These are the should be real fan-made Worst Ebay Listings Ever!

The listings are all about consumerism and false advertising. As everyone knows, everything comes down to money. These things should exist, even though they don't, and you should not consider buying them. That is, you should plainly get them, considering is not necessary. These are not based on real eBay listings except for the beautifully realistic prices.


  • 80s Toy Lagoon
  • 87Looney
  • Country Cookie Farm in Western Kentucky
  • Daisy's Toy Auctions
  • Dolls That Look Like Zombies
  • Goth and Dreambroken
  • Fairly Tale Disney Auctions
  • FeelinIsPeachyToday
  • Lyfe As Jennifer Chalktions
  • Modest Frocks
  • Selling Toys For Money
  • Shanghaitothebushwoolies
  • Vintige Toy Seller

Shoppie Shopkins Doll "Jessicake" Used Toy | Updated 2019!!! - $19.99

Screenshot 2018-06-08 at 3.12.34 PM

You are at the viewing of the shopkins shopper doll called Jessicake who was released in 2013. She is in fairly good condition and is as follows. She is super rare hard to find so this is your best shot at getting her for a cheap price.

Part Description
Hair Jessicake's hair is in gorgeous condition. It has been cut to her shoulder length because it was formerly too frizzy. Her hair ties have been recycled, so don't worry. Her forelocks are still intact. UPDATE: Her forelocks are not in tact and a pixie gave her a cut.
Headband Her headband has been cut on the right side, so it is difficult to attach. Obviously, the strings have been since removed. UPDATE: Her headband was chewed by Franky Jr.
Skirt The skirt has been cut in the back, so it can not properly attach to the doll. We have included a white ribbon to tie around her waist to keep her skirt on. UPDATE: The skirt has been scissor-split and is no longer with us. I melted some of another Jessicakes shirt to form a skirt and it came out cool.
Shopkins Jess's shopkin, Cherry Cupcake, is missing her cherry's stem. The other shopkin, Coco Cake, has been customized so that her eyelashes are longer. UPDATE: We found the Cherry's stem but lost the shopkins.
Shoes Her shoes are not with us anymore.
Doll Stand She still has her doll stand, and we have poked a hole in her foot so she can stand without her shoes. However, she still can't stand for some reason. UPDATE: I found that we poked the hole in the wrong foot so we discarded the stand.
Form UPDATE: She has been slightly deformed when my youngest was melting.

Shopkins - Shoppie Doll Shoppies Peppamint Peppa Mint Doll - $19.92

Screenshot 2018-10-16 at 2.04.04 PM

This is the Shopkins doll named Peppa Mint. She is an icecream themed doll, and is a must have for Shopkins collectors. She is still in beautiful style after her past 6 six months of being with us. We are not including any of her accessories or shopkins as we're selling them each separately for only $5.29. Her condition is as follows:

  • Headband: Design on the headband has been removed, the headband is now plain brown. Still looks cute on the doll!
  • Hairband: Peppa's hair band has snapped, but we have re-knotted it around all of her hair.
  • Hair: Her hair is very good even though some of it was burnt off when my granddaughter used her iron on it. The hair is thin though, and easy to style.
  • Eyes: Perfect except for one removed eyelash. It was removed with acetone.
  • Lips: Lips have been repainted so that they are a darker red color.
  • Cheeks: Her cheeks have been slightly pushed in so that she doesn't look like a chipmunk.
  • Skin: Very good; still the green-white color it's always been.
  • Shirt: Her shirt has one snot stain, but that's all.
  • Dress: Skirt is included, but not on doll. Granddaughter had sewed the top of it together so that she can't wear it anymore. It still looks spotless on display.
  • Socks: Peppa's pink socks are gorgeous, but they are naturally the wrong size for her.
  • Shoes: The dog chewed up one shoe, so we just threw up the other one of them in the trash bin. Her socks which she already had make a good replacement!
  • Feet: Her feet were for some reason bend over, so I cut them at the ankles.

Daisy - NEW4U MLP Horse Doll G1 Gusty ♥ - $12.99 (Optional $0.99 Fee)


Daisy - "NEW4U" Gusty Horse Doll

Welcome to Daisy's Toy Auctions! This is a very loved MLP G1 Horse Doll; Gusty from 1989! This is a "NEW4U" listing...meaning that this item is new for you! I loved this toy as a kid, and I want to let you know that my dad had a huge influence on me as he was a heavy smoker. Details for this item are below:

Mane & Tail Body Facial Features Cutie Mark Other Information
Mane is in very good condition! I glued her hair into a braid, and trimmed the red part out as a kid, but I am a hairdresser, and shall blow dry her hair before sending her to you! Her tail is not intact, and has six inches cut off of it, but I will send it to you with the doll. Her body is in fair condition. No stains, but yes pink paint splattered in random places. Haha, I was such an artist as a three year old! Her makeup and eyes look quite lovely. One of her eyes does have a little bit of gold eye shadow on the eye, but I think she came like that. Her lipstick is also very nice, and I believe that she is more rare with it. Her cutie mark has been repainted with pink paint due to the faulty glitter falling off easily. Still looks cute when played with though! My cat loved to play with this pony, and sometimes had her go in the litterbox with her! I don't think that she is dirty anymore, since it all happened like 30 years ago, but I will add some soap with the pony if you would like to pay the $0.99 fee.

Thanks for shopping at Daisy's Toy Auction! Make sure to have a good life! Peace out.

MLP: EQG Equestria Girl Mini Main 6 Dolls for kids: $65.88

Hello lovely eBayers.

You are viewing the full collection of original MLP:EG minis dolls. All have been used, but quite carefully so. My kids suddenly grew out of them two weeks ago because they kept needing repairs. The six dolls included in this set are as follows, and I quote, Applejack, Rarity, Flutter Shy, Princess Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Pinky Pie. I have created the following thingy which shows their conditions. Please keep in noticing that the photos are not the actual dolls, but made with the PhotoStop app. With PhotoStop, you can change anything including yourself! For me, it was pretty life-changing, so go buy the PhotoStop app at the Apple or Play store for only $73.99! Get a 15% discount when you use my code "ZOMBIESTOP."

Applejack is in quite good condition. For some reason, her hat had two horns in the front, so my kids helped cut it off. So far, only her right leg has come off, but I glued it back on with apricot jelly. It actually holds really well with a big nail going through her hip. I don't know how they did it, but my kids cut some of her bangs in the front, but personally she looks much nicer.

Rarity was the newest doll that my kiddos got, so she is the nicest looking one. My youngest removed the back of her hair, but I will include it if you want to attach it. However, the part that fits into the hole in the back of her head was cut off, so you probably won't be able to. She has lots of glitter on her skin, mostly gold, but some is pink. I'm surprised that Hasbro made her like that, but at least it's still intact. None of her limbs were removed, but my eldest cut off her right thumb.

This was the first doll that gramma bought for the kids. She is the main reason that we are selling these dolls. All four of her limbs fell off, but hot glue guns worked on two of them. Her left arm and leg, however, have been lost for a couple months. Also, my third daughter, Becki, accidentally spilled nail polish remover on Fluttershy's face. We then replaced her eyes with stickers.

Twilight herself is doing okay after her head surgery. Don't worry, her head is in one piece, just it didn't used to be. I had to use the apricot and nail method, and it seems to be working enough. My second daughter cut Twi's skirt in two pieces, and someone just threw it away. We tied a large white ribbon around her waist to replace it instead. Her left arm, also, is missing since it fell down a cliff when her face split. Yes, they played with their toys at a cliff, how cute!

Oh what a funny doll! My kids put makeup on her, mostly blush, and I just laugh every time I see her! She looks so cute! Her legs both fell off, but she never stood up in the first place. Luckily, I did put them back on, but they are on backwards. Also, one of her arms was cut at the elbow, but the cut was very crisp. That part of her arm is now missing to this day, but I think Nico or Blake ate it.

The last doll I am to describe is Pinky Pie. None of her limbs came off, but my kids were playing with matches, and her legs burned a bit. They are somewhat stuck together now, but at least she looks like a mermaid! Like Twilight, her skirt was tossed in the trash, but it was only cut up into five pieces instead of two. Her ear that sticks out of her hair was cut off, so we painted the wound red for realistic-ness. Also, her right arm is hanging by a thread, and I mean a real thread.

Finally, they are all in great condition for all of you who like MLP dolls! Be sure to follow us on instagram @dollsthatlooklikezombies!

*sponsored by PhotoStop, registered brand by America's Modest.

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Set 80's Lot 15 Dolls: $209.99

Welcome to Fairly Tail Disney Auctions. You are viewing a set of 15 dolls released under the Strawberry Shortcake line. I used to have 16 dolls, but my mom despised my pieman doll and threw him to the swine. The dolls included are as follows, and as I do not have a camera, detailed descriptions are here too for you.

