle. However, 'twas one fateful night, he would not awaken. Sleepy, as usual, went out the front door, and walked past Snow White's castle. This time, though, he went past the castle to a formerly thought harmless pond. While still sleepwalking, Sleepy walked half way around the pond, but suddenly tripped over a stone. O'er the stone he fell, and his head hit a large rock, about four feet into the pond.

Sneezy and Dopey followed the usual trail to Snow White's castle, searching for Sleepy along the way. The two dwarfs went into Snow White's castle, hoping that she had found him. She was not home, however, the prince was. He told the two dwarfs that Snow White had just left to search for Sleepy, as he had not arrived at the castle. Sneezy and Dopey, now worried, followed the trail further until they saw Snow White. The dwarfs came over to her, and in shock, they saw Sleepy lying in the water. Snow White told them that he was still breathing, but they knew to bring him to the emergency room as soon as possible. At the hospital, the nurses told the saddened dwarfs that Sleepy was in a coma, and would likely not live much longer. The two brothers and Snow White stayed there with Sleepy until he finally passed away, being 83 years of age.

Chapter 6: Sneezy's Death

Soon after the death of Sleepy, the two remaining dwarfs realized that having a leader would be petty, considering only two were left in their group. So, the title of "leader" was taken from Dopey and would never be placed upon a dwarf again. Snow White, as she had done in the past, came with her husband to the dwarfs' home until they could handle their situation. Snow White expected it to be weird for them to have no leader, but they seemed normal about it. Oddly, Sneezy and Dopey were the eldest and youngest of the dwarfs, yet were the only two alive for a couple years. At that time, Sneezy was 92 and Dopey was 64, 28 years apart.

Dopey began to feel bad that Snow White and the prince had to pay for them, as there were now only two dwarfs in their home. Sneezy also felt the same way, but he did not know what to do about it. Dopey then decided that he should go back to his job as a waiter. Sneezy thought differently, but he decided that if Dopey really wanted to, he should. Sneezy called Snow White the day Dopey restarted his job, and asked her about her visiting day. Snow White was somewhat glad that she didn't have to pay for them anymore, but she wouldn't be able to see Dopey anymore. The only day Dopey wouldn't work was Sunday, and Snow White became too busy to visit then. She decided that she must continue visiting on Saturdays, given that was the only day she wasn't busy. Dopey objected, however, and decided to only work five days a week so that Snow White could still visit him.

As for Sneezy, he was not too sure if it was right for him to basically live alone five days a week. He was getting old, and his unnamed illness and hay fever sometimes worried him. While they hadn't gotten too bad yet, he knew it was not safe for him to be home alone. Sneezy tried to come to an agreement with Dopey, but Dopey really didn't want Snow White to pay for them. The next Saturday, Snow White tried to help them make their decision. In her exact words, "Perhaps Dopey could find a well paying job that is not too far away, or maybe a job at home."

Dopey finally decided that he could not financially support himself and Sneezy while staying near home. All of the other workplaces were further from home than the restaurant was. He still felt really bad about having Snow White pay for the two of them, but she assured him that she was plenty rich and famous. Besides, she married a wealthy prince who lives in a tall enormous castle that should be pink! Sadly the castle was not pink, so Snow White sat and cried. Dopey, while finding this ridiculous, wrote to her (as he could not talk) that he would paint the castle in "exchange for food, drink, and heavy pockets" as stated by Dopey himself. Snow White agreed to this under one condition. The castle must be painted pink, not blue, black, yellow or any other disgusting color. "Don't even get me started about green" was the famous quote that Snow White once said then and there.

After about 22 months, the castle was finally pink. Snow White was filled with glee and happiness, and she even bought a new pink dress for the splendid occasion. Her husband, however, liked it as it was, a pure white castle. Pink castles to him were just too merchandise-worthy. Being so happy, Snow White willingly payed for Dopey and Sneezy for the rest of their lives. She even offered to let the dwarfs move in with her, but they declined until they felt the need to. Little did Dopey know, but he would soon have to bring himself and Sneezy to live in the castle.

Two months before Sneezy would pass away didst his bizarre illness get worse. Not just coughing and sneezing were part of the illness, but his medications used to keep him alive could somehow cause choking. Along with that, he always had hay fever, making the sneezing even more wild then ever before! Dopey could tell that the illness had definitely gotten worse, and the doctors never seemed to be able to treat it. This all seemed so sudden to him, but Dopey decided that he and Sneezy should move to Snow White's castle. So, after some packing and sorting, the two dwarfs moved to Snow White's castle. Snow White was surprised to have them move in so early, and worried that Sneezy may die soon. But hey, at least the castle is pink, a grand possible end to one's life!

