Wondrous is a studio album by singer/songwriter Cassandrathena Amandelsea "Sandy" Sanderson. It features 15 songs known for being of cheezy-ness. All of the songs have controversial Christmas versions that are obviously copies of well known holiday carols and jingles.

Song Chorus Christmas Version Christmas Version Based On
When You Call Me When you call me, I feel happiness.

When you call me, I feel secure.

All of this sorrow turns away.

When I hear you, and your gentle voice.

O, I Hear Your Voice O Holy Night
Here For You I'll be here for you every day.

When you feel like you need help.

I'll stand by you when you feel sad.

You will never be alone again.

Here On The Roof Up On The Housetop
Wondrous How wondrous is this divine day!

To have a party, and celebrate.

I have never seen such beauty.

Everything just has its own beauty.

Heck! Wondrous Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Ideas I have some good ideas, to share with my friends.

If they think that they're no good, I might just drop my head.

But I won't quit, no I won't, I will solve this problem.

If it's solved, or partially solved, I'll be glad the problem's solved.

Jingling Ideas Jingle Bells
Difficult (My Life) It is so difficult, to look at this place.

Without crying or feeling sadness.

My life was once great, and it still is now.

But where my life began, now is not good now.

Difficult Christmas Where Are You Christmas?
Midnight *From Cinderella Live* The clock has struck midnight, and I lost my gown.

My pumpkin coach lost it's coach and the horses are mice.

I wish it could stay forever, oh certainly I do.

And the prince, may have left, I don't know where he is.

Midnight Stable Away In A Manger
Still Dreaming Dream Christmas White Christmas
Important To Me Important Joy For Me Joy To The World
The One For Me The One I Need This Christmas All I Want For Christmas Is You
I Was Wrong Lost Christmas Last Christmas
Rocks The Rocks Move On Christmas Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
Third Chance Give Them A Christmas Chance Do They Know It's Christmas
Possibly Impossibly Possible Possibly Angels, Possibly Angels We Have Heard On High
Loved I Love My Tree O Christmas Tree
Farewell, Not Goodbye Farewell/I'm Blue Dab-a-Christmas Blue Christmas

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