Strawberry was my first doll I ever got, and she is well loved. Her bonnet has been missing since the day I got her, but she still looks very / berry nice without it. Her hair has mostly burned off when the 9 dolls one curling iron "event" of mine happened (including pieman), but she suffers the worst. Her shoes and stockings are also lost. She still has an enormous hole in the middle of her dress, but for some reason, I've never seen any others like it. Oh and she comes with her white Lego friends cat, Mustard (I think she's called that), but the other pets have been thrown to the bin.

My Blueberry Muffin doll holds a special place in my stomach as I ate some of her hair. I don't remember what she came with, but she still has her shirt and skirt which once were her dress. She had an awkward smile when I got her, so I painted over it and she looks good-as-new. She was one of the dolls in the curling iron incident, but most of her hair was already gone. Now she's bald.

Rasberry Torte is my favorite doll because I loved her hat. It is gone though, :( She isn't my favorite anymore though because of stupid P**ch Bl*sh. She was one of the nine curled dolls, but her hair was curly enough, so it is frizzie. She has none of her clothes expect for her left or right shoe. However, I replaced her outfit with a dress which I made as a six year old, and it seems OK. She has dog bites on both hands, feet, and also all over her face. Cute on non-display!

The fourth doll I received was Apple Dumplin, and she is pretty good and fair in condition. Her socks and headpiece band have been lost, but she looks nice with her ones-e. I thought it was supposed to be yellow, but she's way cuter in pink. As she is one of my first nine dolls, her hair is pretty much gone, but her bangs have well survived. I mean, they were painted on, right? While these dolls have painted on eyes, one fell off including some of the plastic. The sticker which is now on her looks pretty cool though.

Lime Chiffin has been one of my least favorites because of her ugly brown dress. I swear that she came with mold growing from her ears. She has no socks, shoes, hat, or anything but her brown dress as she clearly doesn't deserve even that much. I have a distant memory of her whole face melting, and I'm assuming it did as she looks like a 102 year old. She's definitely one of my faves!

Apricot Blossom has been restored to beautiful condition! Not too much of her hair came off during the incident, but it somehow turned white. I used sharpies to color it orange, and A. B. now looks so bomb! She still has her large hat, but the top has been cut off making it look like a crown. Her socks, however, were eaten by my dog who also ate her feet.

Her story is quite plain. Cherry Cuddler-Jam has no hair or outfit except for her bonnet. However, I cut it up so that she can wear it as underwear (but it looks way more appropriate). She has brown dots all over her body, and I cut off her whole right arm because it was a bit browned. While I said that she has no hair, she does have some burn marks atop her head from the hair curling project fun. I often mix her up with Apricot Blossom because they are exactly / almost the same.

Butter Cookie is the last of the 8 (9) dolls who have curling iron hair. Most of her hair is still intact, and it nicely ombres into an awesome orange / black color. She does not still have her ones-e, but the bow which was on it is included in this set. I am also lucky enough to be the only person in the world who still has her shoes! She also has a bonnet, but it is in about seventy-one pieces after my dog swallowed it and had it surgically removed. The doll herself is in perfect condition with beautiful brows which I painted on a few days ago.

Almond Tea is the doll I got three days after the curling iron fun. I actually still have her box, and it has been shredded beautifully. Let me know if you want it. The doll, Almond, has all of her clothes except for her stockings which were also shredded. I still have her bonnet, but it's inside my dog. Let me know if you want it. Her pants have been cut so that they look like thigh-high-shorts. She didn't come with shoes, oddly, but I made her some new shoes out of paper because she looks so nice in them. Her blue hair has been cut to a fairy-cut to match her pants.

Mint Tulip is the stereotypical barbie of the Strawberry SC family. Because of this, I had to buy a nice quality $2.00 blue wig to make her hair longer, and it goes all the way down to the floor! Her actual hair was shaved. The lime ribbon on her dress fell off, but I glued it onto her hat for a nicer look. As a child, I was frustrated while trying to take her shoes off, so a few days ago, I used a knife to remove the shoes, stockings, legs, and hips. My dog only peed on this doll once, so she's pretty clean. However, buying this doll gives you no right to clean her.

Cafe Ole (which is a pun on "castle") is a nice looking doll too, and she is the first one that I got as an adult. My mom bought her for me from a suspicious eBay seller a few years ago. She was new in box when I got her, and she is pretty good now. My dog only ate her right hand, but her head has a couple little bite marks. Oh, my dog's a pitbull by the way. I have her red comb, but I think it was supposed to be brown, so I had my dog poo on it. The color is definitely better now! She has all of her clothes except for her bonnet which my friend's dog ate. Also, I cut off parts of her sandals to make them flip flops, but now they don't attach to her.

Crepe Susanette is another doll that I got from a suspicious eBay seller. Don't worry, there's nothing suspicious about me though! Crepe did not come with a box, but she was pretty much new. I have since thrown out her beret, and I shaved the center of her hair. Now she looks like a grampa. She still has her apron and skirt, but her disgustingly hideously ugly ones-e practically asked me to trash it. She has no shoes, obviously. I have brushed her curly hair a lot, and it looks nice and frizzy.

Plum Pudding is an 80s doll which I got in the 80s. I don't know why her hair was blue, but sharpies worked wonders. She came with a bonnet with a bow attached to it, but the bow looks much better by itself. I trashed the bonnet by the way. I hated her glasses, and I do not know why they made them. All I had to do was use a knife to cut them off! She does not have her tights anymore, nor her shoes. Obviously, I do not have her pet, but I cut off its hat for you to own!

Ugh, I told my gramma to specifically not get me Peach Blush because she looks way too much like Rasberry Torte. This is the main reason that I am selling them. Because I hated Peach so much, I cut her whole body down the center. I have since glued it back together, but only for selling purposes. When I got her, I immediately ran to the trash can to throw out her pet, entire outfit, clippings of her hair, her brush, and her box. I also drew on angry eyebrows because she's mean.

Just like Crepe and Cafe, I got Orange Blossom from a suspicious eBay seller. She is by far the best looking doll of all of them! I cut her right leg into seventeen pieces, and then I put it in the blender for a while! My dog ate the blended leg as a treat. While she was not part of the curling iron incident, I did attempt to straighten her hair. She looked so nice afterwards! All I had to do then was leave her in a bucket of pink paint overnight.

Individual Prices Based on Condition & Rarity

  1. Strawberry Shortcake: $8.99 w/o pet, $12.99 w/ pet
  2. Blueberry Muffin: $6.99
  3. Rasberry Torte: $7.99 w/o custom dress, $9.99 w/ custom dress
  4. Apple Dumplin: $6.99
  5. Lime Chiffin: $5.99
  6. Apricot Blossom: $6.99
  7. Cherry Cuddler-Jam: $5.99
  8. Butter Cookie: $6.99 w/o bonnet, $7.99 w/ bonnet
  9. Almond Tea: $7.99 w/o acc., $8.99 w/ paper shoes, box, or bonnet, $9.99 w/ two of prev., $10.99 w/ all
  10. Mint Tulip: $4.99 w/o wig, $6.99 w/ wig
  11. Cafe Ole: $8.99 w/o comb, $9.99 w/ comb
  12. Crepe Susanette: $7.99
  13. Plum Pudding: $39.99 w/o pet hat, $41.99 w/ pet hat
  14. Peach Blush: $8.99
  15. Orange Blossom: $5.99

If you buy the set of all 15 dolls with all possible accessories, you can save -$53!

~*Adorable!*~ My Little Pony MLP Horse Hearthrob Heart Throb: $21.99

Screenshot 2017-04-05 at 9.34.20 AM

Welcome and hello!

Welcome to the 80s Toy Lagoon! You are viewing my gorgeous MLP horse doll Hearthrob toy from the amazing 80s time period! This little pony is very rare and cute too!

Item Description

Body: She's a mite deformed because she was squashed under a box for about 25 years. She has beiged.

Symbol: Very excellent. Small bits of glitter were accidentally added to her cutie mark, but I wiped 'em off.

Eyes: Her eyes are OK.

Mane: Her hair is nice but not silky anymore. It is still glued to her side.

Tail: Hearthrob's tail ain't just a lil' bit rusty, but it's prob'ly cuz she's fromma farm.

My Little Ponies beige lot of 2: $62.99


Totally not terrible

This is 87looney.

Here are two mlp horse dolls for sale. I don't remeber there names, but i think they are pretty rare and hard-to-get! I think the left one is rainbow dash though. I'm no pro with pony condicions, but I think they are both decent. See the picture for more details.

Be sure to check out my other auctions for cool things.

Bye and Buy it

Vintige's Little Pony Dolls

Adult Owned Little Pony #011 Wave Dancer the Little Sea Horse: $34.99

Wave Dance

Hello and you are considering buying this ADULT OWNED LITTLE SEAHORSE.

