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Wikipedia is the best resource for computer viruses, cringy pictures, and unconfirmed facts made by random people all of your school assignments.


Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that you can edit to change the world. That is, change what the world will know because of reading Wikipedia. All schools recommend Wikipedia for school research projects because they have absolutely correct articles that some random man on your street edited. See? You can edit Wikipedia, and everyone will believe that it is true because Wikipedia is so highly regarded!


Attentiveness is not always used in Wikipedia. An animal called a "coati" was referred to as the "Brazilian aardvark" for about six years until someone noticed that someone was fooling around. This edit had been made by a seventeen-year-old high school student who was totally smart. The part that is really disturbing, however, is that no one noticed that it was fake. It's totally not like coatis (which look like raccoons) are nothing like aardvarks.


On many Wikipedia pages, they have a controversy or criticism section on the page, especially on pages of people. This caused its own controversy because nobody wants their own controversial things on the best website known to mankind! Now, here is some of Wikipedia's very own criticism

When you make a "good" edit on Wikipedia, someone will change it just so it is how it once was. For example, let's say they have this on the Shopkins page. "Shopkins are plastic food-based toys with quirky names like Apple Blossom and Cheek Chocolate." Suppose you changed "Cheek" to "Cheeky". While this may be correct, this should not be done on Wikipedia. The main purpose of Wikipedia is that the pages should be relevant to the general public. The information does not have to be correct, it just has to be made by someone with strong editing skills and little knowledge of what he/she is writing about. Wikibot has later denied this controversy, and it does not truly matter if everything is true.


Here are some beautiful things on the "Webkinz" page that TheSnuggleKinz found to be cringy.

  • Wikipedia: In 2011, Webkinz made its first commercial on TV. Webkinz as well updated in 2015 to Webkinz X, making it more kid friendly.
    • TheSnuggleKinz: Webkinz X did NOT make Webkinz more kid friendly, it just made it more modern.
      • Wikibot Response: This is more appealing to the general audience, so it does not need to be 100% true.
  • Wikipedia: Note: The Studio can be found in the Curio Shop on a rare basis for less than 1000 KinzCash.
    • TheSnuggleKinz: The Webkinz Studio is a single item on Webkinz. That is such a random fact, and it does NOT need a whole section for itself.
      • Wikibot Response: Who cares? No one will know.
  • Wikipedia: If one wants to register an account at without a pet code, it used to be they can select either a dog or a cat as their initial pet but Ganz changed it so you get to pick from 9 Ganz Estore pets.
    • TheSnuggleKinz: Put a comma before "but"! Wikipedia should at least use basic grammar.
      • Wikibot Response: We are a very large community of Wikipedia-ers, so we do not need to fix minor "mistakes."

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