The Musers is a squad of teenage-untalented-people who lypsink videos on The leaders of the squad are King Sartorius and Queen Bobbie (former Queen was Ariel). All of the members are somehow related to the leaders, but how is unkown. The categories the people fall under are "Actual Musers," "YouTube Singers," "Chickens," and "Mummy Dancers."

The Musers

King Sartorious "S.S." Rolph


King Sartorious Rolph is the first and current king of The Musers clique. He is an Actual Muser and a YouTube Singer, best known for his songs "Autotune," "Autotune," and "Autotune (Remix)." He is currently dating Danger Thing's Bobbie Blue who he made queen on December 31rd. They went through a "break up," but they kissed and then they were together again? He previously teured with some Chickens, but he doesn't care to be one himself.

Queen Milly "Bobbie" White

Queen Bobbie Black is the queen of The Musers clique, by "marriage." Despite this, she does not properly fall under any major category of her clique, and she is part of her own clique known as Eleven Year Old. She gained her knick-kname Bob from getting a bobcut, not to be confused with bobcat, after a mental breakdown which caused her to shave off her head.

Princess Mack "Casserole" Zoogoer


Princess Mack Z Zeeglr is a Mummy Dancer, YouTube Singer, and Actual Muser. Her sister is Mad Ziggler. She used to date ex-prince Haynnie Summers but Hannie "broke up" with her. After her fake heartbreak, she began using her new "relationship" with Johannie Florida for clout. When Hannie broke up with ex-princess Jules, he started using Mack Z again for fame.

Prince Jonzie "Jon" Florida


Prince Johannie Disney is a YouTube Singer and an outdated Actual Muser. He has a sister named Katie Witch, and his current girlfriends are Macky Ziggs (Jenzie), Jenna Page Turner (Jadia), and Anne the Blanc (Johannie). He, however, mainly gets clout from his major gf Macky, but their relationship is an on-and-off one since Macky often has shows with her other bf Haynnie.

Princess Arielle "Bebe" Mermaide


Princess Bebe T Rexa Arielle is the former queen of The Musers. She and King Sartorious Rolph used to date for a publicity stunt back in 201?, but they broke up to bring drama. She is now dating some nobody who is the reason why their single Say *********** was a failure; and why they will both be single again soon.

Prince Danny "Sky" Cloud

Princess Jules "Hannie" La'Blanche

Princess Jules "Hannie" La'Blanche, like Haynnie Summers became princess after being invited to teur with Sartorius. She made the songs Louis Sneakers (Kylie Lip Kit) and Maybe No. She is an Actual Muser, a Chicken called Rythem, and a YouTube Singer. Jules is dating fellow chicken, Tekai (Haynnie). She is from the famous YouTube channel Bratayley.

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