Young Girl setups her 13 Year old Boyfriend to see if he'll cheat!02:04

Young Girl setups her 13 Year old Boyfriend to see if he'll cheat!

This is NOT Right:


Sin Count = I, II, III, etc.

Girl: Hi

Boy: Oh Hey?

Girl: Whatcha doin' at the park? (STALKER!) I

Boy: Uh, I'm waiting to uh to do basketball

Girl: Oh basketball? So, you workout? (WHAT KIND OF THING IS THAT TO SAY, IDIOT!) II

Boy: Yeah, I work out, hehe

Girl: Yeah, I do cheer-leading

Boy: UH! Cool, cool

Girl: I got this dress yesterday, ya like it?

Boy: UH! Yeah it's awesome

Girl: Thanks! I have a shorter one, but my stupid mom wouldn't let me wear it. (YOU IDIOT!) III

Boy: Hehe

Girl: Um, how old are you? (STALKER!) IIII

Boy: I'm 13

Girl: Oh, I'm 12. Ya like younger girls? (DON'T MAKE HIM CHEAT!) IIII

Boy: Yeah, Yeah I could go for a 12 year old hehe

Girl: Nice. So you probably have like a bunch of girlfriends right?

Boy: No, ah, I don't (LIAR YOU!) IIII I

Girl: Oh, really?

Boy: Non, no, I'm single hehe (STOP LYING HYPOCRITE!) IIII II

Girl: You know, I could be your girlfriend (STOP BEING A CHEATER-MAKER) IIII III

Boy: You could be my girlfriend?

Girl: Mmhmm

Boy: Aw, cool

Girl: Can I have your number? (STALKER!) IIII IIII

Boy: Yeah, sure

Girl: Thanks. Do you like romantic films?

Boy: Uh, do you like romantic films?

Girl: Yeah

Boy: Yeah, I love romantic films! Yeah! (LIAR!) IIII IIII

Girl: Oh, great! You know, a great one's the Notebook. We should see it one time.

Boy: Oh my gosh, that's my favorite movie! (MAJOR LIAR!) IIII IIII I

Girl: Oh my [MEGACENSORED], mine too!

Boy: Let's watch it

Girl: Yeah! Can I give you a hug? (WHAT KIND OF A CREEP ARE YOU!?) IIII IIII II

Boy: Yeah, sure

Girl: See ya



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