Excuse my PET bug named Amfrony on the right SIDE of this pitcure who wanted to BE sold, TOO.

This SEA HORSE is number #011! Check out my store for numbers #01-25!

This seahorse is named Wave Dancer and was an EIGHTIES toy familiar to most people.

I USED to have her in my collection alongside ponies #1-25, but I GAVE her to the PRESCHOOL I worked at in the early NINETEYES. I still owned her BUT the kids played with her. She was IN OFFICE as a preschool toy from 91-96, and she LIVED in the bathtub along with her bicolor seastone. The boys and girls simultaneously played with her in the bathtub (no pictures sorry) and fought over her a LOT, so I ALSO got a purple nother seahorse who is Pony #15, Sealihgt, in 1993 (she is for sale now). The kids were a BIT rough with them both!

wRave Dancer is in good condition despite a FEW minor flaws like bending and this-coloration.

Bending: Her snail tail has a crease after one of the boys threw her onto a chandelier's lightbulb, rip lihgt bulb 1992, and it came off at one POINT later. Glew WORKED well extremely and amazingly.

This-coloration: Her CUTE MARK is almost invisible, but I am almost certain THAT it was shaped like something NASTY which is why the KIDS removed it. Her EYE has a bit of wear but I still can SEE IT. She has Bieged.

Here are MORE FACTS and appearanci of this little pony sea horse!

Main: Her Mane is VERY in good condition and has not been trimmed purposefully. A GIRL who was three, rip Kylie 1992, had an UNGROWN toenail that tugged off her bangs. The REST of her main is a pretty gray.

Shell: The urine-ABSORBENT CUP attached to the wall of the bahttub is STILL there and did not stay on the sea horse DOLL. A GIRL and a BOY who had a bath were mad at each other about the colors of THE SEA HORSES' SHELLS, so I switched the BOTTOMS of the shells. I cannot get the shells back to how the used to be, NOR can I get the girl and boy back to how they used to be (there rivalry was funny), rip rivalry 1994. I ALSO drilled wholes in the shell so that LITTLE FINGERS can put their fingers through the wholes.

Please contact me if you have any questions! May contain traces of the following; juice, crackers, mold, water, soap, shampoo, and urine. DOES contain traces of bleach and salt. One of the children who played with her grew up to be a child mo

Thank you for LOOKING and SHOPPING my selection of VINTIGE TOYS.

- Vintige Toy Seller on eBay

Little Sea Horse Doll #17 Sea Mist the Little Horse: Starting Bid: $16.39

Glory the C-Pony

Hello my prettys; I'm Vintige; and YOU are considering buying this ADULT OWNED little seahorse NAMED Seamist. *sorry for the unique but exquisite lihgting*

This SEA HORSE is number #017! Check out my store for numbers #01-25!

This Seamist horse doll is the LAST of the three sea ponies I got, so check out my store for the other two, Wave Dancer and Sealihgt! Unlike the other TWO, I OWNED her myself without giving her to my preschool. Thoughever, I did not ever PLAY with her as I was obviously an ADULT by then. I never played with ANY OF my ponies except Apple jack who is for SALE. Neversoever, I did use her for other purposes.

I BOUGHT her in 1994 from a SECONDHAND market when I was 54. My daughter KYLIE was five at the time and I was pregnant, and she WANTED ME to be okay during my SEA SECTION. I used this Seamist little seahorse to demonstrate having my SEA SECTION removed. IT took a while for me to find the right place to cut into her, so she has a few SCARS. SINCE Seamist was not pregnant, I could not remove her Sea Section (baby), but it gave Kylie a good idea of how it worked. HAVING scars on Seamist reminded my beloved daughter KYLIE of the time her ungrown toenail was ripped (see Wave Dancer's listing for understance), so she could relate AND I hope you do too.

She ALSO was used for customising purposes. In 1999, my daughter Finessa wanted ME to make her a unicorn to display IN her bathroom, so I used Palm Ur's clay TO SHAPE one. SINCE it was (is) AIRDRY CLAY, I used an oven to airdry the SEAHORSE PONY. CONTRARY to popular belief, she did NOT burn completely. I STOPPED it when the fire alarm went off.

Howadays, SEAMIST is a beautiful Khaki-jean COLOR. Her HAIRBRUSH AND COLMB have since been used for other projects and will NOT be used. Mainly because her hair can't be brushed because it is bur

Thanks to YOU for wanting interest in this pony.

Thank YOU for looking and Shopping my selection of VINTIGE toys.

- Vintige Toy Seller,

Edujyeh Joanne Rose Trimp (77); mother of Kylie (28) and Finessa (23); wife of Jack Boat Trimp (79).

DISCOUNTED PONY #023 Apple jack the Little Pony Custom Horse: $50.99


Hello and you are considering buying this DISCOUNTED PONY.

The penny is ONLY for size comparison and is NEVER for sale due to high popularity.

This DISCOUNTED PONY is number #023! Check out my store for numbers #01-25!

This pony is VERY GOOD condition as is worth about 50s. Only a few minor flaws such as body failure and rubs.

Body failure: Her BODY was squished for a while so I REFORMED her. NOW she looks great!

Rubs: Her CUTE MARK cannot be rubbed to change color anymore but it used too.

MANY things on this LITTLE PONY have been CUSTOMIZED! Her EYE has been repainted after being removed by acetone. She ALSO has a new rerooted hair because it was getting browny, but NOW it is a very similar shade of chartreuse.

Her TAIL is in VERY good condition and gets very thin near the top like it's SUPPOSED TOO.

Thank you for LOOKING and SHOPPING my selection of VINTIGE TOYS.

- Vintige Toy Seller

DISCOUNTED PONY Oh-So-Soft #24 Paradise the Little Winged Pony: $99.99


Hello there and you are considering the buying of this DISCOUNTED PONY for $60.99!

This DISCOUNTED pony is the number #24! Check out my store Vintige Toys for the other NUMBERS.

Here we HAVE Paradise! She was my neice's horse doll until SHE decided that I WOULD take great care of her! She is called an Oh-So-Soft doll BECAUSE SHE HAS fur on her! I BELEIVE that people with Bear Allergy may be ALLERGIC to the Oh-So-Soft Doll line dew to the quality fur used.

HISTORY OF PARADISE (read it yourself for $10)

*note: history is not about my own paradise, but the rare doll itself*

Pardise WAS the first Oh-So-Soft doll RELEASED by kenner SINCE 1987. She IS the only pony doll who is a PEGASY, the rare Greek-mythological horse-doll with bird wings. I OWN the first one ever made BECAUSE HER FOOT says a year which IS earlier than the year of the bite ('87). I am POSITIVE she was re-leased in 1987 BECAUSE my smart niece who works as a McDonald's employee told me so. There are only 500 of PARADISE AS far as I know.

Now I will give you a brief description of Paradise for $29, with your total pay-check at $99.99.

PARADISE is in gorgious condition! Her LONG hair is bloody-mary-red and HAS BEEN extended by replacing her hair with a Party Whig. Her tail is replaced with dyed fleece.

Her body is in the shape of a PEGASY Pony! She still has the gorgious yellow-brown body color she is known for AS WELL as her new be-yourself-tiful BLUSH CHEEKS which I added with highlihgter dyes.

She ALSO comes with her own Jumping Soldier toy which I still HAVE a fragment of. Thoughsoever, I DON'T remember if it was HER or G.I. Jay who WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE it.

WHAT IS LUCKY about Paradise (mine only) IS that she has NO-BODY failure. Evertheever, I HAD to REFORM HER so that she looks as glutched AS SHE MOST DEFINTLY DOES.

She HAS NO FLAWS inwardly except for ONE. My neice Abcde Trimp WHEN SHE owned Pardise took off HER own head and PUT inside

Thank you for LOOKING and SHOPPING my selection of VINTIGE TOYS.

- Vintige Toy Seller, great-aunt of Abcde "Abcey" Trimp

American Doll Kristen Head dollie: Starting Bid: $49.01


Welcome to MY auction for VINTIGE American DOLL Kristan Head doll.

THIS doll is very beautiful AND had a lot of LOVE!

Doll is in excellently used condition but does have several flaws TOO.

American Doll is known well FOR its lovely HAIRED DOLLS. BUT I did cut her hair to look like the vintige I Love LUCY (look her UP Millennials)! I was GOING to give the hair I cut to CANCER GIRLS NEED HAIR foundation, but THEY RUDELY did not accept doll hair! I NOW am giving the HAIR to YOU. It comes with original BOW that came with AMERICAN DOLL Kristen.

When I Love Lucy started to be DEAD my SISTER put exes on Kristens eyes with pencilink to KILL my Lucy-like head! I TRIED to remove them from her.


Her beauty smock (decapitated-head stand?) is in BEAUTIFUL condition. It is JUST as it was when I got it excluding my sister TERA's vombarfup stain that I will NEVER forgive.