While at the castle, Sneezy choked at least thrice a week which severely worried Dopey and Snow White. The prince was there too, but he wasn't worried because he didn't care. While eating an apple for breakfast one day, Sneezy choked on it. Snow White attempted to perform the Heimlich maneuver, but nothing would come out. Dopey and Snow White were both frantic, not knowing what to do. The prince wasn't frantic, he was careless and suggested bringing him to the hospital. Snow White thought that was a good idea for a second, but there was barely any time. Snow White slapped the prince in the face and he fell out the castle window to his possible death, near the same place where the Evil Queen had died. He didn't die though. However, Sneezy did die, being unable to breath. Dopey and Snow White were devastated. The prince, though, was not devastated because he was lying on the ground beneath the castle window. When Sneezy passed away, he was 94 years old, the oldest age a dwarf ever has died at. Dopey, an orphan or rather a dwarphan, now had no siblings either.

After further investigation, hay fever nor his bizarre illness made him choke and killed him. The apple was poisonous, that of the same kind that Snow White once ate. Snow White was supposed to die from the apple she ate, but a secret that few know is that the Evil Queen had two apples which she cursed. One would make Snow White cursed to die, and the other would make her fall asleep until a careless prince made her drink saliva while she slept. The one that would curse her to die had an alternative future, which could make her want to kill a fairy. The Evil Queen had to choose wisely, but to her sadness, she chose the one that would only make Snow White fall asleep. After Snow White bit into the apple, the other disappeared for many years until it would grow from the same tree it once did. Thus, Sneezy ate the apple that made him cursed to die. At least it didn't make him kill a fairy. No fairies, however, were ever found in that universe, so this makes sense.

Chapter 7: Dopey's Death

While there fourteen years between the death of Doc and Sneezy, there were sixteen years left of Dopey's life. Oddly enough, the amount of years between Bashful and Dopey's births was also sixteen years. Sneezy's funeral was three days after his death, held nearby the castle as usual. After Sneezy had died, Dopey continued to live in Snow White's castle, finding that living alone would be petty. Snow White made him his very own room in the castle, trying to make him feel more at home. At this time, Dopey was 66, still not yet in his seventies. For this first year, Dopey simply tried to settle in to the castle.

As for the dwarfs' home, it was left unoccupied for many years. Dopey, having no reason to look for their house, gradually forgot where it was. Many trees grew around the path from there to the castle, so it was not very accessible. The castle, by the edge of the woods, was the furthest into the woods any would dare to go. Not until 1975 was it discovered by a random archaeologist trying to earn money from ancient objects. In late 1976, the house was made into a historical museum to showcase life of rare beings. Some items, such as an oven, and beds of the dwarfs were still left there, and well preserved. For some reason, Sleepy's bed was best preserved, but it makes sense for two reasons; plot relevance, and destiny (commonly stylized as dwarfstiny, but that "sounds like a disease" as according to Disney.)

The prince, however, had an extraordinary occurrence. After falling out the castle window, he lived, but got a scar on both the hand and the lip. Snow White quickly remembered a story similar to this, but she forgot the exact text. She searched through her magic castle storybook, which she once thought was fictional. She found the story and it said "sum carr on se lippa ond on se brád, ac abiron hund gearum sy sum mara bindan." Snow White, having no understanding of Old English, checked her modern to old English dictionary. She soon realized that if the prince had a scar on his lip and his hand, he will have 100 extra years of his life! However, this can only been done once per human to preserve mortal being. If you die from the fall, you die, but if you don't die, you get two scars and 100 extra years.

The prince did not believe that this could be possible, he felt pretty much normal. Snow White, however, showed him the book. Snow White read aloud, roughly translating, "two scars, on the lip and hand, but 100 years is greater." The prince eventually, hearing this story as a child as well, concluded that he has 100 extra years of life. Snow White, being excited, stood by the window, wondering if she should jump for more life. After all, the chance of dying for a rich and famous princess with insurance is very slight. She still worried, but she would get 100 more years of life. While still pondering, the prince, being careless, pushed her out the window. Ten minutes later, Snow White came back into the castle. She thought that she would get 100 years and two scars. She didst get both of those, but she also got agony. Snow White asked her husband why he didn't tell her it would hurt, and if it hurt him. The prince said it did hurt, and walked away. However, the prince had never expressed his pain because he thinks he is macho.

Dopey, of course, wanted to live 100 more years, but much to his dismay, Snow White told him that it only worked on humans. She roughly translated a passage from Section XVIII of the Castle Fall; "Dwarfs cannot gain 100 years because they are not typical servants of a castle. At the time of making this very book, no dwarfs have existed but in famed fairy tales." Dopey was fine that he couldn't live that long, but disturbed that Snow White called dwarfs "servants". He checked the translator book himself, and found that the Old English word actually meant "residents". Dopey was so mad that he threw Snow White out the window. She did not die because she had her extra years already, and came back unharmed. Snow White never found out why Dopey did that, given Dopey could not talk at that time.

