You Didn't Have to Kill Harambe is a song parody of the chorus of Treat You Better by Shaun Mendez. It was made by a completely random YouTube commenter. It's actually quite stupid and grotesque.

Who is Harambe?'ve been living under a rock if you have to ask this question. But basically he's a gorilla who was killed and came back to life as a meme. He now has his own emoji.

Lyrics Comparison

You Didn't Have to Kill Harambe Treat You Better
You didn't have to kill Harambe, now he's dead.


So tell me why you're wastin' lives.

He didn't have to die.

He could still be here, right now!

You didn't have to kill Harambe

Now he's ****** dead!

I know I can treat you better than he can.

And any girl like you deserves a gentleman.

Tell me why are we wasting time.

On all your wasted crying.

When you should be with me instead.

I know I could treat you better.

Better than he can!