LASTLY I want to say that I already PUT permanent lipstick around her mouth, BLOOSH on her cheeks, and real MASCARA on her LASH.

A Statement from Vintige

PLEASE be good to my toys. I am an OLD woman with ALLTIMERS who can only remember my TOYS that I am giving to EBAY. I WILL remember nothing after this, so BID HIGH for an old lady.

- Vintige Toy Seller

Vintage Strawberry Doll Angel Cake Factory Error: $67.99

Angle cake

Welcome to Fairly Tail Disney Auctions. You are at the viewing of a Strawberry Shortcake character doll called Angle Cake. I accidentally left her out of the lot that I have of my other childhood Shortcakes, but I decided to customize her anyway. She was the last doll I ever got, and she has only been owned by an adult. Plus, she is a 'party pleaser' - that is the not so subtle term for a doll who has a factory error! I have a picture of her above, but because she is being selled individually, here is a detailed, in-death review of her.

Angle Cake's hair has been restyled so that it is curlier and more of a khaki color. It hasn't been cut much but under her hair ribbon you can visibly see her scalp, hair roots, and insides. Still looks great or at least glutched from the front!

Her face is in good shape. Not much can describe her well, but I managed to back when I was either 5 (did i have her then?) or 34 in this poem:

Angle Cake Angle Cake look at your face

It's dirty and ditzy but still looks like a face

Should I redo you or keep you as are?

[I'm not going to include the last line for personal reasons, but I hope that you get the gist of her face]

As she is a custom doll, I gave her new eyes because I had purposefully removed her former eyes with acetone during a mental breakdown. They are much prettier in my opinion, and sticker glue helped them stay on well.

Angel Cake's dress and outfitpieces are generally good, too. Her dress is very rustic; it reminds me of a picture of my grandmother from the 1920's when she was in poverty. Part of the ribbon on her dress was cut off during a mental breakdown. Her hairbow still looks glutched despite hanging by a thread of Super Glue That Is Stronger Than Any Glue And Will Hold Anything In Place Tightly And If It Doesn't Work Nothing Will branded fabric glue. She still has her socks and one of her shoes.

As I previously mentioned, she has a factory error! If you look closely at her right hand, you can see that it is way to large, and extra plastic must have been used. I am almost 99% sure that this is what happened, but it might have been from when I boiled her and her limbs became a bit stretchy, heh ^-^

She also combs with her original hair comb, but it was too graphic to show in its entirety in this picture. I may decide to not sell it (throw it to the swine), but it's the buyers choice.

For this exclusive item, I will not be shipping to dangerous countries, and it will only ship to other places in Canada. I may make exceptions, but not for U.S. citizens. I actually used to live there, though I moved to Canada because of PERSONAL REASONS WHICH I WILL NOT TELL YOU ABOUT! Wow.

I can combine shipping with my lot of other dolls, but only if you are a registered member on Tinder- (tinder for kids) or a follower of my Instagram, @fairlytaildisneyauctions.

Happy Thoughts,

Fairly Tail Disney Auctions' #1 Seller, Dorianne Joyce, phd. All Rights Reserved. Sponsored by Tinder Minus.

>< mlp ooak 'duchess evenina' custom adult collectible 18+ >< $665.99


duchess evenina


welcome and hello to and from *goth and dreambroken*. you are bidding on this my little pony doll custom i call 'duchess evenina." she was made from a limited edition cvs exclusive rare doll and was customised by goth and dreambroken.


the pony is in exelent condition and i got her new from cvs.

i used red lipstick from hot topic for her hair, and it is meant to be represents feelings of sympathy, depression, and blood. her tail was trimmed down to an inch because long hair represents happiness; short hair represents me. the oposit of happiness.

her blacked out eye was actually an axident; i was trying to cut through it with a pencil, but insted, it jus became all black! i like it thouh, and if you dont i dont care.

my dumb sister made a cascading effect on her bootie mark, and i hated it. so i made a cut in her leg to show unhappiness. i hope when you get this pony you will connect to my sadness and ultimately be sad yourself.

don't worry bout her forhead, i just cut through half of it. inside of it is an amazing treat for you, black licorice. enjoy.

i bit her some of her ear off with my plastic fangs i got from cosmetic surgery. the remaining ear parts are sharp; i hope you have fun poking youreself like i did when i had it.

her unichorn also has been bit i am mental

last; i made her some high heels in her foots. they look awesome, but mmhm, i cut her feet.

i hope you like your new pony called duchess evenina. the price is so high because i cant go to college anymore because i spent all of my money on making evenina with hot topic materials. i also dont have a house anymore and am having to get food from the trash bin at mcdonalds because i made this pony. please support my life by buying this pony as i have cancer. thank.

- goth and dreambroken


after making this pony i realized i made a HUGE mistake. when i cut her feet to make high he*ls, the licorice escaped! I AM SO SORRY. THE LICORICE IS NOW NOT AVAILABLE AND I AM DEPRESSED. I LIKE LICORICE A LOT AND I AM TOO SORRY YOU COULDN'T HAVE THE BLACK LICORICE I WAS GOING TO SEND TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vintage Strawberry Doll Lemon WITH RARE LIME FROG - $39.99

Mering Lemon

Welcome to Fairly Tail Disney Auctions!

You are at the viewing of an auction for a very special doll! Since she is special, I have left her and another special doll out of my lot, so feel free to check out my lot as well!

This is the very rare doll called Lemon Mirangue! I have included the very rare Strawberry doll frog, Hop-salot Lime, because she came with this doll and I still have her. If you're pretty keen on the picture, skip to the section outside of brackets, but if you need me to explain, keep reading!

[Hops-alot is in grand condition despite being a toothbrush holder for a few years. She has a large whole behind her left buttock which used to hold a toothbrush. However, the whole is very even as it was made purposefully with a drill. Hops-al-ot has been peeled near the eye, leg, and mouth regions due to mildew growth. This is the only Hopsalot I've ever seen with one eye that is darker than the other, so it definitely is an extremely rare collectors' item.

Lemon Mirangue, one of my earlier dolls, still has a chance of being thrown to the swine, however, I plan to sell her. Head is only for display purposes and will not be sold with the doll. Because of a dog, she is missing half of her body. Her dress was party destroyed, so my grandfather (I was an orphan ene) sewed his wet fish-drying cloth to her. He also gave her a peg leg so that she has a chance of standing up without being thrown to the swine. The peg leg was made out of fine bone from a dog's ribcage (my dog died after biting her '_'), and it was painted brown to match my skintone. The right arm of Lemon Mirangue was not destroyed completely, but it was tangled in her hair, so I cut it off. I still have her hand though, and if you stick around I'll tell you of it.

At some point in my life, Lemon's head was flushed down the toilet by a mean girl named Taylor after she found out her test results. Side note, Taylor did not give me permission to use her name, but she died so it doesn't matter to her. It was a strange way for her to express her mentality, but I decided to buy a new Lemon doll and feed its body to the swine. Luckily for me, I had been able to remove my original Lemon's hand from the tangled head before Taylor flushed the head down the toiled, and I later reattached the hand to the new head since she had (has) no right arm. The head of the second doll did not fit properly on the first doll's body as you can see in the picture, so it will not be included. I hope this wasn't too confusing.]

I'm not like a regular auctioneer, I'm a cool auctioneer, so in order to be allowed to bid on this doll, write an assay of at least 500 hundred words about why you need Lemon and Hopsal-ot in your life. Also give me your resume, social security number, address, and directions to your one-story apartment in the jungle.

For this exclusive item, I will not be shipping to dangerous countries, and it will only ship to jungle apartments in South America. I don't live there, but it is much more safe than the place where I live because of REASONS WHICH ARE TOO PERSONAL FOR ME TO TELL YOU ABOUT! Sheesh.

I can combine shipping with my lot of other dolls or my listing of Angle Cake (check it out), but only if you also buy some of my merch on my store, Help Clad Celebrities, or if you follow my Candy Crush-themed twitter, @fairlytailcandycrush.

Happy Thoughts,

Fairly Tail Disney Auctions' #14 Seller, Dorianne Joyce, phd. All Rights Reserved. Sponsored by Candy Crush and Help Clad Celebrities the Dating Website.

My Equestrian Girls' Dolls ReMade by Modest Frocks - Make Your Best Offer


Welcome to Modest Frocks. Where we take Liberal Dolls and sprinkle Modesty onto them dollses with are hand made frocks.

Today I will be showing off the My Equestrian Girls' Dolls ReMade by Modest Frocks - Make Your Best Offer.

All dolls have had there Mascary removed. I kno that young Equestrians have nightmares, cause I did, and I wnt all scary to be removed. Remember kids, life IS all butterflies and ponies!