During the second year after Sneezy's death, Dopey regained his job as a restaurant worker again. Snow White was so confused, thinking that Dopey hated her guts and didn't want to live with her. In reality, Dopey just wanted money to call his own along with good food that is not from the soup kitchen. Dopey kept this job for all sixteen remaining years of his life. There was one thing different, however. This was a different restaurant that he had made himself! Of course, he didn't build it, in fact it was basically built already. It was in the mine, where he and the other dwarfs once worked. Snow White eventually realized that he probably missed that area, but as stated before, he just wants his own money and food.

For the third to sixth years after Sneezy's death, nothing much happened to Dopey. He got several workers at his restaurant, including the notable: Alexia J. Gingrich, Nora T. Huckabee, Don A. Cruz, and Bailey M. R. Paul. He eventually was being payed $25 an hour! Snow White and the prince still obviously ruled over their rich and famous kingdom o'er their royal subjects. However, a very notable happening occurred in the seventh year. He got married to a lady called Olida Bates. She was not a dwarf species, but rather a normal human who is short, a normal "dwarf." In early February the year before, he met her as a customer, and in June, they went on their first date. Dopey eventually proposed to her (somehow without talking) in March of the year later, the seventh year. They soon planned their wedding, and they were married in October.

Olida Bates Dwarf was honoured to live in the castle with Dopey. The two dwarfs wanted to have their own house together, but could never find one. Dopey payed for Olida Dwarf's medicine, as she had diabetes, with money from his restaurant. They lived together for two years in Snow White's castle. One day, during the ninth year after Sneezy's death, Dopey found Olida on her bed lying motionless. Dopey called the paramedics, but she seemed to have been dead the whole time. Dopey was in such utter shock, as he had felt when his brothers died. He had no idea what happened to her, and she was only 70 years old! The doctors did several tests, and they realized that she died from a complication with her diabetes. The exact, precise reason of Olida's death is still unknown to this day.

For the next month or so, Dopey mourned the death of Olida and temporarily resigned from his job, letting Don A. Cruz run the business. However, he soon went back to his job to maintain his pay. About three years after Olida died, the twelfth year after Sneezy died, Dopey tried talking for the first time in his whole life. Surprisingly, he was able to talk quite fluently. Somehow, talking majorly hurt his vocal chords. Like some of his siblings, he gained an unidentified, mysterious condition. While he still could talk, he avoided becoming talkative, worrying that he may get a horrific injury from it, and so he would in a few years. Four more years, up to the sixteenth after Sneezy's death, passed by quickly.

The month before he died, Dopey began to feel very sickly and let Alexia J. Gingrich run the restaurant. After a week, he even asked her to become the restaurant's new owner, but she declined. So, Dopey asked another worker, Bailey M. R. Paul, to run the business. He had lots of extra time, so he accepted the position. On a very horrendous day, Dopey was sleeping in the castle, presumably having a nightmare. It is clearly unknown, never to be known for sure, what the nightmare was about, but he woke up with a scream. Because of his condition, the scream caused severe brain damage. This was peculiar, as it would usually strain his vocal chords, but of course, the condition was unidentified. Snow White and the prince rushed him to the hospital quickly. The doctor there was surprisingly Nora T. Huckabee; a former worker at the Super Doper Restaurant. She had been laid off from her job by the somewhat clueless new owner, Bailey M. R. Paul, and she then sought to become a doctor. Dopey, luckily lived, but this book is about their deaths. That is, he lived for a few minutes, then he died at age 82.

That is the whole story of each of the dwarfs' deaths. They all passed away between 1937 and 1967 with the youngest at death being Bashful at 73 and the eldest in general and at death, Sneezy at 94. Notable accomplishments of the dwarfs were made into this poem: 94 were Sneezy's years, Grumpy married by the weirs. Doc lead dwarfs until his end, Sleepy walked 'round every bend. Happy's joy was very well, Bashful came out of his shell, and Dopey's talk was very swell. Now you know the lives and deaths of all of the dwarfs.

The End.


1857: Sneezy is born.

1858: Grumpy is born.

1859: Doc is born.

1866: Sleepy is born.

1867: Happy is born.

1869: Bashful is born.

1885: Dopey is born.

1937: Doc dies at 78.

1937: Grumpy dies 79.

1941: Happy dies at 74.

1942: Bashful dies at 73.

1949: Sleepy dies at 83.

1951: Sneezy dies at 94.

1967: Dopey dies at 82.

Ages in the Movie

  • Sneezy: 80
  • Grumpy: 79
  • Doc: 78
  • Sleepy: 71
  • Happy: 70
  • Bashful: 68
  • Dopey: 52


  • This is a VERY unofficial novel about a COPYWRITED screenplay.
  • The dwarfs ages are WAY off.
  • The book gets too sarcastic at the end.