This is How We Party is the third single from the Shopkins music producers, and the first single by Kate Rainbow. Singers featured in the song are Rosa Bloom, Tiara Sparkes, & Bree Bride. It was released in February 2016 following Kate Rainbow's new outfit line.


  • It is also known as the Shopkins Party Anthem which is way too similar to LM**O's Party Rock Anthem.
  • The animation is poor.
  • It's only purpose is to advertise for the seventh season of Shopkins.
  • When you start to think this is a cool pop song, you will soon realize that the lyrics are very cheesy and "story-telling."
  • The Shoppies stay up late, play loud music, and they wake their neighbors.
  • Rosie Bloom looks like Peppa-Mint in some angles of the music video.


This is How We Party - Shopkins Party Anthem02:48

This is How We Party - Shopkins Party Anthem

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