These are the should be real fan-made Worst Ebay Listings Ever!

The listings are all about consumerism and false advertising. As everyone knows, everything comes down to money. These things should exist, even though they don't, and you should not consider buying them. That is, you should plainly get them, considering is not necessary. These are not based on real eBay listings except for the beautifully realistic prices.


  • Daisy's Toy Auctions
  • Dolls That Look Like Zombies
  • Selling Toys For Money
  • Fairly Tale Disney Auctions
  • 80s Toy Lagoon
  • 87Looney
  • xXzomboss-worshipperXx

Shoppie Shopkins Doll "Jessicake" Used Toy - $19.99

You are viewing the shopkins shopper doll called Jessicake who was released in 2013. She is in fairly good condition and is as follows. She is super rare hard to find so this is your best shot at getting her for a cheap price.

Part Description
Hair Jessicake's hair is in gorgeous condition. It has been cut to her shoulder length because it was formerly too frizzy. Her hair ties have been recycled, so don't worry. Her forelocks are still intact.
Headband Her headband has been cut on the right side, so it is difficult to attach. Obviously, the strings have been since removed.
Skirt The skirt has been cut in the back, so it can not properly attach to the doll. We have included a white ribbon to tie around her waist to keep her skirt on.
Shopkins Jess's shopkin, Cherry Cupcake, is missing her cherry's stem. The other shopkin, Coco Cake, has been customized so that her eyelashes are longer.
Shoes Her shoes are not with us anymore.
Doll Stand She still has her doll stand, and we have poked a hole in her foot so she can stand without her shoes. However, she still can't stand for some reason.

Shopkins - Shoppie Doll Shoppies Peppamint Peppa Mint Doll - $19.92

This is the Shopkins doll named Peppa Mint. She is an icecream themed doll, and is a must have for Shopkins collectors. She is still in beautiful style after her past 6 six months of being with us. We are not including any of her accessories or shopkins as we're selling them each separately for only $5.29. Her condition is as follows:

  • Headband: Design on the headband has been removed, the headband is now plain brown. Still looks cute on the doll!
  • Hairband: Peppa's hair band has snapped, but we have re-knotted it around all of her hair.
  • Hair: Her hair is very good even though some of it was burnt off when my granddaughter used her iron on it. The hair is thin though, and easy to style.
  • Eyes: Perfect except for one removed eyelash. It was removed with acetone.
  • Lips: Lips have been repainted so that they are a darker red color.
  • Cheeks: Her cheeks have been slightly pushed in so that she doesn't look like a chipmunk.
  • Skin: Very good; still the green-white color it's always been.
  • Shirt: Her shirt has one snot stain, but that's all.
  • Dress: Skirt is included, but not on doll. Granddaughter had sewed the top of it together so that she can't wear it anymore. It still looks spotless on display.
  • Socks: Peppa's pink socks are gorgeous, but they are naturally the wrong size for her.
  • Shoes: The dog chewed up one shoe, so we just threw up the other one of them in the trash bin. Her socks which she already had make a good replacement!
  • Feet: Her feet were for some reason bend over, so I cut them at the ankles.

Daisy - NEW4U MLP Horse Doll G1 Gusty ♥ - $12.99 (Optional $0.99 Fee)


Daisy - "NEW4U" Gusty Horse Doll

Welcome to Daisy's Toy Auctions! This is a very loved MLP G1 Horse Doll; Gusty from 1989! This is a "NEW4U" listing...meaning that this item is new for you! I loved this toy as a kid, and I want to let you know that my dad had a huge influence on me as he was a heavy smoker. Details for this item are below:

Mane & Tail Body Facial Features Cutie Mark Other Information
Mane is in very good condition! I glued her hair into a braid, and trimmed the red part out as a kid, but I am a hairdresser, and shall blow dry her hair before sending her to you! Her tail is not intact, and has six inches cut off of it, but I will send it to you with the doll. Her body is in fair condition. No stains, but yes pink paint splattered in random places. Haha, I was such an artist as a three year old! Her makeup and eyes look quite lovely. One of her eyes does have a little bit of gold eye shadow on the eye, but I think she came like that. Her lipstick is also very nice, and I believe that she is more rare with it. Her cutie mark has been repainted with pink paint due to the faulty glitter falling off easily. Still looks cute when played with though! My cat loved to play with this pony, and sometimes had her go in the litterbox with her! I don't think that she is dirty anymore, since it all happened like 30 years ago, but I will add some soap with the pony if you would like to pay the $0.99 fee.

