Twenty One Pilots is a band consisting of Joseph Tyler and Dun Joshua. Their fans are quite...confusing.


  • Time Of My Life (Ride)
  • Blurry Face (Stressed Out)
  • All My Friends (Heathens)
  • Sit In Silence (Car Radio)
  • When I Grow Old (House of Gold)
  • I'm Alive (Tear in My Heart)
  • Catch My Breath (Goner)

Fans of TOP

  • Their fans are the "clique"
  • Smol from H Placese is used much in this fanbase.
  • Much drama about being fake and real fans occurs.
  • The clique gets REALLY mad when they are called 21 Pilots
    • They also get VERY mad when Blurryface has a space in between blurry and face.


  • They are inappropriate.
  • They are too self-centered.
  • They are too insecure.
  • Their fans are cringy.
  • They are scary to look at.

People Who Just Don't Get It

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