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The OOAK Shopkins are the most Limited Edition, hard-to-find Shopkins characters in the world! Even rarer than L.E.B.B!


  • First of all, Gemma Stone was made into a Shoppie Doll. This shows just how "special" Gemma Stone really is. Like, now anyone can have their own Gemma!
  • Regarding all three of them, they were temporarily given to famous and spoiled YouTubers! Come on Moose, these people already have way too much, so don't just use them as advertising! Seriously, you gave Jenny Penny to an 8 year old who is way too spoiled.
  • Even that the person who actually gets these Shopkins must be freakishly rich! Have some compassion for people with less money, okay Moose?
  • Another very controversial topic is that CookieSwirlC took off one of Gemma Stone's eyelashes!
  • CookieSwirlC told so and so that Gemma Stone was made out of "crystal." In reality, Gemma Stone is a cheapo piece of plastic just any other Shopkin.
  • Gemma Stone's name is seriously aesthetic pathetic. Her name is practically the same as Emma Stone, a random actress. Yeah, her name also is like "gemstone", but don't they realize they are stealing someone's name?


Name Year Proceeds
Gemma Stone 2015 Toy Industry Foundation
Jenny Penny 2016 The Toy Trust
Winnie Trophy 2017 Toy Industry Foundation

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