We Are Number One but every time the word REPELLENT is typed on this page, a new ingredient is added. This REPELLENT is made by TheSnuggleKinz, and is their 5th REPELLENT. However, since we are number one, it should have been their first REPELLENT. The title and categories do not count toward the REPELLENT typing challenge however, and the word REPELLENT must not be spammed unnecessarily. Also, words in the infobox are ineligible as well. The bottle it comes in is quite... ...questionable as it looks a lot like a flamingo because???


This REPELLENT repels Robbie Rotten, but most of all We Are Number One.


  • Rotten Apples
    • This REPELLENT repels Robbie Rotten, so we need something as rotten as him!
  • Trophy
    • The trophy must be gold and shiny because we are number one.
  • Cake
  • Water
  • 2 Soccer Balls
    • Robbie Rotten is lazy, so let's repel him with some sports!
  • 3 cm By 6 cm Rectangle Of Gym Mat
    • Also for his laziness.

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