First doll up four sale is called Pinky Pie. We at Modest Frocks re-named her Priscilla and gave her the Modern Frocks So-Adorable Vintage Plaid Conservative Gown*TM*. Her leftist leg was acidentaly removed when her Gown was gllued to her body, but we glued it to the dress! We took the doll Apple Jaque and gave her footies to the Pinky Pie now PRISCILLA*TM* doll. Additionaly, we gave Prisilla Blackface and a red-brawn wig to make her look reliastic.

Oh boy. Rarity now Ruth was SO DIFFICULT to remaike... her hair of purple had to be put in PIGS MUD*TM* to give it that modest seeming essense. We at Modest Frocks replaced her garbage garb with the Vintage Plaid Gown in size 0.3 which fits only anorecsic newbourns. Again, we replaced her boots with the ones of Apple Jaque as her purpel shoes gave her a selfie look that all Equestrian Modest Girls do not want. Please seek help if you want to wear purple or pink. You will be brought by the Poilice by Modest Frocks if you disagre and potentially mur(content removed by seller).

Fluteshy was the third doll we decided to not hand over to the Poilice. We at Modest Frocks give her the name "Freda" as it is antique and sensible. Her Steaphanie of Lazy Town coloured hair only would have worked if she were a Split Tease Performer at a NASTY plaice. So, we yellowed her hair with mustard, and don't wory, the stench is only noticeable if you don't have an oxygen tube. This dolly, unlike ( :( ) the other previos two has now a Modest Frock Plaid Conservative Top with Skirt. Her feetwormers are also from Apple Jaque as her "shoes" were actually alcohol-gelatin hairties.

Excuse me for not saying the forth dolls original name as it is being looked over by the Poilice. This doll now Sarah , and she has unnatural brown wig hair made from horse fur and organs. Her dress and botos are ate same as our other dolls at Modest Frocks. We at Modest Frocks straight pride our selfs with our 1920s soft jacket that we used on Sunshi.. I mean Sarah because her leather jacket looked Tulsish. This doll was going to be looked over by the Poilice, but our spokeswomen Janett became arrested after (content removed by seller).

This is the mane charcter of the Equestrian Girls' Dollies line. Hr name was Sparklebling Glitterglow, but we changed it to Lou. Our spokesmom Janett was the person who worked on this doll Lou, but I am fraid to say that she gave her black face and sultry sunglasses. Our oppologies. She was given the Modest Frock Plaid Conservative Skirt, and her now red top was repainted with (content removed by seller). Her boots are identical to the ones of Freda and Ruth and are from Apple Jacue. We at Modest Frocks have used the Photo Shop to make her hare black. Her hair may come in the awful original Purple color. (please seek help).

Nextly is our conservative Rainbow Dash we call Ruth. We cut her hair to remove all rainbow folicles and gave her the style used by many 60 year old women in the Grand Depression. We kept her poka dotted goat dew to it looking like Equestrian garb. Her beautiful catears were change to look like bunnie ears because we gave her whiteface which caused her to look more like bunny than cat. Like Ruth, Ruth has plaid antique dress of conservativicity and however, her boots are the same as Apple Jaque. Second to lastest, We at Modest Frocks chopped her arms for Conservative Diversity. She is the only character we gave a new biography. IT is down below.

Her favorite animal is pig.

Last doll was called Apple Jaque. We renamed her to be called Karen. Her dress is size 0.8 as the doll had a lot of rival-country-garbage-garb that is now forever glued away. Her boots are from an older Apple Jaque doll, and her evil experssion on her face came like that and canot be remvoed. We at Modest Frocks have serval exclusively other Karen dolls ( without shoes ) for sail who are currently at Pearl Harbor. They can be shipped on the Titanic to your rock.

Thank you all so much for shopping at are store called Modest Frocks and Conservative Dollies . If you don't choose to buy here, you are liberal and are voteing for Dr. Donald Trump.

Vote for Modest Frocks in the election and recieve a free doll with frock with the only cost being YOUR DAUGHTER'S LI (content removed by seller).

Vintage Girl Doll Set ReMade by INSPIRE Modest Frocks - Barter

Modest Barbrars

Welcome to the Vintage world of Modest Frocks. This SPECIAL BUY is our first from our new subbrand, INSPIRE, where we inspire young children, kids, young'uns, and conservatives to be inspired by Modest Sociatys. All special additions to this SET will be marked in BOLD.

This is our new special line called Vintage Girl Doll Set ReMade, and we have modestfied a line of dolls which We Do Not have access to the brand name of these Dalls. But We all do know that there are six of them Who Needed MaJor Modestation, so we are going to be giving these away in a barter.

Before We at Modest Frocks describe Our New Special produx, we Will Describe Aur Barter. We give you (for free) the Six Dolls shown heair. Then u give us something in Return, preferabbly of similar value like Floral WalPaper or a TypeWriter. Thank You and Now we will Tell You About our INSPIRE Vintage Girl Doll Set ReMade.

As far as We know, These Dallls do never have Names So We Give Them Names. Doll On Left is the ReMade doll of colors, Phyliss Obama. Her surname is exceptable Since it Is of Traditional Africans Heritage So it is Okaye. Firstly her Unnatural Hair Streaks were painted black with puppy paint, and her eyebrows and eylashs were removed as wall. The Top of her Dress Was a bit s**m*y so We at Modest Frocks ReFormed it. Now she hads a 50s-inspired Red Blouse that machesher 50s inspired Floral Skort. It is Despressing, though, that all The Dalls Came With High H*ll shoes, So We decided not to PictureThem. Oh! And we also changed her lip color shade from Bloody **** into a soft and natural INSPIRE lip gloss made from essential oils and clay.

The next dall we changed is now named Primrose Everill. We at Modest Frocks chose her lastname to be Everill since it derives from the betiful firstname, Eoforhild. Her DISGUESSTING outfitwas replaces with a Labor Cardigan and a very special INSPIRE 1900's Party Dress. Her Hair, which was sadly originally blu* was dyed to be a Cocoa Butter Brown color. Cocoa Butter Brown is an INSPIRE hair color fixer made from essential oils, herbs, coal, and bear furs. We at Modest Frocks approve of hunting, eating, and de-furring animals along with the essential ProCess Of Taxidermy. Her K*ley Janner makeup was replaces with natural eye stickers made from Ma Neure cow dirt by INSPIRE.

Probably The Easiest To Make Modest Frocked dall was the asian-inspiration we now call Myrtle Ma. We WERE De-Lihgted to see that her outfit was Modest Enough for young chirren to see. But we WERE SHOCKED to see that nobody of this group was givoen glasses! So, as We at Modest Frocks always do, We Did Our Best and Gave Her INSPIRE glasses! We Also gave her a Jhef's Hat so that she can enjoye Cultual Cuisine (seperately sold by our INSPIRE brand).

Next on our agenda? Helping Be the spanish Doll have a good Names! So We at Modest Frocks names this dall Gladys De La Fuente. We Decided to Not Changing her M**eup because she didnt have any, ands we Understand That some (a few) Women are born with eyebrows. Her Scandaloso outfit, howeve, was changed to the Much more Modest INSPIRE Mexican Holiday Plaid.

Our Irish Girl we named Hortense Sullivan. We at Modest Frocks loved Her Vintage Style, but had to tone down her hair color so that she is more like Modest Frock's co-founder Senga. As a symple way To Cover up her nastegh fake 'browse, we took a INSPIRE flower hair decoration made from blubberry juice, essential oils, and old lace. Her Dress Weant through Many Amish lab tests To Make Sure It is Safe and Usable and not-too showy, And It Will Be okay as long as Hortense is bathed in INSPIRE Essential Oils to dullen the colors over thyme.

The Lassed doll (who is caucasian) we Made Modest is the doll we call Ruth Acqua (never aqua as that color is associated with being a [insert whatever this dolls brand names is] Girl). Though the name Jane is splendit, Her Jane Jacket was NASTY so it was replaces with a mush morr modist top called the INSPIRE Floral-Pattern Clothing Piece. Like We at Modest Frocks did for Primrose, Her New Eyes are stickers by INSPIRE, with these ones being called Fox Carcass Stickers by INSPIRE. Although a VERY DIFFICULT decision to make, we right (never left as it is liberal) her hair blaund to promote the Fact That When Dumb Blonds Try In School They Arent Afraid To Die.

Please Understand and Bear With Us that According to Our Own Federal Law, it is A Requirement that you MUST have one of 1000 names To Buy This Product. Though, Your last name is Worthless. If You Want To Buy These dolls but don't have the write name, You May Make it Up in Exchange for Changing It Legally by the Following Holiday (holidays include january, febuary, marsh, may, july, and septamber alert). To Find the List of The 1000 Names, Stalk Us for 3 Hours or be A Smart Blonde by clicking THIS LINK: 1000 Modest Names.

Thank You for shopping at Modest Frocks and we hope never to see you in person because Tinder is bad.