Thanks for shopping at Daisy's Toy Auction! Make sure to have a good life! Peace out.

MLP: EQG Equestria Girl Mini Main 6 Dolls for kids: $65.88

Hello lovely eBayers.

You are viewing the full collection of original MLP:EG minis dolls. All have been used, but quite carefully so. My kids suddenly grew out of them two weeks ago because they kept needing repairs. The six dolls included in this set are as follows, and I quote, Applejack, Rarity, Flutter Shy, Princess Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Pinky Pie. I have created the following thingy which shows their conditions.

Applejack is in quite good condition. For some reason, her hat had two horns in the front, so my kids helped cut it off. So far, only her right leg has come off, but I glued it back on with apricot jelly. It actually holds really well with a big nail going through her hip. I don't know how they did it, but my kids cut some of her bangs in the front, but personally she looks much nicer.

Rarity was the newest doll that my kiddos got, so she is the nicest looking one. My youngest removed the back of her hair, but I will include it if you want to attach it. However, the part that fits into the hole in the back of her head was cut off, so you probably won't be able to. She has lots of glitter on her skin, mostly gold, but some is pink. I'm surprised that Hasbro made her like that, but at least it's still intact. None of her limbs were removed, but my eldest cut off her right thumb.

This was the first doll that gramma bought for the kids. She is the main reason that we are selling these dolls. All four of her limbs fell off, but hot glue guns worked on two of them. Her left arm and leg, however, have been lost for a couple months. Also, my third daughter, Becki, accidentally spilled nail polish remover on Fluttershy's face. We then replaced her eyes with stickers.

Twilight herself is doing okay after her head surgery. Don't worry, her head is in one piece, just it didn't used to be. I had to use the apricot and nail method, and it seems to be working enough. My second daughter cut Twi's skirt in two pieces, and someone just threw it away. We tied a large white ribbon around her waist to replace it instead. Her left arm, also, is missing since it fell down a cliff when her face split. Yes, they played with their toys at a cliff, how cute!

Oh what a funny doll! My kids put makeup on her, mostly blush, and I just laugh every time I see her! She looks so cute! Her legs both fell off, but she never stood up in the first place. Luckily, I did put them back on, but they are on backwards. Also, one of her arms was cut at the elbow, but the cut was very crisp. That part of her arm is now missing to this day, but I think Nico or Blake ate it.

The last doll I am to describe is Pinky Pie. None of her limbs came off, but my kids were playing with matches, and her legs burned a bit. They are somewhat stuck together now, but at least she looks like a mermaid! Like Twilight, her skirt was tossed in the trash, but it was only cut up into five pieces instead of two. Her ear that sticks out of her hair was cut off, so we painted the wound red for realistic-ness. Also, her right arm is hanging by a thread, and I mean a real thread.

Finally, they are all in great condition for all of you who like MLP dolls! Be sure to follow us on instagram @dollsthatlooklikezombies! Sorry for not including any pictures, I don't want anyone to be mad.

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Set 80's Lot 15 Dolls: $209.99

Welcome to Fairly Tail Disney Auctions. You are viewing a set of 15 dolls released under the Strawberry Shortcake line. I used to have 16 dolls, but my mom despised my pieman doll and threw him to the swine. The dolls included are as follows, and as I do not have a camera, detailed descriptions are here too for you.

Strawberry was my first doll I ever got, and she is well loved. Her bonnet has been missing since the day I got her, but she still looks very / berry nice without it. Her hair has mostly burned off when the 9 dolls one curling iron "event" of mine happened (including pieman), but she suffers the worst. Her shoes and stockings are also lost. She still has an enormous hole in the middle of her dress, but for some reason, I've never seen any others like it. Oh and she comes with her white Lego friends cat, Mustard (I think she's called that), but the other pets have been thrown to the bin.

My Blueberry Muffin doll holds a special place in my stomach as I ate some of her hair. I don't remember what she came with, but she still has her shirt and skirt which once were her dress. She had an awkward smile when I got her, so I painted over it and she looks good-as-new. She was one of the dolls in the curling iron incident, but most of her hair was already gone. Now she's bald.

