Pringles man


The Pringles Man is obviously the mascot of Pringles.

WatermelonSunshine is married to him. He is better-looking than Chester Cheetah. (Don't worry, Chester, you're still beautiful too. ^_^)

How Water met him

The two of them met LITERALLY THE DAY RIGHT AFTER WATER BROKE UP WITH CHESTER CHEETAH. So, she was just walking around, minding her own business, when she went to the mall. She wanted to have lunch at PF Chang's (or literally the most epic Chinese restaurant ever), but this guy stopped her and offered her Pringles as a proposal. Because of Water's love for Pringles, the two of them got married after she ate the Pringles. THe wedding was at the mall. Nowadays, they live together and will probably not end up having any kids because Water doesn't want babies that are floating heads.


  • He is just a floating head with a magical bow tie that stays on despite him having no neck.
  • HiSun is his sister. He never saw her until she was older because he had college.
  • He does have a mouth - it's just under his huge mustache.
  • He doesn't like pringles since he is 1/2 pringle. He stated himself "That would be cannibalism".
    • However, a recent video tape shows footage of him eating a pringle.
      • It was later declared to be a scandal created by Kiki.