The United States of America Presidential Election 2016 is one of the biggest events of the year. The winner of the election was 45th President c. 2017: Donald Trump.


Trump won, duh.


After the USA Election, Hillary temporarily gained


Important Candidates

Republican Party: Donald John Trump" Johnny Johnny Yes Trumpa"

Democratic Party: Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton "Hillary Diane"/ "Hillores Clintbridge"

Sorta Lame Candidates

Libertarian Party: Gary Earl Johnson

Green Party: Jill Ellen Stein-Rohrer

Constitution Party: Darrell Lane Castle

Independent Party: David Evan McMullin

Really Lame Write-In Candidates

Reform Party: Roque De La Fuente

Independent Party (ANOTHER ONE): Laurence Jacob Kotlikoff

America's (seriously) Party: Thomas Conrad "Tom" Hoefling

American Solidarity Party: Michael A. Maturen

Important Candidates


Hillary Rodham Clinton is the Democratic Democrat running to be POTUS


Dumb Reasons To Vote For Her (DRTVFH):

"I want a woman president, I don't care how or who she is."

"Her husband was president so she should be too."

"She needs a second chance!"

"Tim Kaine is great!"

"I wanted Bernie, but ok."

Donald Trump is the DemocraticRepublican trying to be President.
Stupid Reasons People Vote For Him (SRPVFH)

"I want a president with HAIR!"

"He teaches me new words to tell my friends!"

"My daughter says he is very respectful to women!"

"He has money!"

"I like Donald Duck."

English-Spanish-Chinese-Italian-Korean-Polish-Portuguese-English Test

Let's translate "Donald John Trump" with these languages and see if we find anything mysterious!

Donald John Trump


Now let's Hillary some trouble with her plastic surgery name!

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton


Hillary Rodham Clinton Diane