Rasberry Torte is my favorite doll because I loved her hat. It is gone though, :( She isn't my favorite anymore though because of stupid P**ch Bl*sh. She was one of the nine curled dolls, but her hair was curly enough, so it is frizzie. She has none of her clothes expect for her left or right shoe. However, I replaced her outfit with a dress which I made as a six year old, and it seems OK. She has dog bites on both hands, feet, and also all over her face. Cute on non-display!

The fourth doll I received was Apple Dumplin, and she is pretty good and fair in condition. Her socks and headpiece band have been lost, but she looks nice with her ones-e. I thought it was supposed to be yellow, but she's way cuter in pink. As she is one of my first nine dolls, her hair is pretty much gone, but her bangs have well survived. I mean, they were painted on, right? While these dolls have painted on eyes, one fell off including some of the plastic. The sticker which is now on her looks pretty cool though.

Lime Chiffin has been one of my least favorites because of her ugly brown dress. I swear that she came with mold growing from her ears. She has no socks, shoes, hat, or anything but her brown dress as she clearly doesn't deserve even that much. I have a distant memory of her whole face melting, and I'm assuming it did as she looks like a 102 year old. She's definitely one of my faves!

Apricot Blossom has been restored to beautiful condition! Not too much of her hair came off during the incident, but it somehow turned white. I used sharpies to color it orange, and A. B. now looks so bomb! She still has her large hat, but the top has been cut off making it look like a crown. Her socks, however, were eaten by my dog who also ate her feet.

Her story is quite plain. Cherry Cuddler-Jam has no hair or outfit except for her bonnet. However, I cut it up so that she can wear it as underwear (but it looks way more appropriate). She has brown dots all over her body, and I cut off her whole right arm because it was a bit browned. While I said that she has no hair, she does have some burn marks atop her head from the hair curling project fun. I often mix her up with Apricot Blossom because they are exactly / almost the same.

Butter Cookie is the last of the 8 (9) dolls who have curling iron hair. Most of her hair is still intact, and it nicely ombres into an awesome orange / black color. She does not still have her ones-e, but the bow which was on it is included in this set. I am also lucky enough to be the only person in the world who still has her shoes! She also has a bonnet, but it is in about seventy-one pieces after my dog swallowed it and had it surgically removed. The doll herself is in perfect condition with beautiful brows which I painted on a few days ago.

Almond Tea is the doll I got three days after the curling iron fun. I actually still have her box, and it has been shredded beautifully. Let me know if you want it. The doll, Almond, has all of her clothes except for her stockings which were also shredded. I still have her bonnet, but it's inside my dog. Let me know if you want it. Her pants have been cut so that they look like thigh-high-shorts. She didn't come with shoes, oddly, but I made her some new shoes out of paper because she looks so nice in them. Her blue hair has been cut to a fairy-cut to match her pants.

Mint Tulip is the stereotypical barbie of the Strawberry SC family. Because of this, I had to buy a nice quality $2.00 blue wig to make her hair longer, and it goes all the way down to the floor! Her actual hair was shaved. The lime ribbon on her dress fell off, but I glued it onto her hat for a nicer look. As a child, I was frustrated while trying to take her shoes off, so a few days ago, I used a knife to remove the shoes, stockings, legs, and hips. My dog only peed on this doll once, so she's pretty clean. However, buying this doll gives you no right to clean her.

Cafe Ole (which is a pun on "castle") is a nice looking doll too, and she is the first one that I got as an adult. My mom bought her for me from a suspicious eBay seller a few years ago. She was new in box when I got her, and she is pretty good now. My dog only ate her right hand, but her head has a couple little bite marks. Oh, my dog's a pitbull by the way. I have her red comb, but I think it was supposed to be brown, so I had my dog poo on it. The color is definitely better now! She has all of her clothes except for her bonnet which my friend's dog ate. Also, I cut off parts of her sandals to make them flip flops, but now they don't attach to her.

Crepe Susanette is another doll that I got from a suspicious eBay seller. Don't worry, there's nothing suspicious about me though! Crepe did not come with a box, but she was pretty much new. I have since thrown out her beret, and I shaved the center of her hair. Now she looks like a grampa. She still has her apron and skirt, but her disgustingly hideously ugly ones-e practically asked me to trash it. She has no shoes, obviously. I have brushed her curly hair a lot, and it looks nice and frizzy.