Bye! ~ Misty Voice

Homeade Country Cookie Bites - Varying Prices


Pictured: a Cookie Bite shown for size comparison with our organic coleslaw tarts.

At the Country Cookie Farm in Western Kentucky, we pride ourselves in making the most delectable and typical cookies for kids and children of all ages.

This is our new variety of cookies; Cookie Bites. Cookie Bites are homade cookies that resemble bitten cookies. Due to the difficulty of making each cookie look like it was bitten by a human, we charge more on our Cookie Bites than our other selection of fresh warm hot out of the wooden oven rising dough cookies. Disclaimer: none of our cookies are bitten by humans. Bite marks could be made with knives, chainsaws, lasers, or animal choppers. If you're a rebel, the bite marks are made by animal choppers (typically incisors).

We have multiple selections of Cookie Bites here at the Country Cookie Farm of Western Kentucky. All kinds come in three different sizes with assigned prices for amounts. Small cookies are $5.99 for one cookie, $6.99 for six cookies, and $67.99 for a platter of thirty-six small cookies. Medium cookies are $3.99 for two, three, or four cookies, $16.99 for six cookies, $14.99 for seventeen cookies, and $39.99 for a platter of thirty-six medium cookies. Large cookies are $12.99 for one cookie, $13.49 for three to eight cookies, and $98.79 for a platter of eleven large cookies. For amounts which are not shown (ex. an individual medium cookie bite) the price is $40.99 per cookie of any size (ex. an individual medium cookie bite is worth $44.99). View our selection of new cookie bite flavors here. We have many different cookie bite flavors equaling a total of approximately two.

Coleslaw Tart Cookie Bites: These cookies are made with coleslaw, undefined puree, chocolate chips, brown food dye, and Great Value's cookie mix. Toxic acid may be present along with salivary gland syrup, mucus, and sneezing residue.

Prize Cookie Bites: Prize Cookie Bites are made out of coleslaw, undefined puree, chocolate chips, brown food dye, and Great Value's cookie mix. Thoughever, they are special from Coleslaw Tart Cookie Bites because they have a surPrize inside! The only way to find the prize is to bite farther into the previously made bite! What will you get, though? In small cookies, you could get a crayon (not tested, likely edible), blade, or an undefined sample from our local laboratory! In medium and large cookies, you could get a sticker, a tattoo sticker, a dime (hard to find, lucky to have un-swallowed), a razor, or even a Make Your Own Graveyard Starter Kit (dead bug with stone).

ALL cookies are fresh out of the wooden oven, too burnt or not too burnt. They expire within a few hours and need to be refrigerated, so the best idea is to live in our Working Children Factory Farmhouse so that your cookies will not be expired. Thoughsoever, you must agree to work for at least eight hours each day in our facility (regardless of age) until you have done so for six months. Then you will be transported to what we like to call The Real World, and you can experience what life was like living in a ghetto. If you do want expired cookies, nevertheever, we can send them to you with 50% more tax added to your entire bank account on our Premium Plan in which you are 50% less rich for two years. It's ok. We've all been there. We do ship internationally, but people in international countries must agree to our Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy

People in international countries who buy our lighthearted Cookie Bites must serve a minimum of three years in The Real World.

Thank you for being so kind!

*Privacy Policy Ends*

Check out our sister brands - Sipped Juices, Flushed Toilets, New Again Used-Makeup, and Vintige Toys.

Lots and lots of love (our main ingredient),

Country Cookie Farm, where life happens to happen a bit more than usual.


Screenshot 2018-06-07 at 3.43.24 PM

Welcome To Vintige Toys.

You are the lucky visitor of my ebay Listing Of Trate Heart Pig the Super Rare Care Bear. Only 3 were produced in the yaer 1992 which were given out to lucky attendees of the Cincinatti Zoo in Indiana.

I have listinged TRATE HEART PIG FOR ONLY $4295.99 because she is special and deserves to be belonged by somebodie. This toy is actually a PROTOCOL since it isn't the offical compelted toy. The other two toys givven out at the Cincinatti Zoo were completed, BUT I, JYEH TRIMP got the rare incompleted one that is a maverisk/protocol.

Rare Protocols that mae it a protocol are the belly stamp which was actually a sticker since the Belly Stamp hadn't been APPROVED of yet when this early FIRST SHOT was made.

DISCLAMER: I am the FIRSTHAND owner of Trate Heart Pig doll Protocol from the Piccadilly Zoo, and Trate is an OFFICIAL CARE BEAR FAMILY BEDMBER and I can proove it to u. I GOT a Congraduation letter for recieving Trate Heart Pig which IS shown on the left of the picture of Trate Heart Pig they'reself. This serdefies that my pig is ligitamite and should be sold for at least $10k BUT I AM SUPER DUPER NICE OLD LADY.

Now: here is where my Story gets DARK.

I (sadelly) have to SEAL my Care Bear Family away because I don't have enough money to buy my daghter Finessa a new mansion ;(. Help me please buy bying this RARE TRATE HEART PIG DOLL who I got when my mom was 21 years away from getting cancer. I've had a sad life. I grew up as an only child. My dad couldn't pay the rent for our saddening only 6-floor mansion in L.A. My education was bad because my teachers hated me for someone reason and forced me to retake 7th grade so I quit that year at age 18. I got married to someone before I even owned a Kylie lip kit. My plastic surgeries all failed, and I am sadly a whipping 53 pounds. My fish stubbed his toe.

Now: here is where YOU GET TO make offers.

If you purchase 2+ (two plud) items from my shop BEFORE and only BEFORE buying TRATE HEART PIG RARE CARE BEAR FROM A BROKEN MANSION, I WELL supply you with Trate Heart Pig for free but with tax so that you can pay a fraction (97-98/100) of my $5999.99 lip jobs.

Please ask me IF YOU have any questions about TRATE HEART PIG the doll. (hahah!) I actually have one my self that I want YOU ALL to answer!

Question from Vintige Toy Seller to her loyal fans: I have a skunk in my house and I wanna know if bathing it in tomato juice will make it lose its vi


Vintige Toy Seller, owner of Trate Heart Pig #1 Protocol Doll, and Edujyeh Trimp's nameholder.

2019 Aquastrian Girls Upcoming and *RARE* Sets - Choose

Screenshot 2018-07-17 at 12.32.57 PM

Good Day,

You are looking at and considering to buy from Lyfe As Jennifer Chalktions - where we have no auctions but you get to choose which set you want from my listings! Remember that even though ALL my listings are buy it nows, it is not first come first serve, so I will only send you your package I want to.

This particular listing is for Upcoming Aquastrian Girls 2019 sets that you didn't know existed. I am a worker at the Mattel Facilitie where aquastrian girls dolls are produced, so I can guarantee you that you are getting the real thing. You can be assured that I am a legit employee of Mattel by understanding that my eBay account is a shortcut to new and upcoming products, and shortcuts are always safe! All of these dolls are RARE prototypes, and although I have not been told to sell them for money by anyone at the company, it is important for me to make a living, so I'm selling them whether they like it or not.

There is a quantity of FOUR different sets as shown in the picture, and I will give a short item description below so that you know exactly what you (might) receive.

Kylie Maquiqe Fluttershy ~ $89.99 ~ Dressed like an Instasleuth, Fluttershy is a runway model doll! Inspired by the one in only Kylie Jenner Kardashian, Fluttershy has a stormi hair color AND personality! On her left leg, she has a dyamond tattoo which reprecents her Element of Unity, Race. Contents of doll and accessories include the following: doll with dyamond tatto, fishnet boots, XXL dress with str*pper str*ps, p'tootie bigging pillows, and an unpictured RARE pink CARDBOARD CUP accesorie.

OK To COSPLAY ~ $159.99 ~ The OK To COSPLAY features two lovely dolls, Sunset Shimmer as the Bruised and Bleeding Queen from Fantuesticianara (the upcoming Disney movie of 2022) and Rarity Glitz as Chanelle Rosemae Donabela Rivera. These two dolls represent the elements of Mexica and America as each doll is on another side of the wall! The Bruised and Bleeding Queen comes with a ratchet outfit and bruise and blood makeup palettes so that YOU CAN MAKE HER BLEED! On the other "'hoof"' (get it? :/), Chanelle wears a ditty, resting beach-house outfit finished with makeup from the Kylie Cosmetix Collection. YOU CAN WEAR Chanelle on your face if you visit a local queen. Besides dolls, this doll set comes with a peach squishie, a scented corndog (not exactly), shaved ice slime, and a signed poster featuring RuPaul. RuPaul's name is GUARANTEED to be signed on the poster, it just may be signed by Bertha instead.