Plum Pudding is an 80s doll which I got in the 80s. I don't know why her hair was blue, but sharpies worked wonders. She came with a bonnet with a bow attached to it, but the bow looks much better by itself. I trashed the bonnet by the way. I hated her glasses, and I do not know why they made them. All I had to do was use a knife to cut them off! She does not have her tights anymore, nor her shoes. Obviously, I do not have her pet, but I cut off its hat for you to own!

Ugh, I told my gramma to specifically not get me Peach Blush because she looks way too much like Rasberry Torte. This is the main reason that I am selling them. Because I hated Peach so much, I cut her whole body down the center. I have since glued it back together, but only for selling purposes. When I got her, I immediately ran to the trash can to throw out her pet, entire outfit, clippings of her hair, her brush, and her box. I also drew on angry eyebrows because she's mean.

Just like Crepe and Cafe, I got Orange Blossom from a suspicious eBay seller. She is by far the best looking doll of all of them! I cut her right leg into seventeen pieces, and then I put it in the blender for a while! My dog ate the blended leg as a treat. While she was not part of the curling iron incident, I did attempt to straighten her hair. She looked so nice afterwards! All I had to do then was leave her in a bucket of pink paint overnight.

Individual Prices Based on Condition & Rarity

  1. Strawberry Shortcake: $8.99 w/o pet, $12.99 w/ pet
  2. Blueberry Muffin: $6.99
  3. Rasberry Torte: $7.99 w/o custom dress, $9.99 w/ custom dress
  4. Apple Dumplin: $6.99
  5. Lime Chiffin: $5.99
  6. Apricot Blossom: $6.99
  7. Cherry Cuddler-Jam: $5.99
  8. Butter Cookie: $6.99 w/o bonnet, $7.99 w/ bonnet
  9. Almond Tea: $7.99 w/o acc., $8.99 w/ paper shoes, box, or bonnet, $9.99 w/ two of prev., $10.99 w/ all
  10. Mint Tulip: $4.99 w/o wig, $6.99 w/ wig
  11. Cafe Ole: $8.99 w/o comb, $9.99 w/ comb
  12. Crepe Susanette: $7.99
  13. Plum Pudding: $39.99 w/o pet hat, $41.99 w/ pet hat
  14. Peach Blush: $8.99
  15. Orange Blossom: $5.99

If you buy the set of all 15 dolls with all possible accessories, you can save -$53!

~*Adorable!*~ My Little Pony MLP Horse Hearthrob Heart Throb: $21.99

Screenshot 2017-04-05 at 9.34.20 AM

Welcome and hello!

Welcome to the 80s Toy Lagoon! You are viewing my gorgeous MLP horse doll Hearthrob toy from the amazing 80s time period! This little pony is very rare and cute too!

Item Description

Body: She's a mite deformed because she was squashed under a box for about 25 years. She has beiged.

Symbol: Very excellent. Small bits of glitter were accidentally added to her cutie mark, but I wiped 'em off.

Eyes: Her eyes are OK.

Mane: Her hair is nice but not silky anymore. It is still glued to her side.

Tail: Hearthrob's tail ain't just a lil' bit rusty, but it's prob'ly cuz she's fromma farm.

My Little Ponies beige lot of 2: $62.99


Totally not terrible

This is 87looney.

Here are two mlp horse dolls for sale. I don't remeber there names, but i think they are pretty rare and hard-to-get! I think the left one is rainbow dash though. I'm no pro with pony condicions, but I think they are both decent. See the picture for more details.

Be sure to check out my other auctions for cool things.

Bye and Buy it


hey it's xXzomboss-worshipperXx your fav zombee and I'm selling my lost media.

its roughly 9"11' and packaging is leftover moldy fur suit.

here are pics taken with my DSI that is signed by my man and whom I worship cuz yea hes totally real.

Blocksworld app

so yeah theyre Lego like toys totally not a screenshot from an app, statistic time

the bricks are chewed and smell like rotted flesh as I used them as a sacrifice. may contain traces of human brain easy to clean off. if not then lick them off human brain taste quite good.

follow me on face book snap chat and instant gram I'm zombossisbae on all.

Oh and the price is 999$

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