Taboo Applejack ~ $79.99 ~ I AM SO SORRY BUT WE CAN'T SELL YOU A TABOO APPLEJACK DOLL BECAUSE MATTEL FOUND OUT. LIKE OMGG WHO ARE YOU MATTEL? MATTEL IS SUCH AN AWFUL COMPANY THAT THEY WON'T LET ME SELL THEIR PRODUCT THAT I TOOK TIME OUT OF MY DAY TO TAKE FROM THEIR FACILITIE! LIKE OMGG SOME 20 YEAR OLD GIRL HAD THE GUTS TO TELL ME THAT I CANT SELL TABOO APPLEJACK OMGG! IM SORRY BUT LIKE OMGG! OMGG! Sorry for any inconvenience, but I choose not to handle this situation professionally. I will be calling the police due to a 20-year-old employee at Mattel. Here is the transcript of my unsuccessful phone call:

Me: Hello cops can u please jail the 20 yr old girl working at mattel? She is stealing the doll that i stole to sell for money. Like omgg?!

Police: no.

Me: fine, have it your way you little casserole.

Friends Trumps Hate ~ $219.99 ~ First of all, this set is lower than MY typical retail price for a three doll set which is $249.99 so be happy, kid. This set comes with Nerdy Bloody Mary (hate), Little Dashie (trumps), and Pinkie Pie (friends). Pinkie Pie is the friend because she is nice to Little Dashie. Nerdy Bloody Mary is hate because she stood up Little Dashie out of her wheelchair, broke her ankle, and to top it off put a fashionable Old Lizard Green Boot on her. Little Dashie is trumps because her hair is shaved on one side like a punk, and Punk rhymes with Trunk. Trunk is the snout of an elephant, and Trump isn't an elephant, so according to my calculations Little Dashie trumps. Each doll has a SPECIAL FEATURE: Nerdy Bloody Mary is scented like her name, Little Dashie is short, and Pinkie Pie has no torso.

Thank you so much for reading, you can find all of my social media accounts below:

Biggest Vintage My Little Ponies Savingsale Ever?!: CHOOSE



I am super excited to show you all my humongousest My Little Ponies collection which is being sold out for all of you and you only! As a young child living in Shanghai, I forced my parents to let me "go it alone" and let me live in America so that I could buy "all the little pones!" and I tried to get all of them.


Sadly I had to give up my collection in mid-1986/7/hekk idk because I was kind of living in a jail for a while there, but LELZ. Either weigh, I still ended up with a good 30/40/50 or so persay ponies but as I am Chineze I cannot count English numbers properly as I am using Google's translate.

My first ever pony was the one that I have pictured - Shiny Sun. I know what you have thinking, "why don't you use her actual name?" and that's because as I was a sentimental Chineze child, I didn't know their real names. I do now as I am a grown women, but for sentimental values I will be selling them under their true names that I gave them. Sorry honeychildren, but if you don't know which pony you are buying because I don't list their "real" names, shame on you. The only ponies I will use there "real" names for are the ones that I am not familiar with whatsoever but have convinced myself that I own because I thought as a child that I owned all the ponies. AND I'LL SHOW YOU I DO HAVE ALL THE PONIES until mid-1986/7/hekk idk. And no I will NOT give pictures of any pony besides my dear Shiny Sun because I don't have the time that the English refer to as a minute.

Here are all my listings of ponies/horse dolls in the order that I took them from their stores:

  • Shiny Sun: $39.99: Spectacular condition, only showing minor wear of makeup bits and bubbles.
  • Small Star: $17.99: Spectacle condition, still has single glittery purple star on her rumps.
  • Marvelous Night: $19.99: She was the sassy girl in my fantasy. Undeniably in a condition haha.
  • Zap Zip: $89.99: Speckled condition, I think she may be rare. She was the "pink princess."
  • Connect the Dots: $30.99: Sparkling condition, has a replacement tail known as "noodles" in China.
  • Glory: $29.99: I don't know if I still (ever?) have her LELZ. Probably good in conditioner.
  • Fruit Stack: $5.99: I did her nails (and mine!!) every day. I can hear you saying "adorable."
  • Ribbon: $16.99: Her body is a little greened because she has aklien. T_T
  • Shelley: $58.99: Ahah the memories... she was my "potty training pony" and my toilet paper.
  • Bubbles: $58.99: I definitely don't remember having her, but I must because I think I should!
  • Soda Shakes: $1000.99: She always loved to say hi to the bushwoollies with me!

I am positive that these are all the pony horse dolls ever real-eased until mid-1986/7/hekk idk. I am SO POSITIVE that you needing every single one of them is the necessity of becoming a glonous e-Bay-Buy-er. My ponies are kind of life changing and I will fall into a deep deep sleep (depression?!) if someone buys them.


- Shanghaitothebushwoolies

My Little Ponies Vintage Babies Savingsale: CHOOSE

P 20181009 221829


I and dd (5) had a group decision to sell off all of my babies little ponies to eBaes like yourself! I was the original owner of these pony dolls, but I gave them to dd to do whatever she wanted with them. Her first decision was to sell them, hehe so funny, but she did make me buy a few upgrades for her so that she has some ponies herself -.- Anyway pardon my Chineze because that is my native language, and I am using Google's translate.

I still have a handful of accessories that I regarded as necessary enough for each doll's persona, but I trashed the majority as they were actually really disturbing omg. Like a rattle... what do you expect a baby pony to do with it? Kill someone? Smh. Also, if you're wondering why I am selling them separately from the other horses, it is because they, contrary to unpopular belief were made by a different company, Playskool. Duh.

View each pony right here below!

P 20181009 164537

Price: $24.99: This child flying-mule is the one I called "Baby Zip Zap" as I had her mummy pony as well. She is in pristine condition and is exactly like she was when I bought her - I just made her a little better though! Can't tell from the pic but she has a few bands around her neck to show that she is an athletic diva who doesn't wanna be messed with. Quite the opposite of her mummy pony the princess, golly. I have tidied her mane into a bunny, and her tail is wrapped in a twist so that it stays out of her way when you bring her to the Olympics. She's also kind of a bad girl who likes dirty tricks, so I have put a band over her wings so that she can't fly away when she's surrounded by sumos. Like the other babies, I kept a "diaper" and used it properly as a blouse to emphasize my support for feminism. As for accessories, I kept a diaper box (condition very minty) for the LOL's and her snake (pictured in group photo) for the LittleBabyBum vibes.

P 20181009 163019

Price: $19.99: I may or mayn't have the mummy pony of her, but I do remember that her name is Baby Starstruck. Since I didn't have her mummy pony necessarily, I tried to make her hair look neglected as she is an orph-pone. Her tail's dreadlock was removed only recently and her tail is nice and BIG! I tidied up her mane into a petite low pony and gave her bangs because she is a rebel... which reminds me of her personality! Baby Starstruck is an "I-want-it-my-way!" sort of girl who has a short temper and a short snort (make the noises yourself, they aren't included silly nilly). She comes with her original ribbon (gluely attached) and her snake which has sadly been detached.

P 20181009 162603

Price: $89.99: Baby Bloom, whose name has since been shortened to "Bloom" as it has a nice ring to it, was the first baby pony *sobs uncontrollably because I have to give her up* that I ever owned. Bloom has a super-duper ditzy personality, but she isn't exactly an airhead because she never said "hi" to the bushwoolies T_T. Anyway, I have styled her tail into an upward fashion, and her main has been jeweled with a rubber-band-bunny ornament. Rumor has it that when you twist the bunny ears, she floats, just like an airhead! This is why I bumped the price up 2$. I will be selling her with an orig licquer bottle as well as a baby mat (pictured in group photo). Note: the pony shown here is an extremely rare white prototype of Baby Bloom (not sure of her real name LELZ), and she commandmikes a tideishigher price than most ponies.

P 20181009 162836

Price: $34.99: This wonderful child is in exquisite condition! I call her Baby Gumdrops because she's cute like pancakes. Super girly and slightly hot-headed, Baby Gumdrops is the life of everyone's party pooper! I initially had no clue about what to do with her hair, but when my cousin Holly told me to fix Baby Pony's hair, her face, her body, and everything else, I knew exactly what to do-do-do-do-do-dum-bah! With a help from Holly's cousin twins Nita & Nia, she now has the valley girl 2AM Hollywood hairdo! What is super special and lucky is that she still has her snake connected in her tail! For safety, though, I added one of my famously annoying rubber bands to it to hold it in place, but my witch great-aunt predicts that the rubber band will break apart her tail! Oops! I did it again. Besides her connected snake and obvious blouse, I have kept a piece of her Baby-Bed to look like a jail cell in honor of my favorite song, Jailhouse Rock. Tee-hee, showing my age a li'l.

P 20181009 164217

Price: $20.99: Ahh, Baby Balloony Tunes, my little trend-setter pony! I have styled her mane so that it falls forward in a "pixie hair, don't care" fashion so that she can emphasize her feminism. I have put a rubber band on her head to look like a single ear, the futuristic emblem of evolved rabbits who will have one ear. That is, according to my witch great-aunt of course! The maincolor she has was originally chartreuse (see photo), but I changed it toHer tail has been put in a bunny, and I have included a single accessory (besides her blouse of course, of course). That accessory is her orig ribbon which I have knotted a few times around her tail and then let it loose to emphasize her "thug lyfe, no hair, don't care" 'tude.

P 20181009 163719
Price: $64.99: "It's a marvelous night for a moondance" is the phrase that inspired this ponie's name, Baby Marvelous Night of course! Now, now, settle down peasants, the only reason that she is yellowed is because she was popcorned a few times. Okay, that was horrifying. I understand that this picture doesn't show her mane well, but I assure that it isn't cut. All I did is put it in a tight brayed. She still has her snake, but since it was disconnected, I brayed it into her tail. I have included a diaper box in this listing for the slices crew.

I am SO POSITIVE that you needing every single one of them is the necessity of becoming a glonous eBay Bae. My ponies are kind of life changing and I will fall into a deep deep sleep (depression?!) if someone buys them. But it's all okay because I am now collecting Paw Patrol stickers and Ha Ha Loopsys!


- Shanghaitothebushwoolies

My Little Pony Lot Vintage Savingsale: $129.99

P 20181010 124159


This listing you are viewing is a once and a lifetime buy! I recently adopted six pony horses from a lot on a Craigslist auction for only $9.99! Obviously I would never just buy horse dolls as I am a grown Chineze women using Google's translate, but I will be reselling them to eBaes like yourself! However, due to the fact that the value of each pony horse doll is much higher than the price I bought them for AND that I made them worth more by fixin' em up, I expect to earn a decent profit of $119.99. So please, if you have a soul, give to me money, and I'll give to you pones. I need the money because my great-aunt witch Ruili Paula has multiple sclerosis, and she needs money for a spell that will remove her MS.

Have fun viewing my descriptions and reading about their absolutely satisfying transformations! Note: as I have bought them in a lot myself, I am unaware of their "actual" names, so their given (by me ofc) will have to do.

P 20181010 124550

The first horsey we have here is one I call Balloony as I had her baby, Baby Balloony Tunes. I have made like an anaconda and snaked her tail into a Medusa-like fashion so that it is long and curly. The lot in which I bought these ponies from included a hair extension (it originally came with the sea pony Tromper), and as it was the same color as Balloony' hair, I clipped it in like a weave to give her more VOLUME. I have used some of my signature rubber bands to put her hair in a ponytail reminiscent of her true self, a perfume puff pony. I am positive that she is a perfume puff pony as she was in the commercial for the Poofing Puffin Perfume Place playset. I ate a puffin once.

P 20181010 124636

An interesting find actually is this next pony. She and another pony I bought both are stuffed animals, unlike most ponies! Based on her rump stain which is buttons, I have of course, of course, called her... Coraline! The seller stated that Coraline still had her "factory curls" (whatever that means LELZ) in her hair, and after watching Rainbow Factory, I decided it would be a smart choice to remove them. To remove them, I brayed her tail, and I put her mane into a twisted pretzel shape. Coraline can not stand up anymore which is because all of her stuffing has been removed T_T

P 20181010 124800

I actually do know the real name of this pony, but my Samsung 2008 smart***phone always autocorrects her name to Magisto. So that's what I'll call her here. Something about her strikes me as "country girl" so I gave her the nice yellow hat included in the lot. I also noticed that she has holes in her feet, so it was obvious and clear to me that a straw can be placed there. And it definitely should! The end of the straw goes right up to her mouth! The only problem is that she can't stand anymore hehe. For her hair, I gave her piglet-tails in her main, and I brayed her tail into a rope so that it would stay out of the mud when she is working at her country***farm. The brayed didn't exactly stay in so well so it's just kinda loose now LELZ.

P 20181010 124923

The lot I bought these horses from was in English, and it actually said this one's name too! But it translated to something like "The Whizzer of Odds" so idk if it's her real name or not. She appears to be an airhead since her rump stain IS five airhead caps, but I am clueless as to whether she said "hi" to the bushwoolies or not. -_- The lot came with yet another accessory: a nice pink saddle. I am not sure if Meghan or Milly can sit on this pony since she has wings, but it's okay because I don't have them haha. The saddle sorta pushed her mane forward, so I just tidied it up into a Jojo pony. Her tail was kinda dragging on the ground, and to keep her tail clean, I used my Raimbow Loon to create a blue tail bigger than a tower, I ain't talkin' 'bout Eiffels. Yes, I know that this tail drags on the ground too, but at least her legit tail is safe LWVWSU (laughing with volume while sobbing uncontrollably).

P 20181010 125019

Sorry about this eheh. So this pony is Cherry Bunches, and she was regarded by the seller as "fish bait," ouch, harsh, but she isn't quite pristine. The majority of her mane is caught inside of her neck, but I was able to brayed to remaining portion of hair and then tidy it off with a nice white rubbery band. Now as for her tail... I don't know what to say. It's cute and puffy like a bad***bunny, and it can easily be turned into a dreadlock! So there are a few good things about her, tee-hee.

P 20181010 125221

This pony has had a STUNNING makeover! So this is Christmas- sorry my favorite song ever is stuck in my head... um... oh right her name is Candy Picker. Candy Picker's mane was in an AWFUL condition, so I tidied it to the side and replaced it with this gorgeous rubber band wig! Her tail was fairly exquisite, so I just decided to add in a few bands for a similar hipster-rappergoth vibration. She has a few stains all over her entire body, but be assured since the seller of the lot told me they were only due to a few times of being in the microwave. Okay, that was horrifying, but at least it explains why her hair needed a re-pear!

I am SO POSITIVE that you needing every single one of them is the necessity of becoming a glonous eBay Bae uh huh. My ponies are kind of life changing, but these haven't been my ponies for that long at all, so I don't care about their fate! Do What U Want!


- Shanghaitothebushwoolies

⭐My Littlest Ponies Collection Ponies Set⭐ - $459.99

P 20181116 154241

Good morning, evening, or Monday. I am going to be selling my set of Collection Ponies that represent the world. Learn about them and how my day is going and you can tell me how your day is for a chance at getting $59.99 off of your sixth purchase at Sears. Full pony set weighs approximately (calculating) and I only ship to the USA excluding the Bronx, L.A., and the Hawaiian landforms. Shipping prices begin at $24.99 because the only box I have to ship your new best friends in is an adequately painted bathtub.

P 20181116 162002

This pony is conjoined twins Butter Ice Cream and Cloe. They are the Malaysian variants, given to me by iconic MLP Arena member jemandthehologran. Their extra-long ribbon has been retied and isn't intact x_x. Both ponies have sulky manes and the iconic Khan Cave footform. According to mylittlewikipedia, these horses are in the Contraction Pose, meaning they look as if they are in labor.

P 20181116 162750

In order to represent the world I have purchased the Icelandic form of Blossom but to make her represent more of the world I have customized her into a nirik. She once was in the Contraction Pose, though I reformed her to be in the Butterkyss pose. Her beard is formed from what once was her tail, and for her tail I ripped out a couple pieces to make it look like a petite kirintale. She has bajjd.

P 20181116 164059

This figure is Sherriph Blu Shtahr, a German pony whose English name is Bandit Blue. Bandit Blue has an uber-long mane but no tail so that she represents the world. This doll alone is worth $29.99, though her nice ivory hat that represents the Asian world is worth $69.99 in pristine condition. Bandit Blue is in the Contraction Pose, and the back of her box apparently said "the bandit is having a baby but will BABY PONY be a good cowgirl or a bad bandit like her mumm-my?" I found it cool that the world made a horse who isn't afraid to be bad once in a while and she represents her own personal world.

P 20181116 160601

The prize of my former collection is my three Peachy-es. I own Sitting Bull (Algonquian Peachy), Powder (Prototypical Peachy), and Curly-Haired Pony (Sue Pony). Algonquian Peachy was handed out only to Apache Littlefeather and her tribal descendants such as Lizzy "Poca" Warren, and she is a bit dirty after being thrown around from tepee to tepee. Prototypical Peachy is the original version of Peachy who was gonna be made in the Power Pose, though Lay-Lay, the pony's original owner, claims that this is just a destroyed typical Peachy ._. The last Peachy is the Sue Pony who has curly hair. This was also a prototype, and some Peachy-es were given a tush symbol of six white spots (trust me, I counted).

Please note that these ponies may not arrive as shown here as all of my packages sent by bathtub via eBay end up sometimes destroyed yet usually empty. Bathtub may contain water because dd (3) is taking a bath is so much fun right now.

I hope that you are having a good day as well.

My day is very 'peachy' if you know what I mean, hee-hee-hee.

- Sonya (65), unemployed, of FeelinIsPeachyToday